Sunday Muse

Tonight as I was ponderings some more on the Edison light bulb candle holders (See below post/photo) that are "in process" waiting fo rme to decide what the next step was going to be.  My daughter gave me her idea and since it was super neat.....I am going with it.  A little challenge of sorts.  Someone elses idea ....  and I get to do it however I want....what could be more fun that this?

I found myself going to Pinterest for some eye candy.  I knew approximately what I was looking for so I knew I could skim pretty quickly.  I just needed something to see how I could put one together without sewing......what I wanted mine to look like, etc.    Tomorrow I will stop at the Military Surplus store to look for what I need.....  This to me is the most is kinda like a mini little treasure hunt...and I love that I am learning where to go for what.....and since my memory is not as good as it "used" to be I have everything jotted down, ideas of what materials to look for and where....alternatives, colors, embellishments, etc.  I don't ever go "this far" with a put in on paper with notes but  I think it is going to work Geeeereat.....

Have a great week everyone.

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