"Last Rose of Summer"

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For todays post.
Old and new friends...new experiences, creative thoughts...and a rose delivered that deserves a special photo......  Thanks Candace.  

 I have discovered with "my" particular camera when I am using the easy shot....the farther away from the item I am and by using the zoom feature I can blur and obscure the background colors while getting a nice crisp photo of my focal .....  The more you use your camera the more you discover what YOU can make IT do...  Since I have taken no classes on photography, it has been a trial and error that has been a great journey....and began when I was about 14 years old with my first "Brownie" camera.  In "those days", and in a rural setting there were no classes... so it was up to me to learn on my own.   With good subject matter, such as this rose, it is pretty neat to capture the pink in the rose, some shadows and highlights, a muted background, detail such as you see in the leaves showing jagged edges...the blue at the bottom is actually a green that is a container setting in the distance but captured in the background mottling....  Many times I can "see" what I am going to get when I use the viewfinder but other times it is just like in the old days going into a dark room to develop the photos....you are never quite sure what you "Got" until you developed your film....so it is so much fun to download the photos onto the computer...  One of these days I am going to have one of my photos done on canvas to see just what that "looks like".    A Gilclee' print.  

What to do?

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Winter is coming,  I am thinking about my studio and as that has been happening I have been trying to merge some of my art,  and concentrate on things soooooo  I have decided that I will be offering these items up for sale on my Etsy site and will also be going to a new consignment store back in Penna, and also offered up here in the Bend area.

1.  Making my steampunk Flowers
2.  A line of cards
3.  "Necklets"
4.  Landscape paintings
5.  Jewelry Designing
6.  Continuing with my Etsy site

So I have narrowed things down to 6....that means EVERYTHING that does NOT create a NEED within one of these 6 areas is going to go BYE....BYE...OUT of my studio and SOMEWHERE.   Then I will set up my studio accordingly once it has been painted.  This will better show me just what I
REALLY need to purchase.

I have some awesome shutters that I purchased quite a while ago and I have pretty much decided that these will be 2 of my shelves.....so I need to purchase 6 L brackets to make these work.    I will need to go IN SEARCH of something else I can find that will work for 4 more shelves......

I have also learned that I have to keep a book beside me most of the time so that I can write down ideas.....along with colored pencils, eraser, scissors,  highlighter, etc. etc. to write things down as they come to mind....

This photo is some more of my husbands' art in another old vehicle we have.  This is a truck (with a Japanese maple planted in the trucks bed) and since he has put the skeleton in it we have had a lot of people who stop and check it out....  (this was also the truck I used for my clock design in PaintWorks magazine a couple of issues ago).  This will make a fun Halloween card.....don't ya' think?

Yard Art

Copyright  8-2012    DP

Our soil here is "volcanic" and is the consistency of baking powder.   It is hard for much of anything to grow without a lot of hard work....and a LOT of water.  Making yard  art is a neat way to have greenery...and to do so we get  good soil  by the trailor load up the road from us where they make and mix topsoil.

This is one of the old cars we have in the front of our yard.  The building behind the roadster is my husbands garage which is closest to the road with the house farther back.

This is last years photo so I really need to "update" this photo with how the plants have grown and have taken over the car and has made it really a pretty addition.   Sometimes one has to visualize what the final "look" will be.  I guess that is why my husband has such a wonderful green thumb.  He knows what will look best where and has an "artistic touch" when it comes to plants.  Tall, short, wide, flowering, deer resistant...etc.  

I love the rust....I love the copper with the mixture of silver, and copper, with a little pewter and some green here are there creating even further the patina of time.  It is hard to put some things "out to pasture" so we transform it into something else that can be enjoyed.  Some items are just hard to say goodbye to......and why do you have to?  Says who?

I love my "beds" of flowers, and my bathtub too.... and what about the big round water tub that is FULL of purple flowers.....    And the old wagon that my husband brought into the driveway in pieces and reconstructed.  Someone who saw it brought Larry a wooden hitch he had and made a trade for something we had at the garage sale.....it was a win win for both of them.  Now the wagon looks even more complete.

I wonder what will be next?    OR do I?

