Feather Lampwork Necklace

When I create......I never know just what will happen,  how it will turn out, what I will use, or even what I am going to create..... Painting, jewelry, mixed media, faux stained glass, crochet....I just let it happen as it happens.....  Life mode.

This feather is a hand marbled African Grey feather done by a good friend of mine from the East Coast and is found at www.quillnaros.etsy.com  She does the most marvelous feathers from a variety of different molted feathers....she has several birds which are the delight of her life.  So check out her site because you are in for a REAL TREAT with her artistic endeavors......

I don't know who the artist is of the large glass encased handmade lamp work bead but it matches PERFECTLY with the feather.    I have used 2 different colors of wood beads along with 4 small handmade lamp work beads and have strung the entire focal necklace onto cording....

Right now I am not sure if this is mine or if I will put it up for sale in my Etsy shop but had to share the creative journey of fun.....

Tiny Art Beach House

When I was in Florence, OR last week and eating lunch at an ocean front restaurant I took a picture that was similar to my painting.  I never paint for "same as", identical, etc. so this is more about the sand and dried grasses making the house on the hill beachside more of the focal.....  I will repaint this again and who knows what the next one will look like......  This was done on a 5" x 5" gessoed board

Painting is listed in my Etsy shoppe for $25.00.

Mixed Media Necklace Design Play Acrylic Paints Rubber Texture Stamp Mat

I have been selling Rubber Texture Mat Stamps on Etsy for several years and it is well past time for me to play with them and do some designing of my own with them.  I just never seemed to have time to "play".

The stamp I used for this design is Van Gough by Christi Friesen who lives in Tehachapi, CA...

Check out my Etsy shoppe for this stamp and others for your designing pleasure.  I have several pieces that are baked using different stamps and are waiting for the embellishment and painting stages.........  www.artisticrenderings.etsy.com

I am using Sculpey Ultra Light weight clay (white)
Liquitex Soft Body Paints in Burnt Umber and Permanent Blue
Sea Urchin Shells (horizontal pieces)
The beads in the first photo are ceramic...the beads in the 2nd photo are handmade clay beads from Romania....

The final design is "to be determined" and right now is just in the beginning stages of development.  Things change as I begin the actual process of putting things together...

I have laid  aside some  Baroque Gilders Paste in Rust and Silver which I may decide to use to further enhance the stamps' design impressions and better match the Sea Urchin pieces.  (I purchased these at a really nice bead shoppe in Florence, Oregon when I was visiting last weekend.  I am always looking for neat, unique pieces to use in my art work.)

I will be using the Dynasty FM Dry Brush in a size to accommodate the focal piece...probably a # 4 or #6.  They are soft but not squishy soft so they will allow me to just apply the paste to the very top of the design impressions....

FM Beauty Cosmetic Brushes ETSY Shoppe

Today I had a Mary Kay demonstration on some of their new products and in applying was able to try brushes vs using my fingers and decided I REALLY liked what some of the brushes "did".

For about 15 years I have been painting with and using FM Dynasty paint brushes.  In my book....there are not a better quality brush on the market (all lines)  and this extends over to their line of cosmetic brushes...I have a smudge and an angled liner brush I use for eye shadow (which I use as a liner)  No where have I seen good, quality make up brushes so I went to FM and ordered my 5 most favorite brushes....as used by a "senior citizen" and am  offering the set of 5 on Etsy for $39.00 plus shipping.  www.artisticrenderings.etsy.com

       Lash and Brow Brush

They are gorgeous brushes which can simply be identified as such with just a picture..... and their performance and quality will also show forth.   They are so soft and gentle to our thin skin facial tissues....

I would recommend wiping the brushes on a wet paper towel or makeup remover "wipe" after each daily use and washing the brush (with the original first on the market Dawn detergent) every 7-10 days...depending upon use....

Each brush comes in a plastic sleeve with how to use instructions from the make up artists who use and recommend them.

FM Bush company has been in the brush making business for 85 years and have 19 patents on their lines of painting and beauty brushes to provide us, the consumer, the best tools in the artistic professional industry.

Monica Brint Design Santa Tie


Surface Stash.
Wooden Hinged Tie
Santa Angel and Trees

Once again I added some snow and Americana Glamour Dust Paints in Silver Bling  and Crystal Ice

Monika Brint Design

Monika Brint has been one of my favorite whimsical design artists for years and I find painting her designs to be relax full and fun......  I have always loved her vertical extensions of elements.  This design was painted on a tall slender portrait grade hand wrapped canvas board.  It was the PERFECT size for the design.

I added snow to the trees, the top of the hill, under the houses, on the roofs  trees and deer and a couple of areas on the deer.  Also added was Americana Glamour Dust paints which I LOVE and use in nearly all of the paintings I do....  Just that tiny, little bit of bling that seems to just animate paintings, makes them more realistic and adds a bit of mystery to the pieces..... or so "I" think.

Tonight I started another of her designs with a Santa, to which I have made some changes from the original design and painting it on a hinged wooden tie surface I had and have no idea where I originally found them...darn.  Another of my favorite things are unique and different surfaces....they just seem to provide more inspiration .....

Pretty Flowers

Very simple, delicate flowers.....

Photo by me.......taken in Bend, Oregon.    Drake Park

You and Me Photograph

This photo was taken in Drake Park..... Bend, OR and is one of my favorite picture taking sites .... and close...  I love the light in this one and also the tree bark markings.....  I am wondering what this would look like if I tried my hand at painting on canvas.....??

Waste Basket

I needed a small wastebasket for my studio so I purchased one of the inexpensive rubberized plastic types and decided to paint it with a rose...... mottled background to add an artistic touch and inspiration....  Took me a while to get the right colors for the mottling but I am pleased.....  I used a slip slap technique with 3 colors and then I shaded in around the rose with Paynes Grey which is one of my favorite dark colors.....  Rose and leaves are my own take on the double load method.

Painted with Liquitex acrylics...... so much richer than the bottled craft paints.

New Necklace

I just finished this necklace and bracelet set.....and am pleased with the way it turned out.

The gemstone is Chinese Writing Jasper and one of my favorites because it is landscape-y, neutral in colors and allows for a nature look.  I used wood beads, vintage beige beads I have been saving for forever and decided to use, and swarowski crystals spacers in brown and black.  The silver spacers, and clasp is Tierra Cast sold by my daughter on Etsy.  www.dragynsfyre.etsy.com

On to the next.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.