I love winter….and not very often do we actually get icicles….but I love them.  You can barely see the rainbow of colors in them from the sun….. but it was beautiful and I am sorry I couldn't capture the colors better…..

Jewelry Set

I have a new blouse that is greens and purple splashes so these beads were perfect to make matching jewelry for it…..

I love these nugget spacer beads ….. my new most favorite from Tierra Cast sold at Etsy Shoppe

Falling Into Winter

As fall begins to bring with it that little bit of nip in the air that tells me that winter is on its way, the days are shorter, the nights longer, hot chocolate instead of lemonade, long pants and socks, all signs of what is to come….  I LOVE winter but for some reason I am really looking forward to winter this year.  Just a feeling,,,,intuition,,,,,call it whatever;  I just feel it is going to be an enjoyable few months.  I have books to read, art to do, journaling, my Etsy shoppe, a trip to Maui in January which was a totally unexpected non frugal decision, a spare bedroom to finish,  having fun with some new recipes, some new quick warm knit/crochet items,  and just enjoying being in the NOW of a seasonal event.   The new altered inks have brought mystery and a feeling of joy to what is a new art form for me and I am totally amazed with the process from start to finish.  I love the colors, the matting, the naming…..and hopefully the "selling" which is the dream of all starving artists' of the world.  

So goodby fall, you were a beauty …. and a slide now into the winter end of 2014.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.