Garlic Lemon Pork

Copyright 8 - 2012  DP
1/2 cup Flour
2 lemons, 1 zested and juiced, 1 very thinly sliced (remove seeds)
1 port tenderloin, cut into 1 inch slices and pounded 1/4" thick
Salt and pepper
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 tablespoons butter
4 cloves of garlic cut thin
3/4 cup chicken broth
2 tablespoons sliced fresh chives  (I have used the green stalks of scallions in a pinch)
My method:  1 pint of whipping cream
                      1 egg and 1 tsp water beat well to mix

Step 1.  Place flour in a shallow dish and stir in 1 teaspoon lemon zest.  Season pork with salt and pepper then coat with flour shaking off excess.  I always dip my pork into well beaten egg with about 1 tablespoon of water and THEN into flour,

Step 2.  In a large skilled, heat oil and 1 tablespoon butter over medium-high.  In batches, cook pork until browned and cooked through, about 2 minutes per side.  Transfer to a plate and tent loosely with foil.

Step 3.  Reduce heat to medium, add garlic and remaining tablespoon butter, and cook until fragrant, 30 seconds.

Step 4.  Add broth and cook, stirring until reduced by half, 4 minutes.  Return port to pan along with any accumulated juices and lemon slices; cook until sauce has thickened slightly, 2 minutes.  Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice, season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with chives.

NOTE:  To make this even more wonderful I always had about a pint of whipping cream....mmmmmm,  Such a great meal.  I serve with twice baked potatoes.   AND... I think because I have fresh basil I am going to add some sprigs of that to the melted butter...then add the floured pork.  When I made carnitas this past weekend with a pork loin I added the basil in the crock pot with the meat and it had just a bit of a different taste that seemed to freshen up the pork and I liked it.  Even with cooking a creative touch is sometimes fun...

This is WELL worth the little extra it takes to make this dish.


The photo is of my Basil...neat to just go and pluck a stalk.  Next year I have to think of something better than the makeshift area we had this year....


Today I was able to stop and get the paint for my studio.....4 colors..  SO....it is getting close to time to get the prep work done.  I have to pull everything away from the 2 walls I plan on doing.....mask things off, lay down plastic on the floor,  and find another painting area to use while I am painting the walls...
Then I can start putting things back in the order I see in my head....  

The step AFTER the painting is done will be the corner shelves so I guess my next trip will be to Lowes to look for shelving and  brackets....  and determine if I want to stagger the shelves or have them equal on both walls.....

Right now I have a blank slate to work with....  

Since I didn't make as much as I wanted at the garage sale....I at least have a start and will have to go from "new" cupboards to recycled, used, etc. so I will check a couple of our consignment stores... and I think I am going to go with white and wood....(maybe)....  Much is still in the THINK creative stage(s).
The fun part and then watching it come to life.

The art pieces that I ordered have arrived.  I got one of the pieces framed and I have to look for a frame for the other one......and the clock is awesome......

Dragonfly Photos #2

Copyright 8/2012    DP

Same dragon fly as the previous photo just a different angle.....  the importance of several shots, different postions/angles, etc.   Changing where you stand can make a big difference in your background as it did with this,,,,  I love the muted green, yellow, brown and a muted shade of off white.

Gold and Silver Dragonfly

Copyright 8-12    DP
Over the weekend I got some wonderful photos of a very co-operative dragonfly.  He had landed on the top of one of my husbands' oil cans  and the sun must have been just perfect as I got great shots from different sides...  I didn't know how lucky I was until I downloaded my camera....   the colors are just gorgeous and different with each of the 5 shots...  It even allowed me to put my finger under its feet and sat perched on my finger...my husband took a couple of photos but since he has never used the camera they are neat but the background is clearly my shirt.....lol.....  Sometimes the simple things become the most spectacular ....  

Have a great week everyone.

The F Word(s)

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It has become almost a habit that I have to create and blog daily.  There is always something to appreciate.. to be thankful for.  Family, friends, flowers, fotos,  fun and to top it off it is Friday.

Times they are a'changin

Copyright 8-12   DP

My thought for today to go to bed with is that I seem to see times changing, going back to the ways I remember when I was younger.....  After the war there seemed to be a quiet comradery of like spirits...and unlike spirits.   Handmade items were what we had.....and looking back now say "how sweet".  Mothers made their childrens' clothes, their toys, etc.  Other mothers' worked but purchased whenever possible a handmade item or a piece of someones "work".  I
see this coming about again.  Crocheted work, knit work, good well made, homemade items.   Items to adorm the home, making it your own with embellishments.

