TIDELINES Rubber Stamp


This is a brand new rubber stamp just out from one of the companies I purchase my Etsy rubber stamps from and when I ordered it I did so because I thought it might be fun to use some of the "water" ones I have and create a landscape out of clay.

I have not taken the time to really play with the stamps except on a couple of occassions when I first began selling the stamps online.

Many would be buyers and customers want to see what the stamps look like when "clayed" so I think the time has come to play with them in a way that will showcase the performance of the stamps as they are quite impressive as far as quality, intricacy, and final product…..  What they can do is really up to artistic license and that is what I think makes them such a valuable tool for all types of creative art from scrapbooking to jewelry to abstract art.  

So now I am off to go through the hundreds I have in stock and choose those which I will use, decide on colors or maybe just using a neutral color…and embellishing afterwards.
The choices range from inks to acrylic paints, to metallics, glitters, and patinas.

I have not purchased any metal clays so I will be working with soft polymer clay as it is easier for me to "work", sculpt and blend.

I have just ordered a couple of extra sets of the rubber brushes to sell on Etsy and they are my favorite tools for working with clay the way I do….  they come in 5 different shapes and are wuuuunnnnderful.  Another of my favorite tools is one I made myself from polymer clay that is shaped like a my little finger and slightly bent….It works great for small areas where I need more oomph than the rubber brush allows for.

So stay tuned and hopefully I will have a finished product to "show off" soon.

New Abstract

I really love the variations,  borders, designs, and backgrounds which seem to provide so much depth in a layered look.   I don't look at what I have done for about 3-4 days after I have completed them.  I look at lot more deeply into the design, or colors at this time.

Once these are matted and framed they really become works of art.  The 8 x 10's are my favorites.  A perfect size to make a statement.

"Mushroom Garden"
Available in 4 x 6  or 5 x 7 glossy.  Larger sizes are available as a custom order.

Harem Designs Handmade Bib Necklace

I buy on impulse only when I am afraid I might not find it again….which happens a LOT even on
some occasions when I talk myself out of the purchase….. but when I saw this bib type handmade necklace I had to purchase it.  I told Ebru it was the "Cats' Pajamas".  One of a kind, unique, a bit eclectic and she has a wide choice of colors, shapes, sizes, and prices.  I am so anxious to get mine (above).  I am hoping that colorwise it will work with a grape tshirt dress that I have.   Perfect to add that "artsy" touch.  

Ebru is from Istanbul, Turkey and is a young woman of 42 who loves lace, crochet, and I am sure many other forms of lacey type artistic handiwork.  I love supporting Etsy and come here first to search for an item I might want…and very rarely am I disappointed.

Go to:  http://www.haremdesigns.etsy.com and check out the other necklace bibs she has for sale.  Support the artists of the world….

Camp Sherman, Oregon

After spending 3 amazing days in Camp Sherman to learn today that there is a fire raging close and eating up acres creates a sadness…. I just pray that the fire is contained really soon.

This time the wild sweet peas were in bloom in colors ranging from white, soft pink, dark pink red and purple.  Just fields of them growing everywhere
and gorgeous. Twisting and turning and wrapping the vines around each other and up anything that was around to support them…..otherwise they just laid upon their leaves.

I also noticed that the wild lupine leaves are soft and furry (white)  vs the shiny smooth leaves of the one I have in my little area at home.

Camp Sherman, Oregon Metolious River

Tomorrow I will be HERE…and with temperatures in the 90's here in Bend and to be continued;  the river is going to be "the best".

Larry didn't care for it as there is no quad riding so he wasn't interested so I conned my friend Candace to share the journey…  Larry is taking us up with the RV  and then will come back up on Monday and pick us up to come home….. About a 45 minute drive for us.

It will be cooler and just the music of the water will be wonderful as the sites with no hookups will be right along the river much like this spot was….

There is a PO and a SMALL little country store in Camp Sherman so it is quiet yet noisy with the chatter of everyone eating ice cream outside the store.

