Turkey Track Fall

Copyright 10-13    Diana Putnam
My sister from Pennsylvania sent me a photo "close" to how this was painted in acrylics by "me".  I have played with the design, colors, etc for quite a while....some things just done't come "easy".... and the simpliest of paintings sometimes are the hardest....  I have just a few changes that I want to make before I can "deem" it finished.

I am a paint as I go artist which is a lot of fun....  I mark in a horizon line and maybe a couple of details and then just go for it.  I color mix my paints using a dirty brush so I can give the colors I used in the Liquitex brand but the rest is done by the artist.....YOU.  Even if I repainted this design myself it would look different and I would make changes along the way....  I can recommend brush sizes and types (99% being Black Gold Dynasty brushes) but even these are artist choice.  What works for me may not for anyone else as is determined by surface size, and learned personal techniques.  I always struggled with brush size and brand when I was learning....now I use what works for me...which is the way it should be.....never locked in to what the original artist might use or say.  The only time I "technique out" is when I am "stuck" ....

So branch out (no pun intended) and do your own thing....you might be REAL surprised at "what happens"...

So a turkey track fall to everyone....  (Turkey tracks is the name of a short cut road that links two towns together in PA and is called that because it is a one lane road that is maintained but makes you go slow and enjoy the scenery...........

Liquitex:  Black, Soft White, Titanium White, Cadium Red, Cadium Orange, Cadium Yellow, Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, Baltic Green and French Blue Grey.

Brushes:  Liner, Angle, Filbert (for leaves) Foliage Waves, Dry Brushes, and flats.

Canvas:   5 x 7 Portrait grade hand wrapped canvas board...

Personal:  Time, patience and perserverance

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