Total Peace

The inspiration for this was a photo I found on the internet.  I have painted it using Liquitex Gold and Burnt Umber paints (as well as Black for shading around the design) and a 4" x 6" portrait grade canvas.  Next I have to go through my stash and see what I have for matting and possibly framing this. I am pretty sure I will double or triple mat this painting.   It is so much fun to watch "people" develop as I paint and take on a personality.

I purchased some of the Liquitex Basic paints and they are MUCH better than the other craft paints....I also use the soft and heavy body liquitex paints but wanted to try these "Basics" and I think they have become ones I will use a lot of in my painting journey.  The coverage is great for base only need one coat which is a great time saver....I hate the base coating stage of a painting and with these paints you hardly notice you are doing it.....

Gallery Glass by Plaid Faux stained glass

I am back working on some faux stained glass pieces, working up to a 6 paned vintage window to hang on my porch this summer for some visual privacy from a yard of stored campers that are pretty unsightly.  I have several small pieces "in process" on these curved beveled glass pieces that stand ever so nicely in a window....and I have done several on flat pieces then framed and hang by a chain in a window (which is how the vintage window I am going to do will be displayed.)  They are fun, easy,  and allow me to totally go within myself.    Since I have last worked with these paints they have come out with a lot of new colors (mainly shimmers) which are going to be fun trying and working with.  I prefer the thin rubberized leading vs the liquid but it is all a matter of preference and probably as I work forward; design lineage.  In both pieces I have used the glass beads which I purchased a long time ago from Plaid....but are no longer available.  I am dealing with macular denerative disease so working these pieces is acting as a type of therapy with the disease and learning to see differently....

DragonVein Necklace Shades of Purple / Green and Black Crystal Druzy

This is another Dragon Vein necklace (gemstone)  done in shades of purple....and another different one one of a kind necklace.  Perfect for the purple people....  Handmade Lamp Work beads adorn the piece and I have used matt seed beads.

This is one of my favorite gemstones.  They are called Crystal Druzy and come in different colors as well as designs.  This was created using Ebony Swarowski crystals and variegated green seed beads.

Both will be available soon on my Etsy site:

Intuitive Art

I have always been a cloud watcher and loved to find things "hidden" within the cloud shapes
 ( photos in the sky)  and watch them stretch and change shape, form and sometimes even color.  That no one else saw what I saw didn't bother me...just made it more this has to be why intuitive art has come to appeal to me.

I took a class in Touch Drawing more as a favor and support for the teacher because I was unknowing and this always makes me nervous and stressful.  I am not in control and the outcome which is the important thing is in my hands to handle ... but I walked away with a lot of different beliefs ...  or maybe it was more a realization that there were others who had some of the same thoughts I had.  The process was amazing...

Next was an intuitive painting class (online).  Once again I had no idea what was going to transpire, what to look for,  etc. etc. etc.  and I ended up with a big black blob..... but I am not a quitter....this was a challenge now so I made a few changes to adapt to my style of painting.  I downsized my canvas considerably, I used brushes vs my hands and fingers but I knew it would be OK,,,, changed the gold background to silver, and chose the colors I wanted to use.  I used the different techniques that I had learned from the class or had "picked up" along the way and began.   What you see here has been accomplished just by adding colors of paint here and there, dripping paint down the canvas, glazing mediums, sealer, more colors, etc. etc.  I think that what I have shown here is about 4-5 layers of paint applications added randomly with no "planning" whatsoever ....  In the class we were to be geared toward a gypsy or woman and I guess my stubborness jumped out and said no....I want to paint what comes out.....I can hope I get what you want but I just didn't want to commit to something that was going to be out of my I would do the class but it was going to have to be done my way which was what was comfortable to me...leaving everything pretty much to the process...and not bring anything out until I could "see it"....and if it wasn't what was expected it meant that was not in me to do......

I have also discovered that you have to continually turn the canvas to look for something happening....and it depends on if you are close to or away from the canvas viewing what you see or don't see, and light plays a big part into the visual aspect.    I have to make myself a cheat sheet of whether a color is transparent or opaque so I don't have to continually "test" the colors.

I am pretty sure I am now ready to bring out the design that has been formed...I can pretty much "see it" so I need to begin bringing it out.....and pushing behind....  I will take photos as I progress in the hopes that this is going to "work" and you will be able to see what I see.....

Next fear stage.  Can I bring it out?  Oeewwww boyyee.....

It is an interesting process....and is most definitely about "letting go"... and that is a tough spiritual concept to grasp let along apply to life events.    Letting go and allowing .....  with faith that everything will work out the way it should...  I have been procrastinating the next stage of the painting but I have to make a commitment and "go for it" or I will just remain stuck in the muck.  Any change (right or wrong) is at least going to get me unstuck....and I will learn or achieve and either has to be better than where things are right now....  (This has also strongly applied to my personal life situations.   I was stuck and I had to make a change one way or the other to move on.)
I also have learned that the mind and the heart have to be in agreement .....  this is when you know you are headed in the right can feel the rightness.  It may just be the first of many moves of progression but at least it is a move...a change.

I am using Liquitex paints because they are so much thicker than the craft paints,  some Golden colors,  alcohol,  glazing medium and sealer between some of the layers and silver dust.
I am using greens, blues,  soft white,  purples and teals in paint colors so far but I am sure that other colors will be brought in somewhere along the line.  If you are going to try some intuitive painting and are a decorative painter  I would definitely advise using Folk Art paints as they are thicker and richer in color.  (Ceramcoat and Americana.... just do not work well when doing this type of painting... and to use them could very easily result in the process failure).

With intuitive painting; if you pay attention, you will discover a lot about yourself....good and bad.. and it is really beneficial to journal during the panting fact I would say it is almost imperative to journal or recount what you learn as you paint because it goes much deeper than paint on canvas.

Dragon Vein Gemstone and Lampwork Handmade Necklace

I have been working on necklaces and adding them into my Etsy store.  This is one of my favorites.  It is a Dragon Vein gemstone and the lamp work is handmade by Etsy artisans......I don't buy the Chinese lamp work......mine will always be by SRA's Self Representing Artists who use quality Italian glass and anneal for durability.  There are also 2 pieces of hand pulled furnace glass in the aqua green color.  I love designing jewelry...watching it develop pretty much on its own.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.