TIDELINES Rubber Stamp


This is a brand new rubber stamp just out from one of the companies I purchase my Etsy rubber stamps from and when I ordered it I did so because I thought it might be fun to use some of the "water" ones I have and create a landscape out of clay.

I have not taken the time to really play with the stamps except on a couple of occassions when I first began selling the stamps online.

Many would be buyers and customers want to see what the stamps look like when "clayed" so I think the time has come to play with them in a way that will showcase the performance of the stamps as they are quite impressive as far as quality, intricacy, and final product…..  What they can do is really up to artistic license and that is what I think makes them such a valuable tool for all types of creative art from scrapbooking to jewelry to abstract art.  

So now I am off to go through the hundreds I have in stock and choose those which I will use, decide on colors or maybe just using a neutral color…and embellishing afterwards.
The choices range from inks to acrylic paints, to metallics, glitters, and patinas.

I have not purchased any metal clays so I will be working with soft polymer clay as it is easier for me to "work", sculpt and blend.

I have just ordered a couple of extra sets of the rubber brushes to sell on Etsy and they are my favorite tools for working with clay the way I do….  they come in 5 different shapes and are wuuuunnnnderful.  Another of my favorite tools is one I made myself from polymer clay that is shaped like a my little finger and slightly bent….It works great for small areas where I need more oomph than the rubber brush allows for.

So stay tuned and hopefully I will have a finished product to "show off" soon.

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