I feel very thankful tonight as I sit in my warm house, all in one piece, with no devastation anywhere close to relate to the fearsome Sandy storm that has hit the East Coast.  Our family members who reside in Pennsylvania near the New York State border were spared.....lights flickered but none of them have lost power.  Winds were bad but not horrific, and they had a lot of rain....and may eventually get some snow from the storm in the next couple of days.  They were lucky this time.

I cannot even imagine what some of the areas are like, the sorrow of losing a home, a neighbor, family member or friend ....  my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected and effected.

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A photo I took on the way into Bend last week when we were having threats of a storm with a sky full of different types of clouds as if it just couldn't decide what type of weather to produce....


Rumors are started by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots.

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This photo was taken at Drake Park in Downtown of the prettiest parks here.....and gorgeous no matter what the season, or the weather.  A relaxing meditative area.

Neck Scarf

Last year I knit some short, very soft neck scarves with a very simplistic design.  It was not what I really wanted but I was pleased with the results.  Since this time I have been hunting for and finally this past week found a pattern that was exactlywhat I was really looking for ; so I am back to knitting needles in the evening....  

The same garter stitch is done on the edges but in the middle is a really pretty cable which cascades like a vine...and the scarf is the same on both sides so there is no right and/or wrong side to the scarf.  I also learned a neat trick I will HAVE to remember for beginning and ending a row so that it is even and straight....

 Once the knitted portion of cable and garter stitch is done you pick up your crochet hook for a VERY pretty lacey outer portion to the scarf.  The pattern is going to produce some VERY pretty scarfs that I can give as gifts at Christmas.  There are only 28 stitches for the kint portion and every row is the same except for the cable turn row so it is easy, quick, and I can take it with me and not have to tote the pattern as it is easy to remember.  

Now I have to find that perfect pattern for just a lightweight type bolero, shawl, "something" that will keep my shoulders and upper arms warm ......  I just love these little wraps that I am seeing in all of the stores as I browse for Christmas gifts.

 Downstairs I have several different projects I am working on .  A canvas,  my steampunk flowers which are in their final "glue and stamp" stage,  and spools for an online swap that I am NOT real happy with so I have laid it aside.  It seems so nice to be able to move around and work on several different pieces of art.

ORganiZatiOn = Time

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Since becoming more organized I find myself "looking less" and finding quicker so my next step is to
have TO DO lists for the "week".   This allows me a little bit of lee way in what I do each day based upon "life" for that particular day re:  weather, in the house time, etc.

I am keeping a book in my purse so that when I am the one "sitting" waiting I can be doing something constructive during this time instead of reading the only magazine at least 10 times.  I HATE that.

Only by repitition am I going to get a habit so it is wayyyyyy past time for me to start but I feel it is important that I do it will be.

I LOVE trees and this one is such an interesting one and one I will probably incorporate somewhere along the line into an acrylic canvas painting....  It has a nice composition, I love that it looks dimensional,  that there is a lot of negative space and the "leafing".....   This will be a fun tree....

10/30 Today I began a painting using this tree as the center of interest.  It is being painted on a long, thin canvas and I am enjoying the fact that I feel comfort in piddling with this piece.    I put in a couple of clouds using artistic license......and will be adding some atmospheric interest.   I am using several different "types" of brushes and am anxious to see what works the best for the effect(s) I want to achieve.    Till tomorrow...

Whimsical Village Domino Necklace/Bracelet

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This is the necklace and bracelet I completed tonight which showcases the next design series which I will be working on.  The necklace is a domino, and the bracelet is a wood bead.  I have used handmade lamp work beads, and some handmade wood beads made by my son in law.  This kinda reminded me of "The Three Little Pigs" so I went with wood, glass, and you will see the silver beads kinda looked like brick.  Once I have finished the line and they are on their way  back East I will put this set on Ebay for sale.  

I thought this might be a "cute series" for November and I have to "think" about Decembers series.

Mixed Media Domino Jewelry

This necklace is from my second series of Domino jewelry called Paris Fashion and this was one of my favorite designs so I decided to work it up into a more fashionable necklace.

I used Red Sea sediment Jasper,  seed beads and swarowski crystals.  The clasp is pretty but is 
strong and secure.  I have used 3 different types of spacer beads and the domino collage has had 2 coats of a finish sealer.  

It is listed for sale on my Etsy site in vendor artisticrenderings.


Every year more trees are getting into the "picture" by producing fire like  fall foliage.  I am pretty sure that whenever trees are planted ones which will "participate" in the October swing of things....  The only trees which stay green are the pines....

Who would ever think there could be so much orange, red, yellow and off shades that are this vibrant and beautiful.

Thrift Stores / New Treasures / Ideas

Thrift stores have been opening up all over our town and so I have been trying to find time to get to the 
"new ones" as well as those which are my most favorite.

Last week in one of the new ones I found these glasses and was so excited when the clerk told me they were $2.00.  I couldn't believe my luck and I am anxious to begin "altering them".  I know what I "think" I want to do but I know that things have a "way" of changing once I start the process.   The lens portion is on a hinge and they flip up or down...

