Eye of the Tiger Brushes by FM Dynasty

Eye of the Tiger brushes are a line of my favorites within the FM
Dynasty "family" of brushes. They are real workhorses and seem
to last forever. They are my favorites for basecoating and great
when I am using canvas and don't want to use a bristle brush. These seem to "endure" and "perform". They are not purchased individually but in "type" packages. Liners, Angles, Shaders, Filberts, Round, etc. I have a glass jar on my paint area on which I have Eye of the Tigers written. (I spray paint glass jars ie: pickle jars, then I write on the jar with a pen or thinned paint the type(s) of brushes in the jar). I have a jar of minis, eye of the tiger, fans, stipplers, foliage, speciality brushes, etc. Helps me to stay a bit organized. Give these brushes a try....you won't be disappointed. They can be purchased at: http://www.artistbrushstrokes.com/ for a VERY reasonable price. While you are there check out their other lines of TOP quality, AFFORDABLE brushes.

Helan Barrick

I have always admired Helan Barricks' designs but never seemed to take the time to sit down and paint something of hers. This is done on an 8 x 10 portrait grade canvas using Matisse paints and it worked up in an evening . I had problems with "the lips" but other than that it was a fun design and I am anxious to purchase a frame to "put her in". I like the feeling the design imparts.

Painting Magazine/Current Issue

This is my design that is in the current issue (December 2011), and the last issue of Painting Magazine. It is a "trash to treasure" piece using a metal socket box for the surface. I
will be keeping small tracings of designs in this so that they are all in one place. It is one of my
favorite surfaces.....such fun to go from ugly...... to this.

Patricia Rawlinsons' Site

For months I have been "meaning" to check out Patricia Rawlinsons' website
http://www.creativeartslifestyle.com/ and my decision to do so has not made it to my computer.... I am sure many of you know what I am talking about.

Today I got there and I am sorry that I didn't check it out sooner. What a vast amount of knowledge she has to share, neat items for sale, and a site I will check out more in depth later this evening.

I did manage to purchase a couple of Christmas presents for myself and am anxious to try them, create and decide if yes they are great or nah..... I love new
"items", mediums, and surfaces. I ordered the smallest of her angled stippling brushes... I love having a variety of these. If one isn't just right, another will be.

So ----- if you have time to learn some new things...take a walk on over and check her site out....I am sure glad that I did. One can always find something to learn, an idea or something to share.

Back to finishing up a Helan Barrick design I am doing on canvas.

Artist: Susan V. Cochrane

This is yet another of my favorite artists with much to learn from. Her work is
fantastic. Soft and dreamy but her "guy" still lifes are just remarkable.

I want to get rid of a lot of my books and magazines but there are artists books, packets' etc. that are I wouldn't part with and will be kept as great and worth reference and teaching material.

Great choices are:
Ros Stallcup

Annette Dozier
Dorothy Dent
Susan Cochrane
Connie Parkinson
Jerry Yarnell
Gene Waggoner
Bonnie Seaman
Julie Kueln
Kay Quist
Susan Scheewe
Betty Caithiness
Lady Bug (Shirley Wilson)
Helan Barrick
and I am sure there are about 5-6 more.

Liquitex Gloss Gel

When I finished the Woman in Grey I used Liquitex Gloss Gel as my finish which is a brush on and goodness what a wonderful product. I have also been using a bit right in my paints and it adds the look of oil paint, provides even more substance and now I will be looking online to find the Matisse Gloss Gel to order. A wonderful professional difference.

Painting Day

Today is "painting day". I knew it as soon as I got up this morning and saw the snow falling, how
much had fallen and the "mood" it put me in. I LOVE days like this but my husband is the areas
"snow plower" so he doesn't share my enthusiasm .... I know that I will get a lot done if I can stay away from my windows. I have windows on 3 sides of my studio so no matter where I go
I have a fantastic, fantastic view and I am just delighted. It also makes me feel so fortunate to live in this state/area and have the opportunity to delight in a day such as this.
Merry Christmas everyone.

Touch of Grey/Cathryn Wood

This is another design that I have put off
and so today was the day to make her come alive on canvas.
The fine art portrait grade canvas that I purchase is worth every penny extra as the
paint just blends like butter but I am using either Liquitex or Matisse tube paints depending upon bold or soft effects.
This is an 8" x 8" canvas and I have framed it in black also..
Mysterious is what comes to mind with this piece.
I post many of the photos I paint to show the broad spectrum of design subjects and artists there are and the learning potential for those who are wanting to paint.

Encaustic Necklace

I have been spending my evenings when the light is not as good as day working on creating some necklaces with the encaustic painted resin dominoes I have done. This one has Montana Swarovski crystals, handmade lampwork beads in a gorgeous shade of blue which matches this piece perfectly, some vintage beige beads, delicas in two different colors, a heavy duty magnet clasp, and silver spacer beads by Tierra Cast. When I look at the design on this dominoe I see a swan...but you may see something totally different which is the beauty of the random designs which occur when using encaustic waxes. I love the color blue I obtained and was able to carry over into the beaded design.

I am putting all of my new pieces for sale on Artfire and trying to move away from Etsy. My shop name is Artisticrenderings on Artfire also.

Cherry Jubilee/Shirley Wilson

I have wanted to paint this design for ages and yesterday I sat down with an 8"x 10" portrait grade canvas and painted it. She is going to be matted with white and will go in a white frame that is beaded. I think she is a misty little dream.
She is painted with Matisse paints, Brenda Harris' clear medium, and I used 2 brushes to paint this. A FM Dynasty Dry Brush and a 15/0
Black Gold Micron Detail Brush. The dry brush worked FANTASTIC to get the soft blending of colors....a toothpick provided the little dots details. This design was easy, worked up quickly and was a total joy to paint and watch her come alive....

