I sell a 2 part molding compound in my Etsy shop and last week I decided I needed to try the product out on an idea that was forming.......

The blue is the mold I made.  The white is the polymer clay piece it produced...and exactly what I had in mind.

Now for the next step..............

But the compound is great.  Easy mixing.  Non toxic.  and BEST OF about 4-5 minutes in your mold is ready to use.....  I can think of SO many things I want to mold..


Handpainted Wood Cell Phone Stand

In the newest Edition of Painting World magazine there are 3 feather designs by Kelly Hoering.  This is one of them I have used as inspiration and painted a small little cell phone stand.  (I had to reduce the pattern to fit the surface.)    For some reason I am into feathers so I have 3 more stands to paint....and then work on some other feathery things that I will be listing in my Etsy shop....  "Spring Feather Fling" one of a kind items.  You may see similar but it is very doubtful you will see same.  This was painted using Liquitex professional grade paints and Dynasty's dry brushes in their Decorator Series. finish coated for durability and just a delightful, little, useful piece.    Thanks Kelly, this was fun.  Now to decide what color the next feather stand will be.  Teal and white on black..hmmmmm.

New Jewelry 2/2017

Deer Antlers, Tribal Beads, Handmade Lampwork and Handmade Organite Focal.  Waxed Cord  Called "Boho Natives"

Beach Stones, Swarowski Spacers, Chain necklace
called "Balance"

Handmade bracelet for a customer.  Swaroski crystals, and Pink Czech Pink Beads along with 5 Handmade Lampwork Beads.
Called  "Hollywood"
This is another Balance done with Handmade ceramic beads and the focal piece is made from center drilled sea glass from Russia.

This bracelet matches and will go with the first necklace above as a set. Trade beads from Ethiopia once again on a waxed cording.

Winter 3 Fingered Jack in Bend Oregon

This is a painting I am doing from a photo of 3 Fingered Jack ... part of the Cascade Mountain Range in Bend, OR.

This is stage #1.

Have the very back of the mountain to do and then the bare trees and evergreens to the very front.  So far I have used just 2 colors of paint and will introduce some green for the pines and some brown for the tree trunks and limbs so don't anticipate using more than 4-5 colors.  I am using Matisse and Liquitex paints for this one.   Brushes are from the Dynasty Decorator Series line with smaller Foliage Wave brush, and the Debbie Mitchell Stippler brush as well as other dry brushes in the Dynasty Decorator Series in different sizes.   I question whether I could have painted this far if I didn't have the brushes mentioned....this has been a fun self challenge.

Will post as I progress forward.  


I really enjoy painting shoes, boots, etc.  Thought I would jazz these up a bit....and am looking forward to no snow so I can wear them.........


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.