Wise Woman Necklace

I just received these woman beads in the mail that are made in Peru and I could hardly wait to work one up into a necklace.  These will be shorter than what I have been making so that it nestles close to the throat area.  I made this one with a nylon braided cording and some small handmade lamp work beads in 3 different colors.   When I make to sell I will make this length or a tad longer and the buyer will have the ability to  add additional knots or unknot to lengthen or shorten.  I think this is one of my favorite pieces.


Acrylic Paints:       Liquitex
Brushes:                Dynasty Decorative Series and Black Gold

Done on canvas and framed with one I had in my stash......

Love this one.

Sunset (in progress)

North Pole Christmas Sign

My daughter and son in laws' newest sign for the upcoming Holiday Season.  So proud of their entrepreneurial success.

Citra Solv Photo


Wizard Necklaces Cording

These are additional wizard necklaces I made using cording and small handmade lamp work beads.  They are casual pieces perfect for every day.

Handmade Wizard Necklaces

The Wizard focal ceramic bead is one of my favorite pieces.  I just rec'd my order of 4 more and sat down to create some necklaces.   These are 2 of the more elaborate ones.   The bottom one is mine.  Some pieces are just way hard to part with ...  I love the top pink one....the wizard has quite a bit of a dark pink patina so it worked perfect with these pink ice crystal Czech beads.  The bottom one is made using handmade lamp work beads that matched the patina on that Wizard.  The other two are made using the cording, knotted and I added smaller handmade lamp work beads in a bluish color to match the focal bead.  

I really relax and enjoy designing and making one of a kind jewelry items.


Handmade with Love Button(s)

What a neat little addition to add on to, or with your handmade items that you sell or give as gifts.  Just tells everyone that a part of you went into what you have created ......  I sell these on my Etsy site:  
www.artisticrenderings.etsy.com in lots of 3....and they come in two different sizes.  Approximately 15 and 13 mm ....  

Layers Panther Meadow at Mt. Shasta

View from Panther Meadow overlook....how many layers do you count?

Mt. Shasta

This picture does not do justice to the size of Mt. Shasta in California but the different textures was more what I was wanting to capture.   All too soon it will be snow covered and absolutely beautiful.  
The energy, the smells, the feeling of experience.



With each pour I get closer to what I want.
In my swipe mixtures I am using Elmers Glue, Water, and Paint Mixture with no Silicone.    Have made up a Black, White and Beige.  Then in the pour colors I will use the Golden GAC 800 medium.... and the silicone.

 So far I am using the Treadmill Belt Lubricant but I am wanting to try the Hair serum and see how that works.  I have also used Metallic paints a couple of times and need to play with these more to manipulate some webbing....and not add to the pour colors.  Maybe by using the spatula in the black swipe where there are no pour colors;  dipped into the metallic paint, silicone, pour mixture.??

 I am using too much paint so I have to be more observant.  Too wasteful.

Pour #7

I really like the darker colors ....  I also did 2 larger pours with the same mixture and they also turned out really nice but because these were different sizes I decided to show them.  The heart is wood and I laid it in my run off and then torched.  I didn't get a lot of cells but still pretty.  The long skinny one is done on some canvas boards that are handmade with a portrait grade canvas.  The webbing and the thing lines are the metallic color that I used...Dazzling Metallics by Americana DecoArt and on the bigger ones I also did dirty pours but I dipped my spatula in the run off and went into the dark area and created more webbings manually....  It is fun manipulating to see what happens rather than just pouring.....  I also like the colors being thinner....the canvas pieces dry much sooner and because I am not aiming for gloss I don't need thick color.    I think these darker ones will appeal to those who like modern, lean towards black and browns with some neutral colors, industrial chic, and men who want art that is not feminine and colorful but still unique and provoking.

I used 2 blue colors in this pour and they hardly show ... they seemed to get lost ....


A friend gave me a picture of this that she found and I decided to paint it on one of the porcelain lidded boxes that I purchased.  It worked up quickly and I like the way it finished.

Acrylic paints.....JoSonja Irridescent paints for the feather and Americana for the rest.  

I sprayed the lid first with Frosted Glass so I had tooth then finished sprayed with Triple Gloss to bring back the glossy sheen of the porcelain.  

Pour #6

FINALLY am getting more that "I" like....both in colors, a little texture that others may try to avoid, and the finished pieces.  Believe it or not both are done with the same colors only I did a double swipe of black and beige on the bottom one....which really came out interesting.   I was pleased that the colors did not loose their intensity when they were dry and that things pretty much stayed put after the original pour.

Today I got some 12 x 12 Masters Touch canvas panels on sale for 50 percent off  .....  love a buy.
I am anxious to try this size and have my fingers crossed that I don't get a buckle in the middle....

Pour Cuff Bracelet

Tonight when I did a pour and liked the colors I decided to grab one of my chunky, wood bangle bracelets and see what would happen.....and I like it.  The design is different all the way around the bracelet ....  I have it sealed with a semi gloss finish spray which I like much better than gloss ....  back to artists' license and personal preference.

Research Photos

When I posted this photo I suddenly realized what a good research photo it is for painting.  The clouds, tree line, and clouds, not to mention colors.  Also the dimensional look to the painting rather than it being "flat", the laciness of the trees, the faintness of the power lines, the grey in the clouds along with the layers and shapes.  Would also make a unique abstract painting.    The last painting I did was the first time I had worked and liked the effect of the fore ground  and understood how to form rocks, sand, etc. One of those ah ha moments that are fun to experience  .....  The  mounds of sand that could easily be transferred into rocks.  With a little artists license this would / could be a really pretty painting with a lot of learning capabilities.   I am sure people look at some of my photos and go "what the heck was she thinking when she took that picture"  ....   I think artists seem to see things a whole lot differently than others ....

PUZZLED Wood Bracelet and Ring

Tonight I finished my button puzzle wood cuff bracelet and ring set.  That's a mouthful....  I think it is really cute but too large for me as I have a tiny wrist and this one I definitely feel is a large bangle .  I  have to put the ring on a sizer but it also seems big.   Have more cuffs, rings and puzzle pieces so I may decide to make a couple more....but somehow different.    I thought the puzzle buttons were so cute so purchased them about a year ago not knowing just what I would do with them but knew they were too cute to pass up.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.