Serenity Falls

I am really liking "tiny art".

Painting #1 is a 3" x 3" square handmade stretched canvas on board/portrait grade.  

Painting #3 is done on 3 small jewelry dominoes and I will be designing a necklace...

Although I am using the same design, but because it is freehanded with nothing but inspiration, they each turn out different...and proves that even an artist can't paint the same way twice unless they are tracing and copying and even then it is a debatable concept.  When I took classes I always took a class where I could learn a new technique, use a new brush, etc.  If I didn't like a color I changed it in my design.... I was always trying to find my own way when anothers' didn't work  for me....and there were no suggestions of different brush,  different size brush, etc.   I found my own way to hold the brush to have more control over what I wanted that brush to I loaded or didn't "load" the brush with paint..... and everyones "Touch" is different, unique and so will be their art.....the same but different as they take on their own style...find their own way.  Tweeking when playing and finding things that work....or don't work.

I love waterfalls, foliage, water, trees and limbs, splashes, sparkle and enjoying the fun that is found in painting....but in reality in every type of creative art.

Right now in my studio, I have about 4 paintings I am "in process" with,  an alcohol ink project to play with, some lightweight concrete clay for a necklace using one of the hieroglyphic stamps I sell,
about 5 necklaces in baggies with the focal and accessory beads (gemstone pieces), the serenity falls necklace, a concrete stepping stone, some of my orgonite creations.....  Art moves in stages for me....sometimes I can finish something quickly and other projects take more time, thought process, playing, tweeking, etc. but that is enjoyable to me also....  I also find that one project can lead to another which leads to another which leads to another.... a design progression..some off shoots from the same limb....of the same tree....  I love having colors work.....or an effect achieved.....and I always give thanks where thanks is do...

I enjoy working the same design in different sizes.... and many times I play with different colors to get something that is pleasing....... and other times, as I have done with these two pieces;  I keep the same colors because I like the results.....

Enjoy Serenity Falls...........

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.