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If you would like to see other photos I took this weekend when I went to Camp Sherman, Oregon for the day of heavenly sweet smelling fresh air, green, wildflowers, blue water (and I mean BLUE water), and the fun I had taking the photos along with a shot of yours truly go to: for a short little tour and it won't cost you a penny; how great is that?  I am hoping that we can go back with the RV and stay for about 3 days right before the 4th of July holiday.   Test drive.  Camp Sherman is 45 minutes away from where we live in Bend, Oregon.  

Magazine Altered Art Photos

A year or so ago (in the summer) I played with magazine pages and have just now taken the time to really "look" at them and have been amazed at the transformation from what was the original to my new original.

I have mounted the "revised" work onto canvas boards and will be matting them and then offering them for sale.

Each one is unique and one of a kind.   They range in size from 5 x 7 to 9 x 12 depending on how I have chosen to mount the design.  Many could be displayed in more than one direction…..and what I see and you see, and how it interacts with our emotional side will differ from person to person so it is almost like altered abstract type art that "I" find appealing and different than other works of art that are being offered for sale in todays' galleries.

I find art that is unduplicatable to my liking…..and hopefully it will be to others also.  Photo #1 I am going to have matted in a salmon, fleshy, color and I am anxious to see the secondary transformation which the matt will provide.  The framing will be left to the buyer, but the smaller ones will be matted and possibly framed.

There are 3 which I will keep as a gouping for one of my walls…. Each will have a name, signed,
dated, and numbered as #1 Original.     Someday hundreds of years down the road it might be a
valuable "vintage" item;  lol…..

On some of them I will add spiritual life quotes.

Experimenting is the journey of art or the art of journey…..


Stamping on Fabric

I have had several inquiries about using the rubber stamps I sell on Etsy on fabric.  Since I don't use the stamps in this manner, but know of others who do I did a bit of research and this is what I found out looking at a tutorial by Lenna Andrews.

Use inks and paints formulated to be heat set for permanency on fabric.  Inks you might have for metal or paper is not the same kind of ink as one that has been designed to become permanent on fabric after heat setting.

Pre Wash your fabric.

Tsukineko Fabrico/Versacraft inkpads and Lumiere paint are perfect choices for fabric as well as So Soft Fabric Paints by DecoArt or your brand of choice.

Ink pads are just the thing to use for a more detailed rubber stamp image on fabric.

Reink your stamp for each impression

Smooth fabrics without a lot of texture/nap and with a tight weave work best.

Fabric Paint.
  1.  Use a foam brush or cosmetic sponge to tap or smooth the paint on

Heat setting is the most important thing you can do to preserve your fabric stamping.
  1.  Stamping must be completely dry
  2.  Hot dry iron ….no water
  3.  Iron about 2 minutes on each area.
  4.  A piece of muslin to cover the stamping can be used
  5.  Iron both sides of fabric.
  6.  Do not wash for one week
  7.  100% cotton or silk (natural fabrics) will hold fabric inks or paints better than poly blend.

Also remember that you can use bleach on the stamps to remove color from the fabric instead of adding color….Tide has a bleach pen that would work great for small designs.

Stamps should be washed with a mild soap and water.

Antique Brass Trinket Boxes (handmade)

These small pill boxes could be used for so many little things in your purse.  Tooth fairy box, pill box, to hold toothpicks, or a special trinket.

The inside has a mirrored top, and there is a white plastic lining in the bottom….

Just a project to do in-between pieces to just relax and enjoy the process….and learning I HATE glue.

The boxes were plain and then I decorate as I choose to do at the particular time of its' birth……. I never know.  Even have a couple which are pretty bad … tried a couple of things that were total flops….chalk them up to learning..

Unique Puzzled Art

I have had so much fun playing with these unique wood laser cut outs from ULD that I had to share the fun.

With the frame unit you get 5 pieces.
If you use all 5 pieces a 2 x 2 canvas fits perfectly and I have mine hand made (canvas wrapped boards) as the gallery canvas pieces that are 2 x 2 are too thick.

Use all 5 wood frame pieces or as many of the pieces you choose….you are totally the artist with this frame.

As you can see by the photo below there are several ways that this frame can be put together and turned to get the look you like.  You could even extend a design onto the frame if you put it together as in the 3rd frame over.

And then there are these awesome corners that can be added to further enhance the frame  --- all to your liking…        

This last photo is the piece I designed and have finished to go into a spare bedroom I am in the process of re-doing using things from other areas of my home …… so I guess it is a recycled room.   (I used the E6000 glue).    I wanted this particular piece to be abstract, unique, and totally different.  The wood piece on the canvas is also a laser cut piece and I have added Swarowski hot fix gems in Moonlight to accent the piece, (I have a HotFix electric tool to adhere to the frame)  jazz it up and provide a bit of bling as well as some antique brass jewelry findings I snipped the circles off of with my mighty clippers.

You can find all of the wood components to design your own piece in my Etsy shoppe.

If you are interested in handmade blank canvas pieces (I always purchase the x fine) go to
I am looking forward to making some more…..

Painting Altered Art #2

(My lupine was flowerless this year (so far) but my neighbors in puple, blue and fushia were gorgeous.
Maybe next year.  These grow wild here on our hillside
especially on the way to Portland….


In yesterdays' mail I rec'd a sample of a portrait fine grade wrapped custom canvas board that I asked the supplier of my canvas boards to work up for me.   The canvas piece will be 16" x 4" and just the right size for this Buddah design.   I have been working on it on and off for a couple of days now so I am hoping to finish it up by mid week so I can show it as Painting Altered Art #3…..   I am contemplating putting together a pattern packed for this design which uses Americana Paints and Dynasty Brushes and the little knicky knacky brass elements are artist choice…and I have used the Hot Fix swarowski crystals for that bling that adds so much to the finished piece.  So if you are interested; start searching the internet for some vendors who might have what you are looking for.  In the pattern packet I will list sources for items I have used.    Although the design is the same as my other one…..the backdrop is a different color as well as the elements I am using.  I like it done on both the canvas and the barrel stave….just depends on the "look" you are wanting to achieve…….

This is a fun piece to do and requires a little technique in blending colros, slip slap backgrounds, etc.
If you don't know for sure just how the techniques are done this might be a pattern packet that will interest you……especially if you want to do a little altered art piece that is painted and add some bling,
and dimensional elements to the piece…..OR, maybe you just want to simply paint the design of the Buddah and add to elements to the piece…..ARTISTIC LICENSE is wonderful and I am always using it.

Photos will be coming soon….

Also on another table in my little creative corner are some altered art brass pill boxes that I will be listing on my Etsy site for sale.  Each has an interior mirror, hinged, antique brass, plastic liner, and they will be so neat for pills, hearing aid batteries or hearing aids, stamps, mints, etc.  Anything you might need a little container for that is handmade and pretty.  I love little pieces of art.



Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.