As a baby boomer, I love retirement, and I love where we live and our home.  The simpler things seem to bring us joy and differs for each of us.   There was a couple here tonight and what fun we had sharing things....about our animals, what we do in our spare time, what we want to do, etc.  One woman wants to learn how to make jewelry and the other woman I think wants to learn how to paint....  so it might be fun to do a class and teach them how....several different things at the same time......  would be inspiring that is for sure and provide a hobby that can bring joy and maybe a few extra $$ in the hard times at the same time.  

So tomorrow is our garage sale....it has been a tiring few days, a few aches and pains, etc. but it seems both Larry and I have a personal goal .....  and a common goal of getting new countertop in the kitchen.  In order to do so it means
selling a few things that we have and putting it towards our new wants.....

So 7AM will come quickly........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I will definately grow more of these next year.  They are hearty and just seem to keep blooming and blooming.  I have seen more butterflies this year but I have more flowers....and next year I will have more than this year.  There are plans for changes but so much can happen between now and next spring.  
Copyright  8-2012   DP  

The Palmer Brushes by Dynasty

The newly released Palmer brushes in 1" and 2" in Takalon and Bristle can be purchased at Dick Blick's and also at Artist Brush Strokes on line.   Excellent brushes for base coating in background skies, water, grass, snow, etc. on large surfaces.....  The handle is so comfortable and nice for gripping.


Copyright 8-2012   DP

My husband said "good shot"......

Sammy Fu Fu

Isn't this the cutest planter, and the perfect plant .... so fu fu, rustic, lacey, bouffant,  and those eyes.....and toes....  lol...  Makes me smile each time I water it.  I have named her Sammy.... Sammy Fu Fu......I have NO idea why.   For right now she will go in the corner of the kitchen where it will get light from the window on the right and my old enamel cooking stovette.... with a prayer plant on the top of it.  A little plant area..... works well.  A really pretty air plant is seen in the background attached to a piece of  driftwood with a leather hanger....  3's a collection.....


There are 2 wonderful magazines that will help you to get organized, see how others organize,  what furniture will work for you, etc.  

and   STUDIO

I just picked up this months issue of Studio yesterday .  My first issue.  I thought that maybe there would be some vendors of interest for additional ideas.   

Last night I sketched out my studio in my Redo Journal and where I am hoping items can go.....looked in Ikea for pieces I wanted and marked down the sizes so I can measure the studio and see how "things" will fit.    I don't want to over purchase..and want to get the most for what I can "afford" to spend.

Sometimes it is good to look outside the box....for pieces that will work in your studio.
Pieces you can "redo", etc.

So look through the above 2 magazines when it is your turn to Do, or Re-do....and  speaking of re-do there is a consignment furniture store here call Re-deau'  which I need to check out and see what they might have that could save me a trip to Portland.

Jasper Necklace

Copyright 8-12     DP
Once again these beads just scream decorative painting....and I love the mixture of items.  I have used handmade lampwork beads in bright and light colors, tiny and larger silver beads, Small Czech glass beads, Tierra Cast Butterflys and a heart shaped clasp.   One could also identify with SouthWest type jewelry because of the colors, a watercolor artist in abstract will see work that they do, just seems to fit
well into the Artistic Scheme of things.   There are 3 separate strands of beading at different lengths, and even some swarovski crystals have been added  for a bit of "bling".   This necklace is for sale at my Etsy shop:  Artisticrenderings

Trader Joe's

I am not sure what the area is for the  Trader Joes'  Market or  the areas/countries in which they are found but I never really "shopped" there until just recently.  We have a Trader Joe's closer than what I had in California, less crowded,  etc.  I have added them to my grocery rounds for "certain items" I can't find any where else but enjoy or where I can get the best prices for what I use on a regular monthly basis.  Soap Detergent,  Hair Shampoos/Conditioners, etc.

At Trader Joes my favs are:

 Cookie Thins.  I have tried the Coconut and the Meyer Lemon and they are awesome and could be so easily dressed up if need be......   Sugars are only 10 gm on them which doesn't seem as high as others.   A bit of homemade cream cheese frosting with some lemon zest and you have a great treat.

Macaroni and Cheese Balls.  My husband likes these for a light supper with a hot dog, or maybe an evening snack.........or even for lunch with some tomato soup...and the price is "right"...

Blood Orange Italian Soda:  These are so refreshing and good.  A little more expensive but a bottle a week ... makes a nice treat for us both.

