Pretty Pretty Dandelions

Many people curse the dandelion weed in their beautifully groomed yards so I am thankful that I live rural and can allow mine to grow and enjoy as well as the unique seed wings of the spent dandelion.

Faux Vintage Recycled Glass Tea Light Holders

I have been playing around with Gallery Glass on recycled glass jars. This one is a recycled mayonnaise jar. I have several different ideas in mind so this is the first one. Done in different colors they would be so pretty on a porch or in the yard at night. Different sizes and shapes setting on a railing, table or how about on a spa, swimming pool area, even in a bathroom for a nice, long, relaxing bubble bath.

It is very simple to make these with a Gallery Glass Paint mixture of Clear and Amethyst. I used a 3/4" Mop brush from Dynasty and several coats using a very light stippling technique. I waited for the first coat to dry and then began the other coats which do not need to dry before the next application...this provides the unique texture of the jar. (This definately makes me think of a glass jar that has been aged perfectly by the sun giving the vintage appearance....and yet a lot like sea glass one finds at the beach. ) After these coats were dry I used an application of the Matt Sealer using the same brush and stippling technique.

20 guage wire was used around the jar and for the hanger. These jars can be completed from start to finish in about 4 hours.
Mayonnaise anyone?
I sometimes buy a brand for the bottle.......with art in mind and I save glass jars as I just don't have the heart to throw them away if I can get the labels off. That in itself is a job....
I have some more jars, and several other different colors of Gallery Glass that I want to try out.
So inexpensive and a lot of fun....

Paint Blobs for Painting

I am working on a landscape painting (my own design) and I took a photo of the paint blobs/mixes on my palette and then "blobbed" it with a computer program I have. I helps me to see if the colors I am using are compatable and pleasing. I will shrink and print out this photo for a mixed media "Junque Book" I am going to be working on in the month of June.

There are so many phases of art to encounter, enjoy, play and experiment with. Things that are outside the box, just plain relaxing, informative, etc.

This particular piece would even be pretty enlarged and framed to poster size....
I love painting on unique and different surfaces.

The artist/designer for this piece escapes me but I do know it was from a vintage oil painting book. Although I used the artists' design I used my own palette of colors with Liquitex acrylics which I love doing. It helps me so much in developing my own technique and gives me color mixing practice.

We are fortunate to have a salvage yard here in Bend so this piece was painted on a wainscoating type kitchen cabinet door which I used was already painted white which was perfect. I painted around the inside edge with black which gives a matted appearance to the piece.

When going anywhere so with an artistic eye as to what might be done to "alter" the piece with paint.

I was totally delighted with the way this piece worked up and completed on this delightfully inexpensive surface.

DeLane Lange Design

This is one of my all time favorite designs....which is by DeLane Lange and called "Little Cottage". I purchased the design packet about 8 years ago. R. Kinkaid (Painter of Light) also has a design which is almost identical to DeLanes .... his has large stone (I think) pillar fence posts which is basically the only difference.

I never tire of painting this design and have painted it on various surfaces, and in different sizes. This is the one I did "for me" and it hangs in my eclectic spare bedroom. I love working with other artists' landscape designs using different color palettes, and paints along with techniques I have learned along the way from many different artists. The only pattern for this piece is basically the cottage and the picket fence....the rest is just a freehanded "free for all" that is just magical as it springs forth, and becomes dimensional.

It is a great color mixing piece with various greens and some great stippling practice using several different types of brushes.

Garage Sale Find

I love garage sales; especially when I find a "score". I immediately picked up this framed picture ... basically for the frame but the photo has also been "growing" on me. Around the glass portion of the frame are metal type decorative brads which give the appearance of handsewing.... There are 3 that are missing but it just seems to add to the character of the piece. The wood is so old that it almost looks like worn leather and is a real deep burnt umber with burnt sienna highlights. The backing is a real rough wood and it still has the old time eye hooks with wire for hanging.
The cost .... $1.50.
I have added it to my framed picture collection.

Cherry Blossoms

I have a fruitless cherry tree that is LOADED with blossoms that are ready to POP as soon as our weather warms up and the sun shines...I can hardly wait.

Abandoned Pond

I received a request for a commissioned piece to be done for a mans birthday the beginning of June. I was sent a clip art of a fence post, barbed wire, wheel and cow skull. A lot of artistic license was used in this piece. I am in hopes they will be pleased with the finished canvas. Painted with Liquitex full bodied acrylics on an 8" x 8" portrait grade canvas. I suggested that they try to find a couple of horse shoes and fashion into an easel.

Today we took our house guest to the set of 3 different falls outside of Sisters, OR. This is the earliest I have ever been to the falls and the power of the water was deafening and spectacular. This is one of my favorite shots of the day. The gorgeous blues, the calmness of the water at this particular spot, the mist in the background...a bit of heaven. The walk down and along the river between falls was just about an hour. We made quite a few stops to ponder the beauty, the difference in scenery, etc. It was cool and nice, mustiness of wet wood, moss everywhere of different types, lichen, moss hanging from the tree limbs, pungent earthiness and the magnificent beauty owed only to God. These falls are my favorite "to visit" place and I try to make the trip at least twice a year. Each time I come I am engulfed in serenity..... Photos don't even come close to capturing the beauty.

I have about 4 photos that I am hoping that I can somehow capture on canvas.

Paint what you Love

I learned a long time ago that my best work was what I loved. Be it subject matter, or design.

When my heart was in it, so was my brush and the results seemed to reflect the love. I hardly ever paint what I think will sell or what others may be looking for. I paint for me, price the item to what I would pay for it, and/or submit for publication consideration.

I have also found that if you paint what you love to begin with, and continue onward you will improve your techniques, learn to mix colors to achieve what you are looking for, use different brushes until you find what works, use different brands of paint until you find what seems to work best , and develop your very own technique of painting.

It seems that once you find what works when you branch off ---- it is easier to achieve.

So when I read the phrase Paint what you love and love what you paint I can't help but smile with agreement.

I also am not one "to follow" because "so and so" is doing it. I tried that once about 12 years ago and absolutely hated it...and have never made the mistake a second time. Thank goodness I learned that early also.

If something works for me, and I am liking the results why should I use "something else?" If something is not working for me then yes, I need to make adjustments. I have found that the adjustments may not be what I thought.....It could be attitude, style, technique or the lack of, or ability and not the brush, the paint, the keep this in mind when you are having a

So enjoy what you are doing and try to make your art your own, and not someone elses.


When I saw these gorgeous, bright, orange flowers in the store I KNEW they were going home with cheerful and so CADIUM ORANGE.... I had purchased a rusted rooster plant yard ornament and I knew these would be just perfect..... AND I think my paintbrush might like them also.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.