A field of Paintbrushes

Down by my sister and brother in laws pond are areas of wild flowers along with rural weeds such as the red/orange paintbrushes which pop forward.  They are found in bright orange, bright yellow and this deep red color.  You can also see some yellow buttercups along with some light  purple clover with the shades of green grasses.   These will soon disappear as it is time for "mowing" around the pond so I had to be quick.

The pond is stocked with several different species of fish for "catch and release".    

So much to see,  remember...and take pictures of....


Copyright 6-13    Diana Putnam

There are so many old barns, churches, etc. in this area of PA. that my cameras have been busy.
It is impossible to stop and take photos of all of them so I am limited being in the front seat and shooting through the windshield of a car....but they are good enough for reference material and that is mostly what I am after.  This particular church is on the outskirts of Sugar Grove, PA.

VACATION Country Schoolhouse Village Shops

I am on a months vacation in Pennsylvania visting family and friends.

The humidity is HORRIBLE ....  The scenery is BEAUTIFUL and the Auctions are STUPENDOUS.
My sister and I are on our way to an auction tomorrow morning.

Visited the Country Schoolhouse Village Shops where my handmade jewelry is, and my sister also sells.  I wanted to get a feel for what else I can do that will fit into the scheme of things.    Talk about an impressive consignment/antique delight.  What Tammy is doing is wayyyyy above any of the stores I have seen along this line.  Tammy went to buy a school desk and ended up picking up the entire school for back taxes and she was "on her way"....  She has not been open a year yet.  There are 7 shops presently inside with MUCH room for growth and there are approximately 32 vendors.  In the works is a large basement healthly food  and there is a Baptist Church in the front area closest to the road.  The building runs vertically on the land.  A long porch runs across the entire shop area, and she is holds many special events throughout the year on the stage and the gym area.  (Right now several primitive
bean bag stands are up for the kids, or adults.   I have never been this impressed with a consignment store such as this one which is WAYYYYY up there in gorgeous, spotlessly clean, and just perfection.   No one was leaving bagless; including me and there was a steady stream of customers although rural.

I have attached a couple of photos for just a brief look inside.  Welcome and Enjoy

The lamp which is shown in picture #1 was created by my sister who is presently doing a burlap line of items.  Lampshade, pillows, framed words, and placemats.

New Beginnings

My family at Michaels Graduation..............Is it the end or new beginnings?    Good Luck, Michael..and
a mixed emotion day for parents......

The End

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An evening walk with a friend and our dogs along the ridge of the Lava Butte in Bend, Oregon just as the sun was setting....  Not a spectacular photo but an interesting one.    The white was more pink but just didn't register as pink on my camera.  

Noisy AM and PM

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Larry put up some more birdhouses last fall and as a result the chirping of the fathers, mothers and babies at feeding time is almost nerve wracking.....  This has to be a Dad standing guard and for this photo he was a bit quieter....  Look at the 3 tuffs of feathers on his wing...and I love the burnt sienna coloring on his head and tops of some of his feathers....I am not just sure what breed as this is the first year I have had this bird "baby" here.

I am enjoying spring and glad I am not missing some of the neat things that happen at this time of year.
The yellow pollen from the pine trees is something that IS NOT neat....and today was the start of it.

Tiny Wild Flowers

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Photos that I took at my daughters house of tiny little flowers that are "just growing".... So many people miss the little things in life.  She has several "wild hair" bushes of these growing.  Some are white. some are tinged with pink.  So delicate and pretty.

Summer Hat Flower

5-13  Copyright    Diana Putnam
I have no idea what these delightful little wildflowers are called but they look like a floppy hat with a ribbon.  These are teeney weeney, itsy bitsy, flowers which I really zoomed in to be able to show the detail...they are no bigger than your little finger nail....if that.  

My daughter has a lot of pretty little "blooms" at her house so will show more as they days pass.



Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.