Chicken Jerky for Dogs:  This is the only place where I have found dog jerky made in the USA.  In
all other brands if you look on the back it will say "Made in China" and the Vets say "it kills dogs"....
I don't want to take a chance with ours... she has already had one expensive surgery.

Society Roquefort Cheese:  The first ingredient in a potato chip dip my mother used to make on
"card playing" Saturday night with another couple weekly ritual, with "special treats".  Kinda like an end of the week celebration....  In Trader Joe's you get double the amount in other stores for a lesser dollar amount...not cents but dollars.  Same brand, just a different wrapping....no cardboard cover/no plastic container.  Just wrapped in a saran type paper....  Less money, less to throw away...etc.

So there it is.....my likes from Trader Joe's.  none of which raises havoc with the budget.

{------------ MY STRAW BERRIES
Fat, juicy and sweet.  Yummy.  


Copyright 8-12    DP
It seems as if things are continually changing once you have flowers,  a garden, etc... so taking pictures is always a top priority in my artistic journey.

The echinacia has changed and is finally flowering...and is planted within the rocks of our pond.  I really love the look...and next year I am going to do more now that I see how it is done...and maybe can even think of a way that is better....

I have detail, muted tones of color, nature, texture in grass, wood, rock, and design element.  

You learn more and more as you take photos, use different settings, download and critique what you do....  I  aim for what is pleasant to me...and hopefully others will like also.   If I am happy, everyone else is happy......and those that aren't....might never be.  

I am simplistically spiritual....and it feels good.  

Dreamin' down the Deschutes

Goodness but this picture looks refreshing....I would give ANYTHING to be floating along with the current.... there is nothing more relaxing...splashing the cold mountain water run off when I get too warm and just dreamin'  down the Deshuctes....  I keep thinking I want to white water raft just one more time before they will tell me I am "too old"..... it is exhilarating and soooooo much fun, so much fun...  Your heart is beating so strong, the water is splashing you and up over the raft and you are paddling and hanging on for dear life.....  2 weeks ago a woman died rafting so I am beginning to have some doubts here...but the water is not running as fast or is as high as it was in the spring....so...I will mull a bit more...but in the mean time cool off with the photo of the Benham Falls area.....  Bend, OR

Wallpaper / Ceiling Tile / Sky

In my studio "stash" I found a nice sized roll of paintable wallpaper.  It is white but I am going to paint it copper (hopefully finding a metallic copper spray in Krylon) otherwise I will sponge paint it with Decoart and then brush on here and there some green to give it some patina and use it (I hope) on the ceiling in my studio.  It looks like the old fashioned tin ceiling tiles.....this will be an interesting concept....  I know I don't have enough for the entire ceiling so now I have to "think on" how this will go up and an effect that doesn't look the truth...that I didn't have enough ....  I just may tear the paper so that it looks as if half has come down.  I KNOW that it is doubtful I could EVER find another roll because I believe I purchased this when we lived in California  ------  8 years ago, and I have no idea as to where .......  and any way it is going to be more fun being creative with what I have....  

I am really enjoying the "journey" of the room makeover.  

P.S.  When I went to my files to find a photo to use with this post and found this one it made me think about adding a bit of sky to to the portion of the ceiling that won't have any wallpaper tile on it.... so my thought process will start in this direction.......with a paint roller it will be easy (???) to slip slap on some paint to give the appearance of sky and clouds..

Crochet Lampshade

I have this lamp in the master bedroom and it is perfect height wise and I like the way the light disperses but it has the older look reverted glass shade of years gone by....  I had this lampshade frame so I put it over the glass shade and then put this crocheted doily over the wire frame to see "how it would look".  It is not long enough as you can easily see, but I have some blue thread (I need some color in this area) so this will be another "project".... Crocheting a doily that will extend to the bottom of the wire frame and to help keep it in place I thinking that with the last few rows I will add beads....   This way there will be no light lost...as there would be if I covered the frame with material.   Excuse the photo on the right (a vintage piece I picked up at an estate sale) .....  I must have hit it making it hand a little crooked.

Painterly Necklace Creative Outlet

Copyright 8 / 2012
There are times when I see "something" and it is an immediate fall in love with.
This is what happened when I saw a nice long string of these gemstones.

I loved them because:
1.  They were colorful
2.  I knew there would be a lot I could do with the different sizes.
3.  Abstract type design...mottled/ slip slap of colors...
4.  Watercolory
5.  Might appeal to a lot of types of people.
6.  Each bead would be different yet "would go together"

7.  Making each piece of jewelry differently in color, size, design, etc. A variety of different "looks could be obtained".  So each one that I make will be a One of a Kind.

