Metolious Camp Sherman

The Metolious calls…….again.

There are so many "things" about the Metolious and Camp Sherman that draw me back….from the calmness of the river to the robust white water and the music each make.

Fall is beginning and instead of flowers it is berry time and I am sure to come will be mushrooms.  The
evening was really chilly and the seasoned firewood snapped,  was warming and the smell was heavenly…..almost like an incense.

Pru (photo #2)  would much rather lay down than Walk the Walks… they are normally at least 2 hours long…  She has slept since we got home.

The waterfalls are coming from within the side of the hilly section and not from the top….and as you can see …. more BLUE blue water…… no camera enhancements need to be made on ANY of the Metolious photos…..

There will be one more "trip" in the fall….probably the 1st week of October…..

Had the best sandwitch from the little deli / store (Turkey, lettuce, onions and cranberry sauce on marbled rye bread….and strawberry/watermelon juice to drink….and eating it beside the river….life doesn't get a whole much better.

Even was able to get a couple of Christmas gifts and there was a garage sale where I picked up a
cookbook cupboard for $10.00 with green chippy paint…..It is needing a new "back" as there is just cardboard on it now….but that is an EASY fix …….  Laaarrrryyyyyy.  I have never seen a cupboard like this with many angled shelves inside….. I loved it…..and although I am not sure just where it will end up in the house and with what "in it" I have several good ideas….and will have my mind made up by the time it has been repaired….

My goal for September is to live in the NOW….. I have lost site of that and am entertained with the
anticipation of change……

Enjoy the photos…..

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