Spirit Dolls / Polymer Clay

Last night I finished up the 2 Spirit Dolls that I had started.  I used 2 different rubber stamps that I sell on Etsy (Seashell and Forest Floor).   I am anxious to make more so later today I will  go through my stock and see what else would work up into a doll.  Half of the fun is looking for the stamp that speaks to me and then finding embellishments... chosing the color, etc. and laying out in work preparation.  I have a stamp called "Nails" that might work up really neat for a Male Spirit doll....hmmmm.  A steampunk Gear Stamp that might be neat completed,  and A Chinese Writing stamp for some Oriental flair.... we are limited only by our lack of imagination.

Spirit of the Ocean has Sea Urchin shells for arms which I purchased at Florence, Oregon when I took a "me" sabbatical  and the dangles are Tierra Cast Ocean charms from:

                                               www.Dragongsfyre.etsy.com store

The center is a handmade glass lamp work bead that has an eye in what looks like a seashell in browns and greens that I love.  I used the manicurist tool I have written about here on my blog to drill the holes, and a face mold for the faces.

Spirit of the Forext has arms that are real pebbles which I order predrilled.  The leg dangles on this one are Moonstone Czech beads and square silver beads from "stash".

These are so relaxing to create.......  I love them.

Marry Your Muse by Jan Phillips

A friend gave me this book to read and it is UNBELIEVABLY FANTASTIC and a must read for anyone who is creative, thinks they are creative, or wants to be creative.  I began reading it last night and only quit because my eyes would no longer focus....and I went to sleep thinking about what I had read.   it created such a warm, fuzzy feeling of contentment and peace as she identified feelings that were familiar to me as I create "whatevers"....   I have so many areas of art that move me .... bring me joy .... etc.  and an appreciation of what others do.  She is an amazing writer who is able to convey what I know is truly felt from deep inside her creative soul.  

I have an Amazon Echo so I went into my Audible account and it is also available there for purchase.....   My Echo is in my studio and I love being read to as I loose myself in my artistic endeavors........

I GUARANTEE you will NOT be disappointed in this book and will devour it in total pleasure.

Ancient People Fineline Rubber Stamp

This is a brand new rubber stamp that is 6" x 9" called Ancient People fine line that I really like.  (It is also available in a continuos rollable).    I am anxious to give the design a try on a piece of polymer clay jewelry.

 I am working on a couple of altered art Spirit dolls ---
"Ocean" and "Forest Floor"... using 2 other rubber stamps.   When they are done I will post photos....they are laid out the way I "THINK" that I want them but I just NEVER know how they will finish until they are finished.  Artist play is so fun.

Manicure Electric Tool

This is one of my favorite tools....and found at probably every manicurists table.....  Mine came with a box full of attachments and I can even add some small drill bits to mine that I borrow from my husband......  It is especially useful when I am working with polymer clay and cement.....  Drills my holes for jewelry, buffs for a nice shine, sands edges and imperfections..... and nice fat easy grip tool...  I just used it last night and went "wow, I really like this tool....."  I purchased mine off of Amazon and cool it is pink.....

Perfect Hand Lettering with Deli Paper Courtesy of Kari McKnight Holbrook

I sell deli paper in my easy shoppe and it has been selling like hotcakes and I thought I would share one of the artists' ways of working with this versatile "out of the box" supply.    Right now I only sell one size but it comes in several .....   I am anxious to give this technique a try....  I don't know about you but I have SEVERAL different small quotes that would be awesome on a canvas, with some type of background color to make things really POP........

So enjoy.

What's so great about Deli Paper?

Deli Paper is the hottest non-art art supply going right now.

It stands up to liquid media.  Paint, ink, gel medium, etc.  You can use deli paper as a palette and you can print and write on it too.  Either way, the liquid stays put, it isn't waxed, so the liquid won't bead up.

Deli paper is stiffer than tissue paper, but still pliable.  When you stamp, print, or roll excess paint onto deli paper, it doesn't collapse and stick to itself.  It pretty much stays in a nice, flat sheet that you can use later.

Gel medium turns deli paper transparent.  After you've painted, printed, lettered, etc. on the deli paper and it's dry, you can glue it to a background with gel medium and the papers will "disappear" leaving just the image or design visible.

To me, the very best use of deli paper is for adding lettering or a sketch to a background.  Who among us hasn't carefully added letters,  a name,  a quotes, etc.  to a piece of art only to discover a misspelling or you really wish you'd placed the words a little to the right, or whatever?

You can avoid mistakes like these by using deli paper.  I learned this letter trick from Kari McKnight-Holbrook via her video tutorial, Backgrounds to Bindings, Beautiful Handmade Books and Art Journals.

1.  Draw your sketch or write out your quote onto a sheet of deli paper.
2.  When you have everything just as you want it, cut or tear sound the quote or image and place it on your background.  Move the paper around so you can decide exactly where you want it.
3.  Spread a thin coat of gel medium onto the background and place the deli paper on it, smoothing it out over the medium.

Now you have perfect lettering in the perfect place, brought to you by the miracle of deli paper.

These bottom two photos with the quotes show the technique.  I hand tore around the quote and then used gloss Gel Medium (Matisse, because this is what I had) and adhered it using the above method to a canvas purchased at JoAnnes.  I am going to try the same technique again and try hand painting the background first....  I used a Micron pen on the deli paper and got NO SMEARING, or
BLEEDING.....  I also want to try it on colored card stock.  I am definitely pleased wit the result....especially because writing on canvas directly is BUMPY and this way with deli paper it looks so much more professional....

I don't like it a bit on a painted background but I think I am REALLY going to like the effect inside a
greeting card.......and instead of "tearing" I am going to use decorative scissors (that cut with a design) or one of the Edger punches you can buy......THAT I think will look really nice and with the different colored Micron pens we can choose the ink color.....  My cards are down on my work table and will be so much fun to "play" with.....

New Painting



PHOTO #4.  


I originally painted this landscape design  4" x 4" and my son in law asked for a larger version so this is a  24" x 36" canvas.  If you scroll down to prior posts you will see the original small finished piece.

Because of the canvas size there will be some modifications in this piece.  When painting freehand and mixing colors it is nearly impossible to duplicate....

I have the entire foreground to complete, water enhancements, more trees, some additional highlighting and shading, etc.  I am never quite sure how the finished piece will look and although I begin with an idea of where I am going there are always things that change....which is the fun of a painting journey.

As usual Liquitex Soft Body Paints,  Dynasty brushes;  but the canvas is from JoAnnes which was on sale for 50% off and a real deal...  This is the largest canvas piece I have ever done although I have completed several wall murals in the past.  A white canvas; for some reason is intimidating.

I have numbered the photos in the order of the painting progression.

I am hoping to have the piece finished by the beginning of next week.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.