Little Orphan Annie Necklace

I love to crochet but prefer to do quicker, smaller pieces which are less "painful"... This is a necklace that I designed and made which I just love. I have used a beige cotton thread and handmade lampwork beads which I have purchased as orphans by lampworkers, are left over from a prior design piece I have made or was a "gift" with a specific purchased lampwork set.
This one is done in several different bead shapes, sizes and shades of green. It is simplistic but never the less speaks well of itself in its' simplicity. Each one will be OAAK (One of a kind).
Little Orphan Annie necklaces are available for purchase on my Etsy site.


My Day of the Dead necklace kit is designed,
and done. The 1st photo is showing the absoutely stunning glass, lampwork, floral focal bead that my daughter V Michelle (Dragynsfyre) has designed especially for this piece and there are 2 worked into the design as well as 2 black smaller lampwork beads which are used to stabalize and ground the handpainted wooden focal. (I love when my daughter and I can work together and incorporate each others art into a design). There are a lot of symbolic elements to this design which I would like to identify for you. ie: The four main bead elements of the design. 1. A clear white crystal for light as we begin our journey 2. The glass red heart bead for love. 3. The floral rose lampwork bead which we bring forward to the deceased and 4. the silver floral skeleton head which is engraved with a floral design around the entire piece .... On the opposite side of the focal are the same 4 elements done in the reverse which signifies leaving". The red and black seed and delica beads are in 3 sizes which signify the stages of the journey. The colors are separated (interrupted) by a silver spacer bead which are resting places or areas to stop and collect are thoughts both to and from our homage. The wooden skull is made more attractive by the addition of a single red handpainted rose of love. This symbolic piece can be worn, used as an altar piece, or anywhere you might wish to remember and pay homage to a deceased loved one.
Additional photos can be seen, and purchasing the kit can be done by going to my Etsy site at: http://www.artisticrenderings.etsy.com/ The cost of this kit, which includes all of the necklace components, beads, clasp, unpainted wooden focal, etc. is $30.00. This also includes Painting and Beading instructions as well as a small colored photo and design diagram. I would say this piece could easily be assembled by a beginner beader. For an additional charge I will handpaint the wooden focal piece if you are not a painter but are interested in the kit. design diagram and a small colored photo of the finished piece. There will be an additonal cost for shipping and handling and as always I will ship overseas.

Gallery Grand Opening

Yesterday the 10th of December was the Grand Opening of the Art Gallery I am currently showing in. (Sunriver Village Shops in Sunriver, Oregon)
It is a co-op Gallery and the only one operating as we are in the state of Oregon so I guess you could say we are a State of the Art Gallery.
The work you are viewing is that of Greg Cotton who was a Math teacher applying his knowledge into the art of wood...and done beautifully.
Our Gallery has a variety of different artists showing. Nature and landscape photography, gourd art, lampwork jewelry, oil and acrylic paintings from small to super large, decorative painting, fiber art, industrial art, stained glass,
mixed media and assemblage, turned pieces, etc.
Due to a surgical procedure earlier in the day I was unable to attend but my daughter (lampworker) was there, sent me a phone photo (which I can't seem to download on my blog) and she said we were "PACKED" which was very visible from her photo. And our sales for the day was "In the thousands". YIPEE to all who sold.
I am due to do "my shift" shortly. I love being around so many different types of
art and come home inspired.

Mrs. Stingheart

When I saw this design in Stampington magazine I knew I HAD to do it. The designer is Linda Warlyn but the photo attached is my rendition of her design using different papers, crochet work, etc. Lynda named hers Miss Stringfellow but I have named mine Ms. Stringheart as she is going to a great friend in California. It took me quite awhile to do this piece as I had a lot of stop and go's as life got in my way. BUT... she is done now and soon to be packaged up and "on her way" south. What fun.

There are a lot of layers and I also got to try out my clear encaustic wax on the whole background which I really like a lot as it is muted....yet needed. I also used swarovski crystals for the eyes, a birch wood rose, some buttons, and a vintage spindle for a little adornment. Also above the right eyebrow I have written Natalies name in black that replicate eyelashes...

Dingles Kringles #2

Super large paperclip with another Dingles' Kringle. I love this one and it is hard to part with.

Isn't he a "cutie".

Dingles Kringle

A few months back Debbie was tutoring me "long distance" (thanks a bunch Miss Debbie) as she is a good 3500 miles from me in the state of Florida..... Last night I think I finally "got" the beard which I was really struggling with after finding the brush that worked for me.... (smallest Dynasty Dry Brush in the Decorative Series) and after that it was a breeze. (And of course using the Extender Debbie recommends). The right brush and size makes a world of differnce between success and failure.Everyone says when people paint Santa's they have a tendency to look like the person who "paints" the Santa so you can see I am oldish and tiredish.... LOL... Actually with the looonngg nose he looks more like my father...come to think about it I look my father.........OMG. So off to paint some more before crawling to bed.
I used the new Glamour Dust paints from DecoArt (Orange) and have changed my tune....I really love how they worked in highlighting the dark red on the Kringle....Just the right amount of "bling".... Went on line and ordered the yellow/green for leaves and the Ice....I think these are the two I would use the most along with the ones I received from DecoArt to try.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.