Tonight was making a simple necklace so I could determine different things to do:
Change Colors
Change the # of strands
Change the Clasp
Change the embellishment beads
Add lamp work beads 

There are so many different things that can be done with jewelry pieces that the creativeness just "seems to be" and there is an excitement as you think of how you want to do the "next one".

I also find that when I change my artistic direction once in awhile there is a freshness to creative.   Sometimes the creative rut comes from not having another artistic outlet to fall back on.    First comes inspiration and then creative....  

I have already started my 2nd necklace as when I was working on this first one I already knew where I wanted to veer off to next...  I had to find 3 beads, choose a clasp and then I began.....  Tomorrow I can hopefully do some additional work on it.  
I need to utilize my evenings more and jewelry is a good open option along with the jacquard type afghan I am crocheting  for a Christmas present and a pineapple doily in thread to use as a lampshade.... 

So INSPIRE yourself so that you can CREATE.

Dem Bones

Sometimes when a creative thought comes my way I think "where in heavens name did that come from" and now what am I going to do about it.  I was washing dishes and a chicken bone remained on the plate.....and from there came "dem bones".  I already have the main piece which is a Citrasolv abstraction I did last summer and I knew then it would come in to play somewhere along the line so I need to find other elements that I can use on my "bone" journey.  Should be a fun and interesting one.

To be creative I think it takes an open mind, a middle of the road person, one who is capable of looking "outside" the box,  has a kindred spirit,  loves nature, etc.  

I know I will use  fog, mystery, etc....  I need to check and make sure I have a wrapped gallery canvas and if not..will need to pick one up on my next trip to town.

2012 Jeep Jamboree in Butler, PA

Last year Steve placed 3rd in the Jeep Jamboree with his '88 Jeep that we purchased back in 1988 brand new.  I would say that father and son have taken good care of this vehicle down through the years with Steve and Theresa being the main "workers" now that it is theirs.  

The GOOD news....This year he placed second and he is out for 1st next year.  

Congratulations Steve........

5 x 7 Acrylic Painting

Copyright 8-2012  Diana Putnam
Copyright 8-2012  Diana Putnam 
I have been taking a lot of photos of our area in and around Bend, Or.  This is from the Benham Falls area and is a section of the Deschutes River....  I used a little artistic license with this one and did not paint  all of the mini falls as it would have been way too busy for a painting this small.  It is done on a 5 x 7 portrait grade canvas,  the frame is a gallery type deep frame from Ikea.

 I have used the DecoArt Traditions paints and Dynasty brushes....  The IPC brushes were work horses for this piece.

ArtWork for Studio

Armalia from Indonesia  (Copywrite)

Jeannie. L. Paske /  Oregon  (Copyright)
Michael Benton / Oklahoma  (Copyright)

These are the 3 pieces of art which I have purchased to go into my studio...  REMEMBER
these are all copyright protected by the ETSY artists.

Artwork #1 made me think of our "Inner Child"

Artwork #2 reminds me of levetation which I dream about being able to do and the feeling is so "free and the particles in the air make me think of static electricity.....

Artwork #3 is an inlaid wood clock that I just couldn't pass up.  I love the different woods that the gentleman has used to "paint in wood" this design...and the hands are different and awesome.  He said that it takes him about 3 days to make one of these....  My fathers hobby was carpentry and he did some wood inlay pieces so I am really partial when I see pieces like this.  The woman looks so lost in thought, and she takes time to stop and smell the roses...
The woods used in the clock are"  lacewood, padauk, purple heart, holly, zebra wood, maple, wenge and walnut burl.

All of these pieces will inspire as they are all different types of art and the artist has left me room to participate in what was done by providing "personality" with their pieces...  It is fun to "identify", stir the soul,  provide a trip down memory lane, etc.

Creative Inspiration / Studio

There is nothing that inspires me more than going into a gallery, looking at a magazine of some gorgeous pieces painted by some of my favorite artists, walking through a boutique, checking blogs, etc.   Sooooo....as a result I am looking for pieces of art that calls out to me...for whatever reason....all different to inspire me in my studio, in different mediums and have my own private little gallery.  What could be "neater" than that?   It will be so neat to walk down into an area that creates the mood immediately.....

