New Etsy Items / Studio Update

I have several new items which I will be listing on Etsy over the weekend.  This is a Lisa P. stamp that can be used for rubber stamping or for clay imprints.  The impressions are deep and intricate providing a nice clear and clean design transfer.

I have added two new items in the spin ring and the micro crystal dust inclusions.  I am anxious to try these.

My studio is about 75% done and I have been able to move storage items into place, begin to put things away, think about items to make the room warm and homey..... and see what items I can get rid of, what I need and what I want to do first.  I feel MUCH more organized .... and it is a good feeling.  I have a couple of areas I am "stumped on" but I will work through  I love that a vase with some sticks in them make a wonderful "shadow" image on my wall up near the ceiling....maybe the medium shade of the paint has provided this capability?   Although I didn't like the transition of colors as I had originally wanted I am really pleased with the 2 colors that I have used on the walls.   I am hoping that I feel good enough tomorrow that I can get more done and maybe even be able to paint a little bit....I have really missed the peace of mind it seems to bring to help with coping mechanisms.

Have a great weekend everyone and hopefully on Monday I will have some Studio finished photos for you.

Create some fun...

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