Studio Photos

I am far from "done" but the room is progressing and every day I see that I am getting closer to being done with the organizational part.  Then it will be to finish the touch up painting,  get rid of more things....think about some type of a curtain or window dressing for the window.... get my "sitting chairs" down there, vacuum, etc.  

The wall looks read but if you look at the lamp base you can see that the wall is almost a Rookwood Red, or Red Iron Oxide...and it makes the room so warm and cozy....  I love it.  I have been putting artwork up, etc.  I wanna CREATE so I will go down again tomorrow and hope maybe I will have an open floor and everything in its place.  I have enjoyed the slow pace even though I have been anxious to finish....  It has been awhile since I redid a room like it has been fun as well as aching.. yet worth the efforts.

I might decide to take photos when I am done and put them in my picture trail site....I will let everyone know.  

Another beautiful day ....

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