Tonight I purchased a delightful limited edition print from a woman in Indonesia.  Her Etsy shop is:
http://www.thewishforest.etsy.com.   I want local Oregon artisans, as well as artists that sell through Etsy.  The print I chose tonight reminded me of "The Inner Child" so it was an easy piece for me to choose and I knew I wanted it as soon as I saw it.  

The more excited I get about redoing my studio the more items I can find to "get rid of" ,  things I just DON'T need anymore...for whatever reason.  I need to thin down....increase my wallet a little bit....give someone else "a find", etc.   

So surround YOURSELF with art.  Find a little niche where you can create a little gallery for yourself...    Remember that the numbers are 1 - 3 - 5 and after five any amount is OK....and that 3
items that go together makes a COLLECTION.....  Try to get art that is an original but if that is impossible for whatever reason than purchase a print, lithograph, etc.  


I want my shelving to be different in the one corner of the studio so I need to concentrate on just what I might want to do....different.... out of the box, etc.  I have an outlet in my ceiling with 2 plug places and I have two automotive trouble lights that will work great in this corner, from this outlet ,,, hung at different lengths to illuminate this corner shelving area and also my work area in front of the window.   I also have a plastic tube light for around a patio area that I want to utilize.....  I need one more good sized floor lamp with 3 bulb areas that swivel ...  these work so great.  

I need to think about a covering for the inside of the french doors that are roman shades with easy up
and down as needed.  I may have to purchase a brown patio type shades and paint a design on  it for when the shade is down....maybe some aspen trees....hmmmm.  I also want to do some faux stained glass work on the french door windows....pretty on both sides....

Copyright 8-2012   DP

Sun going down in the Oregon Desert....I love the colors and the silhouette of the trees, barn, etc.This  will be a photo I will enlarge and put in my studio.....  A good example of color, shape, atmosphere, 
blended sky, etc
I took this photo from inside the car (husband was driving) between Prineville,  and Bend, Oregon.
I use my small 35mm Nikon Camera using the automatic focus...  My husband asked me "what in heavens name are you taking a picture of out here when it is almost dark".... how could one not see immediately the beauty of this?

Sweet Moment

As I have been getting ready for this upcoming garage sale it has served triple duty.  I am cleaning rooms / closests, storage areas as I go along and stopping to enjoy some of the important treasures of my life.

 This doll is  just one of mine that was made by my dear friend in California.  Isn't she just gorgeous?  I simply love the details, the aging process and the artist who made her.   She hangs on a vintage hook rack with a pair of vintage pantaloons, a baby crib blanket holder, and a few other vintage items.....  I thought she deserved sharing with my blog friends......  I have had her for over 10 years .... a prized possession for SURE.


Studio Time

Copyright 8-12    DP

Tomorrow I AM going to get down into my room and paint.....  I may have to lock the doors.  When I don't paint for awhile it is like a chocolate craving ....  I have taken so many photos and it is time for me to combine some of them using some artistic license and see what happens.  

I also need to pull out my frames, mats and photo enlargements and get them put together .... what a difference the mat and frame make for a photo...  

8-5 New Buttons

A real important part of the creative input comes from the hunt, the find, and the use of an item.

I LOVE buttons.  Always have.  I loved to play in my grandmothers' button box in her seamstress shop....so I am not surprised that the obsession is still part of my life.

With the gorgeous designs that are out it is no wonder that they work in mixed media, jewelry as a focal piece or a clasp,,,or mixed in with other beads for a necklace, bracelet, pin, earrings, etc.

Using them as stamps for polymer clay is an inexpensive way to have a variety of different, unique designs that others won't have producing some fantastic pieces of art by mixing buttons.

Many artisans are using buttons for focal pieces when making "wrap bracelets"....  each uniquely different with the use of the buttons.  I have over 45 New buttons.  Some are listed and on Etsy and I am working on listing others as they arrive.

To be creative... or more creative "outside the box" is the way to go.....and makes the art pretty much YOUR OWN.....

The 3 button designs I have shown are new ones I just rec'd today and I can hardly wait to get them listed so that I can "play" using them for jewelry.  I will have to use the extras and make a mixed package button mix just for the clay artisans....

ENJOY creating, and the results of your creativity....

Lava Island Falls

Copyright 8-2012    DP

This particular photo was take at Lava Island Falls....our home is on the opposite side of this lava flow...which is the background of the photo.  The water is so blue green, and I love the "white water"....
frothy, blending in, and beginning....

I would love to just sit down in a chair and take photos here.. and even a little sketching so this will be a "return to" area.


