These are 4 new stamps that are "on their way" to me designed by Lisa Pavelaka.   Aren't they great?  The first one is wings,
the second is cloodlettes, stamp 3 is Tumbling Blocks and the last one which is MY favorite is Illusions....  Awesome and I can hardly wait to use them.....  I am hoping to get them and have them on my Etsy site by this weekend....the first weekend in November.....2013.  

Get your holiday hat on and think how you can use one of these new designs in your creativity.....

Email me to
Be the first in your group to have one or all of these stamp.


Handmade Christmas Presents

Tonight I finished 3 handmade lampwork items which I am going to be making for Christmas gifts  and to sell.

The first piece is an Ipad stylis.  The tip is a lightweight rubber and I have added 5 large handmade lampwork beads.  They are a dark green and silvered ivory.  The spacer beads are "large hole" made by Tierra Cast and sold by Dragynsfyre on Etsy.

And photo #2.  A neat gift for the man or woman who likes beer and here in micro brew country and so many different types of beer in a bottle this item is a personalized item also.  The lampwork is
handmade barrel beads in a beige and silvered ivory and is more masculine than feminine so it is perfect for the man in your life

Photo #3 is a item that holds your keys and makes them easier to your purse.  Just tuck the beaded portion on the outside of a zipper pocket with the beads over the edge (as seen below) that they are easy to grasp....with the keys inside and zipper zipped.  Helps being able to find your keys quickly in your purse.

  Since I have a wristlet that I use for my keys I am using the hook to attach to the zipper to help me unzip with fingers which don't work as well as they "used to".  3 handmade lampwork beads in light and dark blue are so pretty.....and Tierra Cast spacer beads were once again used.

The cost of the items will depend upon how many beads, size, spacers used and how many.

I have been stashing a lot of lampwork I have purchased through the years so I have a nice little supply to go to.......

Candace in Living Color

First of all inspirations for the Zentangle designs which I have been doing is from the book Zenspirations Dangle Designs and the author is Joanne Fink.   If you cannot locate the book let me know and I will order some to sell.....  Great book.

Last night I started and finished this Zentangle relaxing.  After I was done I used the Glamour dust paints and it just seemed to come alive.....  I gave the black and white and the colored one to Candace this evening and she was as excited with the black and white as she was with the I guess "no color" is also an option.......  FUN....

I have used the portrait grade canvas and left it smooth.  I used Micron and Sharpie pens (Micron Sakuras have different sized nibs) and then when I was all done I used the Americana Glamour Dust paints and I am just thrilled with the way it turned out.   I have some ceramic tag Christmas Ornamens and I am wondering how HO HO HO would look, or maybe the word Santa....  These would look great on so many different surfaces.......  And by the way the black matt was a package of 2 that I picked up at the Dollar Tree a few months ago....too good a buy to pass out and they are textured and really nice.....

Give your mind a a hanging tangle....  And for some reason.....when I do this I think of circus and clowns....strange.... but aren't most artists' a little less ordinary??

I tried the canvas' that I had prepainted a color for different backgrounds  and with the pens it isn't something I would recommend as the points on the pens are sharp so they pull up paint and clog the flow....the felt tip pens should work good though so keep these in mind....or acrylic paints.  I would use Americana on these.  Cardstock background pieces are available in a 5 x 7 size and if one could find a book of soft backgrounds these also might look great with the Dangles.....  AND how about doing this for your yearly Chrismas Cards?   

Try'll like it... and thanks so much Joanne for a WONDERFUL book.....a real inspiration to one just giving it that first try as I did.   When I find artists I love for whatever reason, you will find I scream their praises....but if I don't like I have a tendency to say that too.....which others find offensive.  Sometimes trying to be truthful is not the easiest of things to do.....and I hate to see people waste their money on something.....

Christmas Valley, Oregon Sand Dunes

 Here are 3 photos of sand that I took while ATV riding this past weekend (I feel as if I have been in a rock tumbler).  The photos were taken at 3 different places there and show quite a difference in texture, elements, and wind design.

Zenspiration Dangling Names "Hung out to Dry"

I purchased the very first Zentangle book that was published because I loved the concept of Zentangles but found it didn't help me do much of anything but frustrate me so my interest wanned.

Then I saw the book Zenspiration Dangles and I was once again motivated but just never seemed to get around to it....

