Soul Necklace


I have been working with some rubber texture plates from Russia, face molds using Polymer Clay (white) ,  and making jewelry with soul.   The painting technique was inspired by Paul Bozzo's adapted to smaller surfaces than he uses so modifications and learning with a lot of mistakes were encountered.   I am using different brands of paint dependent upon the colors I have chosen to use.
The beads are handmade lamp work beads and the chain material is nylon cording.    
Years ago I took this picture after a summer rain of my peony and when I dowloaded and looked I was amazed at the facial feature which appeared inside.  This photo is totally untouched and has been the inspiration for my soul jewelry and wall hangings.  

Photo #1 is the stencil I used to create Photo #2.

 It is a canvas board which I had poured on and it wasn't anything special in outcome so I used it with TCW Modeling Paste to create the raised design and words.  The clarity of the transfer words; especially with the paste was a surprise ...  I sell both TCW stencils and modeling pastes as well as Stencil Girl Stencils.   The stencil here is Conversation with Matisse.  It is 9 x 12 inches.  I will look for a frame and mat as well to hang in my studio.

Rune Relic Necklace and Bracelet Set

I made a mold for the facial focal.  The beads are hand made lamp work beads from a lamp work artist in Washington state and a nylon cording chain.  Unique, one of a kind set.

Cobweb Faux Stained Glass

I saw photo #1 in a catalog ....  actually several times and wanted to give it a try so photo #2 shows the beginning.  I have used the leading strips by Plaid and now I am ready to begin filling in.    There are plastic texture sheets that I am going to use with the clear paints to put in the cobwebbing....  I am sorry to see they don't sell them anymore.  I used a release and the paint peeled off easily when the paint was dry to cut and place where I want each to go.  I have a feathered glass and a crackled glass along with a ridged glass texture mold.  For some reason these paints give me a sore throat so I would recommend using a mask of some sort.  Stay tuned for the finished piece.

The Flying Witch Spinner Ring (Kinetic Art)

I have had these silver (lead, nickel and zinc free)  adjustable spinner rings for quite a while.  Saw these witch charms and thought how much fun to make some flying witch rings.  Hopefully I will get one listed on Etsy tonight.  I also have some other charms that are theme oriented so that I can make a variety of different charmed rings.
The dome part of the ring is 1 1/8" in diameter.

You can customize the ring your way by unscrewing the nut on the mandrel to do one for Christmas, or geared toward a hobby or profession... can keep it just as it is and add a drop of glue into the nut to make sure you don't loose your witch.

If you're looking for some awesome charms, jewelry making supplies, lamp work beads and
handmade wood signs etc.  see

Keep tuned....


I have used Liquitex, Flood, Golden and Elmers for pouring medium.  My favorite is the Elmers Glue.  It gets me the closest to what I want.  Sometimes I get some texture, and i love what the Elmers does on the glass giving me several different sizes of cells.    So at least for my glass pours I will stick with my Elmers .....  I am working on some orange, black and white Halloween vases.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.