Studio Musing Journal (Continual Additions to Blog Post)

Copyright  8-2012     DP
Every day as I walk past my studio area or I am in it I find myself looking at walls, door areas, windows, etc. visualizing how something I have thought of would work or if it is back to the drawing board.   I have a semi wasted wall with french doors so it limits what can be done but it is neat because I get light from 3 different sources.

I guess the highlight of the room would be if I could do something to get light in down from the ceiling so I need to speak to hubby and see what might be possible....

Beside the french doors is a small little wall area from the doorway from the wash area down into my room....so I have decided to display some received swap art....I have really received some awesome pieces from all over the US and Canada.  I am going to leave this wall the color it is and the color will come forth from the different pieces of art work that I've received, mixed in with some pieces of mine.
What is an artists' studio with no finished art?   Inspiration....  I feel very lucky to have others' art.... and to have it "in a box" just isn't how it was meant to be received....the art are treasures from the artist.  The very best work that they have done...in stages of their art life..  I will have to see about some petite little shelves that I can use as display...... so that little wall is "taken care of, and I can work on it as time
allows so I show a little progress every day.....with a lot of thought as to what I need where to make it work and what I can get rid of.....

I had one of my favorite photos blown up so this picture is going to go down in my room and I have a frame that holds 3 photos so I will chose from my photo stash and fill this also.....  Nature can be so much of an inspiration.....

A friend brought a rope light to me tonight and I think that I am going to either use this down in my studio somehow or I will trade it out for a white one from our patio and use it....so...it is just to figure out the where and the why.....I have an outlet in my ceiling and I am going to hang a "trouble light" from there but somehow maybe I can incorporate the rope light into this lighted corner are which is where I want corner shelves....that do not line up with one another and will go from about my waist up to the highest point I can reach....  I need to think about wood, and also brackets......I need to check with our friend Kirk and see if he can come up with something that will work and be different ... I get a one of a kind item and he gets something he wants with a few extra dollars....

I think on another wall I want some or my own art work which would be "For Sale"....  Maybe a trip to
Portland and Ikea should be thought about for some of their wire / with clips to show some pieces or
hang some unfinished canvas pieces.....

Both windows are fine.....  One of my tables is going to a man who is in the process of opening up his "studio".... my studio right now looks like a working studio instead of neat, orderly, artistic, etc...  Needs a lot of work down there..... a lot to go by-by.  Upcoming garage sale will take care of that...


TO THINK ABOUT:     Sitting piece of furniture
                                        Use all of my frames to frame photos I have taken
                                        Everything needs to be behind doors and not seen... 
                                        Take down WP border
                                        Do Gallery Glass in different windows of French Doors...use some of the 
                                              geometric molds that I have.
                                        Finish Shell Chairs and keosene stove.....get cushions or have cushions
                                              made for the shell chairs.........  
                                        Think about vintage suitcases for artistic storage
                                        Sell paints
                                        Work on "Greeting Cards"
                                        Use a LOT of my frame stash with my photography and sell 

Pretty little Butterfly

This delightful butterfly accommadated me to the inth degree today and flew from daisy to daisy posing at different angles, not a bit afraid of me...or my big clicking camera.  It was a fun 15 minutes catching him at his finest. 

 I was surprised that the bottom wings, (at least on this particular specie) has fringy edges...  Got some delightful  photos... every day has at least one special moment and when I crawl in bed at night I am thankful.

Railroad Creamery Can / Jug

This was my husbands "find" at a garage sale.  We have been researching to determine worth/fair market value so that we can sell to get a bumper for my husbands, side by side ATV, along with some turn signals...etc.  We decided to have a "Pickers Garage Sale" and now there are an additional 5-6 neighbors who have also decided to join for the weekend so it should be an Eastern Hoot on the West Coast.......

The item is a Railroad kitchen creamery jar/can. It is steel so weighs a ton... There is a lot of writing on it which I will have to look up on the computer....  The jug is neat and I would love to keep it but it is time to "get rid of"things, and try to not add more.....  Both my husband and I love antiques and vintage items, the thrill of the find, the hunt, and of course "the sell" on neat items like this.


Today I was invited to go to our  Indoor Outdoor Historical Nature Museum.  In the morning they have a 1/2 rapture show which is where these photos were taken...  The red winged hawk is gorgeous and the barn owl so pretty.... then lunch at the little patio garden cafe.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.