This past weekend we went camping and so I took what I thought I would need.......only to find that the colored pens were all dry..... so I was forced to use the only pen that worked which was White....but it did what I needed it to do.....just in black and white.   LOVED IT....  I did my own "thing"....  used some of the dangles that were in the book but I can see that it is pretty much up to the artist to do....and I decided I wanted to do Dangles using the persons least for this "round" .....  which was something that may be in one of the Zentangle books but since I don't have any but the 2 mentioned,,,, I feel it might be (or not be) my idea.....   I  feel that Zentangles should definately be related to the person doing and receiving....and so it is a "wing it and have fun" art technique that is personal.   I feel that "Hung out to Dry" pretty much says it all.........

Now that I am "home" I have rounded up colored pens from different "stash areas" and I have basecoated  two 5" x 7" portrait grade hand wrapped canvas panels.  One I painted a light aqua blue and the other is black and I am now really ready......  and anxious to see how things go with pens and canvas and of course I am going to be using other "things"..... one of which will be the Glamour Dust paints by Americana which I LOVE and try to use on just about everything I do if applicable and I am also going to try using glass and the Gallery Glass paints.... and maybe even some mixed media/altered art techniques..... I bet those will be pretty.  (It is going to be fun to see what "develops)    These might be Xmas gifts for friends and family as I think they will look awesome framed.....and maybe after the holidays I will take on some custom orders.  

I learned a lot from just what I did so this time (and I will do CANDACE again)  so it should run a bit smoother.  It is sooooo relaxing...and addictive you don't want to stop and it felt great.  A massage for the mind.....  

******* Excuse the lousy photo but for some reason even though I cropped the photo it shows not cropped on my blog .....must be something in the air tonight....

Perspectively Speaking

This is a photo I took over the weekend and I thought it might be of some interest ....

The farther away the telephone poles the closer they are together and the smaller they become......  the same with the yellow dotted line which disappears at the crest of the hill in the road.....

The road disappears at the horizon line...and look how big the road is closet to you.....the WHOLE width of the picture.

Follow these same rules when you draw or paint a path, stream, creek, road,  guard rails, fences, etc....  I love photos like this that can be used for reference material.  A camera is one of my best "tools"......


As usual I get so excited to start some pieces that I forget to take a before and after..... so this is a semi before.  The statue was bronze colored when it was gifted to me...and the arm was broken off (which I have) but it i minus a I am going to work with this as is.

Just about the time I received this; on a group I belong to I had just signed up for a shrine challenge so this will be my piece.

I just finished painting it with Copper .... which actually is copper and will allow me to do a patina or "patinas"... as if it were SOLID metal. (The company also makes the product in several other metals).  I have also painted the eyes in green and for the second coat I used the Americana Moss Glamour Dust paints because I want the statues eyes to follow its recipient in a room......  There was some wear and tear that wasn't attractive on the black base so I have also painted it black using acrylic paints.

We are leaving tomorrow for 3 days so this will give me "time" to ponder..

I think that I am going to use Swarowski Flat crystals, I have some copper chains, and a cigar box that is really colorful that I "might" utilize.

Things most generally change as I start...  The shrine has to be done by the 30th of December but I cannot procrastinate and I think that I will
show the progression to this piece in this particular blog post so it is kinda in steps so if you are interested...check this particular post periodically......

I LOVE a challenge ..... sometimes.

SESSION I. Photo, snow, mountain, sky, fog and Painting?

Copyright  10-2013    Diana Putnam

Headed towards Sisters which is due West of Bend......  BRRRRR but BEAUTIFUL.  Winter,
at least in the past....tends to be dry...  so it is a good time of year for me healthwise.

I have a new winter painting  "in progress" but it won't necessarily "look" like this.  Photos just help me with colors, angles, a detail or two, cloud formations, haze/fog, many things come through in a picture.


My FAVORITE color to use for winter skies, mountains, snow, etc. is PAYNES GREY and is one of my palette colors.   I brush mix with Antique White and will sometimes add yellow, red, or orange  for sunrise/sunset.  

I use smaller than normal brushes and most generally will do x strokes randomly to the horizon line,  sometimes blending...sometimes not.   I also like using dry brushes for skys using small amounts of paint in an up and down circular motion.   Choppier strokes that are not blended well with give the appearance of wind, breeze, motion in the sky.  