I have art materials packed, a couple of movies if we get bored (which isn't likely to happen) and I think the main item on the agenda are spirit dolls which we'll make from "walk gatherings" looking for natures treasures.   I have started mine using sticks and driftwood from the first walk a month ago.   We have meals prepared lots of goodies, cameras,  comfortable lawn chairs, and reading material….. so we are all set----although there will no doubt be things we will wish we had…or forgot.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Jewelry Sets

When I saw these metallic focal beads in the green, silver and black they were too pretty to pass up.  Made by Darice and I purchased them in Joannes along with the hazy shades of green miss shaped nuget beads.  The silver spacer beads and the Buddah are Tierra Cast sold by Dragynsfyre on Etsy.  I love the way it finished.  I still have some of the metallic beads left so I want to make a very simple necklace with just one of the metallic beads and use some leather black cording for the necklace.
(Bracelet and Necklace)

I needed a colorful casual set so these are once again Tierra Cast findings  (I love the hammered clasp on the necklace) and the colored beads are by Darice purchased at Joannes.
(Necklace, bracelet and anklet.)

The only time I allow myself to buy at JoAnnes and Michaels is when something has a good markdown or I have a coupon……

Next are some fun pendants….with cording….


Professionally Matted, Framed and ready to hang on the wall.  Mat matched great and the frame is a silver but reflects the salmon color…..it is not pink and not orange….  This is one of my favorite chemical reaction photos…


Bend is a unique, busy, artistic, beautiful little (but growing darn it) city that never ceases to amaze me.

Craft beer distilleries are everywhere along with growlers (jugs to fill with yer' favorite beer and/or brand) , fill stations, and fantastic food.  I just discovered Swill which is a citrusy beer that is light and refreshing….and I DON'T normally like the taste of beer but this one is the exception.  It is made by 10 Barrel Brewing here in Bend.

Now….it seems as if a drink called Kombucha is the rage amongst residents….  The preference brand HUMM;  which is made right here in Bend, comes in various flavors and everyone seems to have a favorite.   At our awesome Farmers' Market which is Wednesday afternoons you can sample the flavors and buy different size containers or   buy a Humm growler have it filled with your favorite Humm Kombucha--- some even have flavors mixed…..I think there are 9 different flavors and endless personal mixtures when purchasing on tap.  Right now just a few markets carry the Kombucha but it is getting more prevalent.   There are several different companies marketing the Kombucha but Bend residents are "Hummers"…..  Coconut Lime is my daughters' favorite, my friend Candace opps for Chai, and I prefer the Strawberry Lemonade, but check out their other "flavors".

Kombucha takes me back to the Hires root beer that my sister and I helped our parents make and bottle with a special little bottler back in the 50's…..the longer it 
fermented the stronger it would get …. and every so often would "pop" their caps and make a mess.

If you want to get the "story" behind Kombucha go to:  http://www.hummkombucha.com and read all about it.

KOMBUCHA………seems like it should be another form of gazoontite (sneeze blessing).

Stay cool everyone……we are in the 90's this 4th of July.

MEGA rubber Stamps


The company I purchase these awesome rubber stamps from have just come out with some LARGE MEGA rubber stamps that are 7 times larger than their normal ones but just as wonderfully detailed and intricate.   These MEGA stamps are 9 1/4" x 6 and for each design there are two different "types" of cuts….Fineline, Regular and what they call reverse….others call outties…

In the next month working with these stamps is one of my goals.  Try different things and see what happens.  I especially want to use them on some CitrArt pieces.  Just the right size for what might be some really interesting additional "effects".   There is a product called Cool Slip which you spray on your tile as the soft clays that are recommended and the metal clays have a tendency to adhere more that we might want without the release.   I have used even the fine lline stamps and have gotten wonderful imprints with clay as well as with acrylic paints ….  so many different artistic uses.  And jewelry…..that is a whole "nutther" story…..  Love these stamps for pendants and brooches, etc.

I have listed just a few of the MEGAS" m on my Etsy site http://www.artisticrenderings.etsy.com but will be adding more designs in the next couple of weeks along with some brand new designs in the smaller ones that are also awesome so keep checking the shoppe out for new and different upcoming feature items you won't want to miss.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.