Just when you think you are done… find out you're not and you go one step farther….
Now it is done…if "feels" right.   The added pieces acted as eye stoppers for me.  Pathway in
but none out…..  I love the brass corners.   I have NO idea why chopsticks, and the item to the left is a seashell that I purchased along the Oregon coast….  I guess maybe the items "just worked"….
or maybe it will all mean something to the receivers somehow….  I love when that happens….

Altered Ink "SUPER FISH"

This is an altered ink piece I just finshed and it is going to be a fun one.  It is matted (I found a mat that matched the green perfectly) , framed, and the picture of the finished piece is below.  I call it Super fish
and it is a present for my niece who just had her first baby.  I hope they will enjoy….as I really feel that it came out just for them…..  (The baby's room is green and pink).

When the pictures are matted, twisted and turned it is amazing what I see….and what others see.
I love the depth of the pieces as if they were layered….  I've been lucky to get a lot of really nice
pieces out of the last magazine I did thanks to my daughter and a box of free National Geographics.

I have had an 8 x 10 print done of the original and I think it would look great matted a burnt orange…
so that will be next.

Hope and Healing Wraps by Brooke .. New Etsy Shoppe

Brooke has finally finished opening her delightful little Etsy shoppe and has stocked it with some of her
leather, button, and gemstone wrap bracelets.

Each of the gem beads she uses are identififed as well as how they relate to the spiritual side….as well as the beauty side and she co-ordinates them by color and size depending on the length of the bracelet chosen.

There is much more that goes into Brookes' bracelets than what meets the eye and are made from the heart with love…. as well as her personal concept and what she wants to achieve wiht her art.  They are not JUST wrap bracelets….or things…. they have meaning to the wearer.

Give her shop a "look see"…..  I am sure you will like what you see and read.



When I was having some printing done at Staples I had time to browse the store,,,which I normally don't seem to have time to do.  Many back to school items were on sale and I found these wonderful zippered bags….zippered on both sides and great roomy areas BUT what was even more fantastic…
was the INSIDE of both pouches are soft;  almost like a worn flannel shirt.  There is a nice,  heavy duty strap for carrying, smooth opening zippers, supple leatherette exterior.

They came in Black, Green, Pink, Beige, and Turquoise …. and I purchased the 6 the Bend store had left; wishing there were more.

Tonight I added large lamp work beads (wire wrapped) to the zipper portion on one side for easy opening.  It dresses the item up, makes it even more unique and special and will use them for Christmas gifts this year.

I chose a Green one and have all of my specialty pens, pencils, erasers, etc. in one and even with all I had I still have plenty of room….

So check out your local Staples and see if they have these available….  Great for jewelry, art supplies, makeup,  small tool kit, shaving bag, pencils/pens etc.

It was just nice to find such a neat, unique, product at a reasonable price…. that I could alter to make it personal…


Cookbook Cupboard

 Today was a bit of getting rid of stuff in my studio and rearranging things a bit with the purchase of the vintage chippy cookbook cupboard I bought a couple of weekends ago.  It works perfect for my Mattise Flow and Liquitex acrylic paints then below are my canvas boards that I purchase from an ebay seller who "makes them".  The titled down shelving is perfect….   I "feel" a bit more organized and my claying toaster oven is at eye level which also works great.  Slowly my garage sale grows and I have more "space" so it feels good….and long overdue.

Pretty as a Picture


Vintage Cookbook Cupboard

A couple of weeks ago when I went to Camp Sherman for the day/night there was a garage sale and I picked up this little gem, basically because I love storage items, especially when they are old, chippy, and something I have never seen before.  This cupboard; I was told, is  a cookbook cupboard.  The shelves are slatned toward the back of the cupboard.  3 Shelves are missing but since I will be using it for art storage in my little space downstairs that wasn't an issue.  I love the chippy paint.  There was only a cardboard backing on it so my husband ripped that off and we put a new back on it today….  A great $10 find…at least in my book.   I am just not sure what I will store inside….special painting books I won't be able to get rid of at my garage sale the 19th through 21st, or maybe my tube paints that need a home….. hmmmm.

The fun is the "find" and then comes "for what"….  and constant enjoyment.  One of those items I touch lovingly often.

Japanese Red Maple

Our Japanese Red Maple has NEVER been this red….or this early and it seemed to happen overnight....  I hope we have a LONG Indian Summer… and NOT an early winter…..I am just not ready for winter this year…..or am I?

Wrap Bracelets by Brooke

These are the 3 photos of the bracelets Brooke made for me using colors I had requested and buttons that I sent…. Awesome…I love them both.

Photo #1 and #2 is the one I have chosen for ME… MYSELF and I.

Photo #3 is a Christmas present for someone whom I hope will like it…. and it is another beauty.

I have deer buttons, elk, bear and squirrel paws,
steampunk, cat, moon, and some for the other side ….elegance.  

                                                                                               THANKS BROOKE.

Metolious Camp Sherman

The Metolious calls…….again.

There are so many "things" about the Metolious and Camp Sherman that draw me back….from the calmness of the river to the robust white water and the music each make.

Fall is beginning and instead of flowers it is berry time and I am sure to come will be mushrooms.  The
evening was really chilly and the seasoned firewood snapped,  was warming and the smell was heavenly…..almost like an incense.

Pru (photo #2)  would much rather lay down than Walk the Walks… they are normally at least 2 hours long…  She has slept since we got home.

The waterfalls are coming from within the side of the hilly section and not from the top….and as you can see …. more BLUE blue water…… no camera enhancements need to be made on ANY of the Metolious photos…..

There will be one more "trip" in the fall….probably the 1st week of October…..

Had the best sandwitch from the little deli / store (Turkey, lettuce, onions and cranberry sauce on marbled rye bread….and strawberry/watermelon juice to drink….and eating it beside the river….life doesn't get a whole much better.

Even was able to get a couple of Christmas gifts and there was a garage sale where I picked up a
cookbook cupboard for $10.00 with green chippy paint…..It is needing a new "back" as there is just cardboard on it now….but that is an EASY fix …….  Laaarrrryyyyyy.  I have never seen a cupboard like this with many angled shelves inside….. I loved it…..and although I am not sure just where it will end up in the house and with what "in it" I have several good ideas….and will have my mind made up by the time it has been repaired….

My goal for September is to live in the NOW….. I have lost site of that and am entertained with the
anticipation of change……

Enjoy the photos…..


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.