With both techniques/brushes I use a towel to wipe off excess paint....not very often do I wash my brush... 

My touch is light...I don't use very much pressure with the brush... and I prefer soft bristles.  If you are new to my favorite brushes are Black Gold/Dynasty brushes and my favorite canvas' are handmade portrait grade canvas boards....
One of my favorite "accents" in as many paintings as possible is the use of Americana Glamour Dust Paints...I thought they would be the same as applying clear over the color...but there is a big difference....Just the right amount of glitter is in a bottle...and it is IMHO totally awesome in winter paintings....  There are many times when you go out in the winter and breathe in and you can feel the ice crystals in hour nose..... and if the light hits just right....oh my goodness....the sparkle, the magic.
The fog that sometimes accompanies snow.... the low clouds, etc.  As you add the details the painting just seems to come alive, a shiver of cold....

I do clouds/fog in winter especially using the dry brush in a circular motion.... and I wipe nearly ALL of the paint off my brush on the towel....and I work from the inside to the outside with just  the lightest of touches..... With fog I work from the center the darkest light area that needs the color more...
reducing pressure even more when at any of the edges of a cloud/mist, etc.

Also the sky color should be the darkest at the top, right and left with the center "area of interest" being the lightest......  And look at clouds for the silver lining that is in some cloud formations....   Maybe some time along the blogline I will remember to show you how to do a silver lining...thanks to the wonderful teachings of Jerry Yarnell.... If anyone EVER gets a chance to attend one of his seminars/classes do not hesitate...he is one of the best teachers I have come across...  I have learned so much from this Artist.

SO...try some Paynes Grey and Antique White... (I use Liquitex and I have noticed that there is a big different in this color between brands ie:  Americana, Traditions, Delta.  So if you are going for "color"
I would use Liquitex...


Dairy Queen Bend Oregon

I would say that 90% of the bushes here in Bend that have been planted are either red or yellow.  These are planted along the "Enter" drive into our local Dairy Queen.....and of course I had to have a medium vanilla cone.....  So fall colors are high, low and everywhere.

Linda Travalent Lammergeler on Etsy

Copyrights   10-2013  

Linda resides in Albany Park, NJ and her jewelry is an artistic interpretation of nature.  These two pairs of earrings are her newest designs using the rubber stamps I sell.  She has just used a portion of the stamp for these.  There are several artists who have designed stamps...Helen and Mark Breil from Canada and Lisa Palvelka from Ill.

You can see/purchase other pieces of Lindas'  work by going to

Gorgeous work Linda.........

Monday Hunt

After making notes on items I would need for the Edison first stop was the Army Surplus store which didn't have what I needed....but had had it in the past  BUT  I did get some neat nylon cording, some small buckles, tiny glass capped bottles, patches and some lacing.  From there I tried a couple of Hunting Stores and ended up with only a couple of peacock feathers but I love them and will use.  My last stop was JoAnnes where I got some poster board to make some patterns, felt piece in a pretty brown and sage green, some colored pipe cleaners, and a grommet tool and grommets along with some very glittery green heavy scrapbooking paper.....  So now to do my pattern.....this is not going to be easy...I THOUGHT I had it all figured out....but after two hours of fiddling tonight I haven't progressed to far.....  The idea is what I think a good one so I just have to keep thinking, and trying....I am not one to give up...buuuutttttt......

When you are shopping and see something unusual, unique, etc. PICK IT UP..... because when you go back to get it.....GONE.....

Sunday Muse

Tonight as I was ponderings some more on the Edison light bulb candle holders (See below post/photo) that are "in process" waiting fo rme to decide what the next step was going to be.  My daughter gave me her idea and since it was super neat.....I am going with it.  A little challenge of sorts.  Someone elses idea ....  and I get to do it however I want....what could be more fun that this?

I found myself going to Pinterest for some eye candy.  I knew approximately what I was looking for so I knew I could skim pretty quickly.  I just needed something to see how I could put one together without sewing......what I wanted mine to look like, etc.    Tomorrow I will stop at the Military Surplus store to look for what I need.....  This to me is the most is kinda like a mini little treasure hunt...and I love that I am learning where to go for what.....and since my memory is not as good as it "used" to be I have everything jotted down, ideas of what materials to look for and where....alternatives, colors, embellishments, etc.  I don't ever go "this far" with a put in on paper with notes but  I think it is going to work Geeeereat.....

