Beginning Intuitive Art

I guess this is going to be a mixed media dimensional project.  I am just beginning and believe me when I say I have NO idea where I am going.  I am just "doing".

This evening I worked some more on it so will add another picture soon.   I find myself "wandering".  Picking up things that "might be what I need".  It is one of those cases where you just kinda "wander" mentally and physically and pretty soon you have a pile of "stuff".  I may not use it....but then again I may.  I am not going to "force" the piece I am going to let it lead me wherever it is I am to go...

The face is a mold I made out of a 2 part molding compound.   I probably should have sanded it a
bit more after I took the clay out of the mold and after baking....but I didn't ;  so evidently it was not
a necessary step for what I am I am not going to "sweat it" just yet.

The paint is a "new" paint for me .... coming from a  decorative paining painting background I have a lot to learn...about different paints, new paints, and this one looks blue and green depending how the light hits it........but what I do like are the technique and product knowledge I gained along the way that is hopefully going to come in handy on this piece.    I have also used Ivory Black (thank you Linda Benton Mccloskey).  I have learned about the uniqueness of this color from one of your tutorials with something you said about the different colors that can come out of this particular color....... and then Lamp Black to do some shading where I felt it was needed after base coating.

I learned a lot too from taking an online class with Whitney Freya.  Then another couple of classes with Ree Altavilla and Flora Aube.  Sometimes I get an idea, learn a technique (I LOVE techniques), a new way to do something, a paint application......I never know what I will learn, but I KNOW I will learn "somethings".

So stay tuned for Session II. with a photo or two....

In the bottom photo I have added some silver beads here and there in the headless portion.  And am pretty sure I am going to used the Color I have laid here.  I do not like the eye want to keep this area in mind...  I have some material, parchment scrapbooking paper, a canvas, wood beads, a strip of rhinestones, and some silver scrapbooking paper.  Tonight.....I will be adding some color.


Painted the canvas board a complimentary blue mixed with Golden Iridescent medium 
and glued the parchment map
(Scrapbooking paper) on top.  
I am liking the atmospheric look behind the map.  
Not sure what will be next, but I am letting this dry overnight.  I am thinking that I want to preserve what is done so far so I am thinking that I will seal.  I know that I want to add a dimensional layer but I am not sure how this will happen.

Session #4.

Tonight was an OMG what is going on?  This is horrible.  And I remember and know
that during an artistic journey there can sometimes be stages of UGLY....but this is ridiculous.  
Normally, I would just get huffy and throw it away......but with this I am going 
to go on.......realize it is what it is and that it is not the "end" but a new beginning when I step back 
into my studio tomorrow.  Maybe some angel happenings will occur tonight 
while I am sleeping.  Yea, right.

All I know is that I DID NOT expect THIS.

Used a StencilGirl stencil.....Silver and black molding paste.  I just keep moving the face around...   and I am wondering if it will even "belong" to this piece of art.   Need Fresh eyes.  


I sanded down some of the Modeling Paste since it set up and am a bit happier...there is texture but no edges.  Connected Trees....and now I am adding the foils.  Not done with all of the trees yet but done for tonight.

A few months ago I took an online class called Soul Blossoming and never had any intuitive success with my first piece so now I am wondering if this is where this piece is going.  Gives me a funny feeling of wonderment questions.


This is the latest progression.  It is nearly done.  Only one more thing to add and then the frame which I have had and I think it is perfect for this piece.

I wasn't happy with the circular portion of the piece.  Now I am.  
Fried CD's.....  and I wanted them placed a bit abstractly.  Spent a lot of time on this step trying different things, different arrangements .  Tomorrow I will have photos of the finished piece.



Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.