I have one lone, secluded peony bush.  Every year for the last 10 years I have had ONE  bloom...this year I have 3.....even though the bush was beaten down by an early spring hailstorm.  The stems are laying on the ground but the blooms are full, vibrant and gorgeous as you can see.  I am delighted and it is my pride and joy.  This spring I planted a pink one so with fingers crossed I wait for spring of 2017 to see if I am blessed with a pink bloom.......


Gemstone Jewelry

I have been designing and making jewelry with gemstones.  I love choosing the stones that appeal to me and then designing them into a piece of jewelry........and naturally I want to keep them all....but in feeling this way I know that I have succeeded in my finished piece.  It is fun choosing all of the accent pieces and laying it out to where I am pleased with the balance.

Today I began taking pictures and listing them into my Etsy shoppe for sale with crossed fingers that others will find them as stunning as I do....  Jewelry is hard to sell on Etsy because there are so many artists who are making jewelry....and some of it, which I have discovered from first hand experience is less that what the photos show.......  so this is what makes the selling of good quality pieces even harder....

This is Natural Picasso Jasper and the markings are so abstractly beautiful.  I use quality stones as well as quality components.

The majority of the silver pieces are lead free Tierra cast which are pewter coated with silver, or rhodium which is my preference......and made right here in the USA......  My daughter sells the Tierra Cast in her Etsy store....Dragynsfyre.  Top of the line and just beautiful....

May 2016

Today was a really fun day.  I am having new carpeting laid in my living and dining room and down the hallway so everything is a MESS....and nothing I can do....sooooo....a good excuse to retire to my studio and PLAY.....  I made 7 pieces of jewelry....have about that many more laid out in design to do tomorrow (one more day till carpeting will be in and done).  I had a vintage heat stove that had my husbands name on it Lawrence so I did a bronze rub on the the name and 2 flower motifs on 2 other sides and what a difference this a positive way.  Thinking about what my next painting will be.  Thinking about the book I am reading, working on my aura, cleaning it and ridding it of of negative energy, journaling strange, bizarre and unusual significant happenings....the enjoyment of a friend stopping in to chat for awhile and drink a glass of wine.... a contentment with the order which is appearing in my studio room along with a comfort that I have feels good there...  I am excited to have my work station done, and in, and then I can finish up ....   at a bit of a standstill and allowing myself to take  the time to play.  I also worked on a clay spirit doll using some rubber stamps and did some color buffings.  I need to get to an area in my studio I can't get to to get some charms to finish the piece and consider it "done".  Looking forward to a bbq at our daughters' on Sunday or Monday to celebrate the beginning of Bends Summer events..... .....  deviled eggs to make and maybe a cake with homemade brown sugar frosting....

Photos to follow in next post....


Paint Colors:
Liquitex:  Soft White
                 Hookers Deep Green
                 Titanium White

DecoArt:  Ice Crystal Glamour Dust
Brushes:  Dynasty
                Small Foliage Wave
                Dry Brush 6
                Black Gold #0 Liner


Dominoes for sale at:

Serenity Falls Necklace (hand painted (by me) on 3 jewelry resin dominoes).  2 white handmade Seaglass lamp work beads, 2 handmade milky white lamp work beads, and small sparkly blue/green czech glass beads and 2 Swarovski Moonlight Crystal beads.       Scroll down.


Today I stopped in to Michaels to see if by ANY chance I could find a 4 x 4 inch frame for my Serenity Falls painting and walked out with this vintage tin frame....the ONLY 4 x 4  in the store.  Not really my "choice" but for right now it will work......I liked the frame a lot .... but really not applicable for this particular painting....

Serenity Falls

I am really liking "tiny art".

Painting #1 is a 3" x 3" square handmade stretched canvas on board/portrait grade.  

Painting #3 is done on 3 small jewelry dominoes and I will be designing a necklace...

Although I am using the same design, but because it is freehanded with nothing but inspiration, they each turn out different...and proves that even an artist can't paint the same way twice unless they are tracing and copying and even then it is a debatable concept.  When I took classes I always took a class where I could learn a new technique, use a new brush, etc.  If I didn't like a color I changed it in my design.... I was always trying to find my own way when anothers' didn't work  for me....and there were no suggestions of different brush,  different size brush, etc.   I found my own way to hold the brush to have more control over what I wanted that brush to I loaded or didn't "load" the brush with paint..... and everyones "Touch" is different, unique and so will be their art.....the same but different as they take on their own style...find their own way.  Tweeking when playing and finding things that work....or don't work.

I love waterfalls, foliage, water, trees and limbs, splashes, sparkle and enjoying the fun that is found in painting....but in reality in every type of creative art.

Right now in my studio, I have about 4 paintings I am "in process" with,  an alcohol ink project to play with, some lightweight concrete clay for a necklace using one of the hieroglyphic stamps I sell,
about 5 necklaces in baggies with the focal and accessory beads (gemstone pieces), the serenity falls necklace, a concrete stepping stone, some of my orgonite creations.....  Art moves in stages for me....sometimes I can finish something quickly and other projects take more time, thought process, playing, tweeking, etc. but that is enjoyable to me also....  I also find that one project can lead to another which leads to another which leads to another.... a design progression..some off shoots from the same limb....of the same tree....  I love having colors work.....or an effect achieved.....and I always give thanks where thanks is do...

I enjoy working the same design in different sizes.... and many times I play with different colors to get something that is pleasing....... and other times, as I have done with these two pieces;  I keep the same colors because I like the results.....

Enjoy Serenity Falls...........


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.