Have a great week everyone.

Turkey Track Fall

Copyright 10-13    Diana Putnam
My sister from Pennsylvania sent me a photo "close" to how this was painted in acrylics by "me".  I have played with the design, colors, etc for quite a while....some things just done't come "easy".... and the simpliest of paintings sometimes are the hardest....  I have just a few changes that I want to make before I can "deem" it finished.

I am a paint as I go artist which is a lot of fun....  I mark in a horizon line and maybe a couple of details and then just go for it.  I color mix my paints using a dirty brush so I can give the colors I used in the Liquitex brand but the rest is done by the artist.....YOU.  Even if I repainted this design myself it would look different and I would make changes along the way....  I can recommend brush sizes and types (99% being Black Gold Dynasty brushes) but even these are artist choice.  What works for me may not for anyone else as is determined by surface size, and learned personal techniques.  I always struggled with brush size and brand when I was I use what works for me...which is the way it should be.....never locked in to what the original artist might use or say.  The only time I "technique out" is when I am "stuck" ....

So branch out (no pun intended) and do your own might be REAL surprised at "what happens"...

So a turkey track fall to everyone....  (Turkey tracks is the name of a short cut road that links two towns together in PA and is called that because it is a one lane road that is maintained but makes you go slow and enjoy the scenery...........

Liquitex:  Black, Soft White, Titanium White, Cadium Red, Cadium Orange, Cadium Yellow, Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, Baltic Green and French Blue Grey.

Brushes:  Liner, Angle, Filbert (for leaves) Foliage Waves, Dry Brushes, and flats.

Canvas:   5 x 7 Portrait grade hand wrapped canvas board...

Personal:  Time, patience and perserverance

Red and Green

Red and green together are favorite colors with some beige thrown in for a neutral so it is kinda neat to have red and green peppers on the windowsill over my sink which just creates a little fall scene.  We had a freeze so I had to bring inside the produce that did not have time to "ripen" on the vine.   I hope that the green peppers don't change to red ... 

The hot little harvest can remain there for indefinately ....  3 of the really crinkled and wrinkled peppers are from last years "crop"....  Just a fun little "thing" to do.  Brings a smile, and seems as if I always stop and turn them....see how they are drying...look for soft spots, hang if needed.....and feel the texture of the skin....  When I went to an artists' home here in Bend right after Xmas she had used artificial peppers as Christmas tree ornaments as it went so well in the turquoise and yellow room.....  Poppy color toned down by her use of art to subdue the colors ..... and yet transform her work.  

I have never done my own still life piece so I may need to rearrange a bit different and a couple of more elements for a "different texture" one that is soft and subtle....and maybe frame with a bright yellow... 
Hmmmmm....another "to do" ???

Have a spicy weekend.

Awesome Edison Candleholders

This is just the beginning, but they look so NEAT just as they are.  I fell in love with the concept immediately when I saw them in one of last  months'  magazines while sitting in the Dr's office waiting to "be seen".

Fortunately I was able to find 3 of the Edison light bulbs on Etsy and rec'd them yesterday.  Today they got their "bath" and "glue" as I inserted them into the candlesticks.

Today one of Larry's friends brought me a 4th lightbulb ( I had purchased 4 candlestick holders) he will get one of it how it is right now or how it turns out....I wonder which he will choose.

 In the magazine they showed butterflys which were attached to the lightbulbs some how....  Mine will be winter.....  I have nothing concrete in mind but I am hoping to find time tomorrow to work on them.  The set of 3 is neat as the candlestick holders are all a different height and the bases different shapes.......the bulbs are all the same size.

I love the freedom that mixed media provides to an artist....

October 1,2013

This ole' truck is close to the road at the beginning of our driveway and one of my favorite picture taking "sites".  

Today I got a picture of the Japanese Maple that my husband planted in the back of his
favorite truck.....and we leave the skeleton driver in all year long..... he causes a rucus a lot of days....

Plenty of color here in Bend this time of year and I LOVE it..... Every season I say it is my favorite so I guess I am a pretty happy camper here in the Northwest.  Don't even mind the chill in the air.

My husband told me that the winter birds "came in" today and our driveway seemed to be their "landing" area.  That means that snow is not too far off in the future for us....

Happy October to everyone......


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.