Today I was able to go to another new one and found some nice large;  but not deep tins,  for a quarter as well as small bags of vintage buttons, and children's Simplicity patterns all for the same price.  I use the tins for storage in my studio using my trusty Dynamo labeler to identify the contents.  

There were several wooden yardsticks in the store and I picked them up....but set them back down as I had no inkling of what I could do with them until I got home and my husband was standing in my studios doorway looking at the door casing.....  I had my one wooden yardstick hanging and he was saying we needed to so something about the doorway, at which time he removed the yardstick and laid it where the areas were that needed "help".  Little did he know he had just discovered my "type" of a solution......out of the box, different, eclectic, etc.    Tomorrow on the way to get his MRI we will stop and purchase the yardsticks (and I HOPE they are still there) and I will have a neat artistic solution to the problem.....   They will be nailed over the bad area and will work just perfect.  I think that I will stain and varnish them before we put them up.....  With the nail gun it will be a simple, quick job.  I love how things sometimes just seem to happen....maybe because it is not a normal solution?  

Lately I have been able to find items in my "look for" book that I keep in my purse along with the color swatches of the colors used....  There are easily over a dozen places between thrift and consigment stores. 


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OH MY GOODNESS but our leaves are GORGEOUS this year.   The colors are vivid, some trees have mixed colors, and it is just an artists' dream.   I have been taking my camera with me every time I go to town so I have some really gorgeous "shots" thanks to Mother Nature.

Jewelry Line

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This is Edition #1 of  a line of jewelry I am hoping will "attract" those wanting something that is not mass produced....but hand made.  There are approximately 20 designs per "set or series" and I will be making pins and necklaces with the designs.

  I love the way these first ones turned out so I wanted to "share".... making one for my closest friends and family members.    I chose each design based on something that reminded me of the person I was making the pin for  ie:  color of hair, stance, dress, expression on face, or a personality trait that some how "came through" in the design.  So each one has been personally handmade and chosen especially for the recipient.

These jewelry pieces will be going to the Boutique Gallery back East and if I have extra I will list them on Etsy.

I have a design series that will be coming up in May or June of 2013 at which time I will be adding another item to the jewelry line as the designs are appropriate for male or female, are quirky, artistic, and FUN.

School Bus yellow of an Oregon Pine and Aspens

This tree in yellow is a pine tree that Michelle and Chris have at the end of their driveway.  It turns color in the fall
and then sheds all of its needles.  In the spring/summer of next year it will be a pine tree again and the needles will be just as soft as soft can be, even though they look sharp and prickly.   This is the first time I have been able to "catch it"
in its' fall splendor so I was delighted.  The other yellow limb is an aspen and in the middle of their circular drive
is a grove of yellow aspens where the deer feed on a regular

basis.  Today there were about 14 female deer (doe) but she says she has had as many as 16.  They love their outside pets and living in nature.  

Fall Festival in Bend, Oregon

The Fall Festival of the Arts outdoor, yearly "event" was last weekend.  I went looking for Xmas presents and also to see if maybe there would be someone there who was a rug maker.

I was delighted to find a woman from a town nearby who made the one that now resides in my room.  She uses Pendelton blanket remnants for her pieces.  The rug I chose is a nice size ad the colors were just perfect.... and adds a bit more pizazz....  Now I have to look for a bright colored round pillow for my chair.....

The rug is a good inch thick and she has loomed it so there are nice even stitches where the strips go together.  

Today was one of the not as nice but much needed weather day here in Bend, with some beautiful soft rainshowers..... 

This picture was taken from my porch to our neighbors across the street and viewing the "fire like" appearance of our neighbors maple in all its' splendor.  I marvel at the appearance of the blazing colors of fall here and always look forward to the seasonal changes.

Easel Bust

My easel (vintage;  purchased at a garage sale) and my bust were two big items that were hard to "place" in my room so I have combined them into "a piece" that fits and is fun until I get the bust figured out to make my lamp......  The back is open and the top of the easel fit nicely inside.

I have started my Wintery Spool design for a swap coming up and am pulling out a lot of stops and really going out of my comfort zone with this one using materials I have wanted to try, and things I have wanted to do.   I am using a long vintage spool, roc lon, paints, and bit and pieces of nature.

Working in the newly decorated room is comforting, calm, and I could very easily live down there.  Now all I have to do is find a working CD player for a bit of music.

Believe and Chair

This is a rectangular crocheted doily that I have used to adorn the top of one of my chairs downstairs.  I had these 3 large vintage buttons and liked the wrong side better than the front side so to be different this is the way I used them....wrong side out.  I loosely sewed the buttons on so that the doily  would stay in place better.  I like the vintage eclecticness.


BELIEVE is a very powerful word.  I have decided that it will be my word of the month for October.  Every day I am going to live in believe.

I am actually going to incorporate the word into a spool swap for one of the Yahoo groups I belong to.... and although it is to have a wintery appearance there is no reason that it couldn't be used all year long...the way it will be completed from my artists' perspective.

