Rain Drops

           Nothing can dampen autumn color..

Bear Paw Necklaces

I just finished making 3 bear claw mens' necklaces (Hand carved by an Etsy vendor using deer antler tips) for Christmas gifts.  The one on the far left is done and I will either sell or be inspired to give as a gift to someone.   They were fun and worked up quickly......  hope the recipients like them.

Check out:  www.AntlerNIvory.etsy.com for these and other hand carved beauties......

Pine Cone Decoration

This is the Christmas pine cone decoration I have been working on.  I am about to add some more 
of "something".......  I have snow flakes,  silver big flaked glitter, ....  I am just not sure what but it just doesn't look "done".   This is a "test" piece so now is the time to look for other "things" that will give it the bling I want........the next one could and probably will......be totally different.  See how pretty the down side areas of the pine cones are?  Triangular shaped darkness....they are so gorgeous this year.  In the middle of the piece is a simple bundle of pine needles wired together...
More of a natural nature ....  Wonder if I have any red glitter........  

Spiritual Orgonite Jewelry

I recently began making what is called Orgonite Pendant Jewelry.

They are inspired by the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich.  According to Dr. Reich, orgonite is a healing device made from resin, metal and crystals, which converts negative or stagnant bioelectrical energy into positive energy.

They are a spiritual healing tool.

The resin in orgonite shrinks during the curing process, permanently squeezing the crystal(s) inside which creates a well known piezoelectric effect inside the crystal , meaning it becomes polarized electrically.  This apparently causes it to function more effectively as a positive energy generator.

Anyone wanting to know more about his research, organites, orgones, etc. can do so simply by goggling orgonite.

My pendants are made using ground crystals,  metal,  and resin inside a high quality metal pendant focal.  

Anyone wanting to know more about orgonite, organ,  Dr. Wilhelm Reich's research, the spirituality aspect, etc. can do so by googling orgonite and reading the various articles which are available.  


This years pine cones are plentiful as well as beautifully shaped and the color is gorgeous.  We have about 85 pines on our property and a vacant lot next to us so I have been out "gathering" natures bounty.  We are to have high winds tonight so I am expecting by the weekend I will be able to gather an amount greater than 100 more.

I am going to try selling some large priority boxes of them on my Etsy site (25 per box) and the last photo shows a photo of a holiday piece for on a door, or to hang somewhere that is inspiration for pieces I want to make for Christmas gifts....  Mine are going to be 3 pinecones, ribbon, bells, etc. and I
 just purchased my supplies to begin the creative
process......  IF they turn out I will post photos in a future post....

Maybe the last photo will also inspire others to create their own nature gifts...which I estimate to run about $6.00 apiece,( per each 3 pine cone decoration)  depending on the "add ons" used and the purchase prices.   I purchased my embellishments  where I got 40% off each item purchased....  The single pine cone decoration shown below was selling for $7.99 apiece so if I was going to sell a 3 piece decoration my price would be a minimum of $21.00.  Buying my pinecones ..... the cost is about $1.10 each.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.