So believe this week.

Stove Safety

It is time for me to go upstairs and think about making "something" for supper.  The fireplace caught my eye and I remembered the old red metal bed frame that Larry picked up at a garage sale and right in front of the stove was a "neat" place to set the footboard portion.  It is just the right height and seems to kinda finish off that corner....

I guess you might say now that the basic painting is done and the room put together what happens from here on will be those "finishing touches"....  I want to paint a huge paintbrush on one wall...and some paint splatters on another.  As I do things I will post a photo.  The big need is  looking for something to use as a window covering,  (but very sheer) where the drafting table is for painting , beneath the double window.  


Although my studio is 95% done I am in and working in it.......and I am LOVING it; I can already tell it is going to be a daily work in progress as I hone in.  The aches and frustrations have been fruitful and I can tell this is just going to be the neatest room to sit and read, watch tv and create.  What a difference a coat of paint and some rearranging can do.  I weeded out a lot and have more to do (behind me as I take these pictures).   

Since I took these photos I have added a vintage footstool from a shoe shop, matted and framed one of my pictures and  moved a couple of items around....

I purchased the paint/supplies, the hutch, and a chair.  Everything else either changed places or was brought down or removed to another room in our house so financially it was "reasonable"....

Now I have to decide what I want to do/work on first.  I have the mixed media piece in progress so I guess I will grab a canvas and see what I can come up with.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.  I LOVE my room.

Lip Gloss Sliding Tin Altered Art

Copyright 10/12    DP
I have to admit that creating mixed media pieces seems to allot me the most freedom of creativity as just about anything goes....  This was a lip gloss tin with a sliding top....and can also be used to hold Moo business cards.  This was a lot of fun and I am sure I will be doing some more. 

When doing an altered art piece such as this one I rarely make 2 the same so from my studio you are receiving a one of a kind piece.
 This too is on its way to the Pennsylvania store.

Initial Rings

Yesterday I rec'd the ring blanks and was delighted with the quality, the fact that the adjustable portion is beneath the top of the ring beneath the focal, and the pad was just the perfect size to allow the typewriter key to slide down and sit on it for easy glueing.  These are on their way to the Pennsylvania store.  

Studio Update / Fall in Oregon

The vibrancy of reds, yellows and oranges here in the High Desert of Oregon almost hurts your eyes.  A beautiful season of the year....with red and green being 2 of my favorite colors.

I spent about 5 hours downstairs working in my room today and I can see the floor...  I have whittled everything down to about 5 containers I have to go through and then I am going to take a rest before I do some of the touch up work, some bits of wall painting I want to do,,,, think about a window treatment, etc.  I LOVE the way it looks so it won't be long until I can begin to take some photos.  I think I might start with some of the Tidbits or Accessories....then do room shots.

I have a painting area, and 2 areas that could be used for any of my other hobbies.  My sewing machine is down there and set up/or it can be moved.  I have a real skinny double drop leaf table that slid right into a small area which if needed can be pulled out and set up.  I have plenty of chairs as I am a BIG chair the shapes so mine are vintage and each different.   I took the big beautiful slab of wood that I purchased at a swap meet and my husband put it up low as a shelf so that the beauty can be seen.  Very little is on the shelf....  I love it.

I had a smaller twisted, knarled piece of wood that I purchased at the same time I bought the large piece so it is on one of the tables and I am going to do a mixed media piece with it.  Have been putting different items on the table that I think "might" work.  On the other table are my Steampunk Flowers for their next step so I am going to be "busy"; and have actually set my alarm for "early" in my terms...
of what early "is".  I have never been, and never will be an early morning person.

The room seems SO much larger now....and more inviting.  Running around in my mind is an idea for some of the women in my area down here who might want to all get together and spend one afternoon together doing whatever they want.... maybe work on Christmas gifts for friends/family members, learn something new, etc.  To find a day that "works" will be crazy so I am just going to pick a day and say "this is it" if you can come great, if you can't maybe you can arrange something so you can and if you can't maybe you can in the future.  Just a thought....but I think tomorrow I will work up some invitations.  I think there are about 5-6 who might be interested which would be great and a nice number.

My husband is glad his part is done...helping put up shelves....molding, etc.  God bless him.  He is the Best.

Studio Photos

I am far from "done" but the room is progressing and every day I see that I am getting closer to being done with the organizational part.  Then it will be to finish the touch up painting,  get rid of more things....think about some type of a curtain or window dressing for the window.... get my "sitting chairs" down there, vacuum, etc.  

The wall looks read but if you look at the lamp base you can see that the wall is almost a Rookwood Red, or Red Iron Oxide...and it makes the room so warm and cozy....  I love it.  I have been putting artwork up, etc.  I wanna CREATE so I will go down again tomorrow and hope maybe I will have an open floor and everything in its place.  I have enjoyed the slow pace even though I have been anxious to finish....  It has been awhile since I redid a room like it has been fun as well as aching.. yet worth the efforts.

I might decide to take photos when I am done and put them in my picture trail site....I will let everyone know.  

Another beautiful day ....


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.