Pinecone Flowers

My husband (which was a surprise) called me to come outside and bring my camera because he had something to show me…. that it was nature and he hadn't ever seen it…..

These photos just don't show the vibrancy of these pine cone beginnings…..  This weeping pine tree is about 3 years old and this is the first time we have seen these or the actual full grown pine cones….

Tomorrow I will go out and try to get some additional photos which may show better color….  The tree is loaded with these delightful cones, different sizes and colors.

Painting Altered Art

I have been seeing this statue in a lot of different forms, shapes, colors, etc. so I decided I wanted to see what I might do….. and since I was working on a serenity area… neat would this piece be???

The only surface I had that was the size I felt I needed was a barrel stave so I decided it would be a start as I worked with some colors, shade and highlight colors, etc. and found I like the finished piece and already know where my next one is headed….and will also be done on a barrel stave until I come up with something different.  I want this blown up and I am thinking it would be great painted on the wall……  interesting concept and I am pretty sure it is going to "happen"….  I love the Japanese writing that is on one of the papers worked into the piece, the swarovski crystals in copper and the wiring I did…..  I am pretty sure it is done….  Have an email in to a vendor who does handwrapped canvas onto board with extra fine portrait grade canvas hoping he can come through for me and do some special wraps for me……

Have a few projects on the horizon so I am hoping that I can remain constant….

Thursday was my 30th day since back fusion and I am still feeling pretty doggone good….but know whwat my limits are and adhere to them….not pushing myself … no need to.  Slow and easy...

Project Time

Today is one month since my back fusion and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone….but slow too…. I invested in a memory foam body pillow and it along with the book light for reading are 2 of my newest and greatest luxury desires….. Along with an ice pack. some OTC Tylenol I am getting along pretty good and am greatful to Dr. Ward here in Bend for a successful surgery…..

My newest project; which involves a lot of other artistic happenings is redoing a spare room  which is off my dining toom…..  I have absolutely NO idea what is happening in there…..I just kinda go with the flow of artistic license but I do know that the room is going to be wine purple,  sea glass green, and a very
light salmon color…..  I have been taking things down, have purchased a couple of new things, I am painting a Buddah, and just having a lot of fun….and the best part is being able to close the door and leave the mess……..   I am going to take out some larger pieces of furnture and put in some smaller ones from another room, do some paintings, and altered art…. and trying to catch my husband to do some of the things I can't and shouldn't…  Like bending. lifting, pulling, etc.  So spray paint is flying,
I have to go to Lowes and have them match the color Black Plum because at least one wall in there will get painted this color which is my Wine Purple color….and I love it…..  I also have a vintage carved dragon head board that is going to go in this room…..where there is also a queen sized bed….and I am going to go over the relief with a sea glass green patina to emphasize the design and have it blend into the room.  The woman that sold me the bed told me it was the one her husband slept in as a child and he was in his 80's when he passed away so that brings an antique into the scheme of things.

So far so good and I am enjoying the ecentric, steampunky, bohemian, primitive mix of things…. which are somehow coming together……and I like it all….so that is all that matters….cause it's my house….lol…

Watch for me to post some pictures of some neat laser cut wood pieces I am playing with …..  and I am even going to have some of them in the room…and am looking forward to what happens….I never really know ahead of time…

So…stay tuned….

New Project

It is that time of year again when my cherry tree springs to life…..and with on and off rain showers today I am sure it will bloom forth and is once again loaded.

Today as I just sat and let my body heal a bit I picked up some bricks of clay to create a flower that had been growing within my mind…..which will be a wire sculpture….at least I THINK that is where I am headed….lol….I am not just quite sure….  The flower is "chilling" in the refrigerator so that I can do the next steps tomorrow which is the wire work and l will also include some small swarovski moolight crystals which are my favorites.  

So enjoy your week and be creative….. Photos of the flower will be posted when completed…..

Meeeeeetttttt "MIss Ella Mentary"

Deisgned and Created by Candace K.

How excited do you think I was when I was gifted with Miss Ella Mentary an alter art assemblage 
doll box which was created for me by a fellow artist who educates me weekly….

The head portion is an acrylic box which is on a swivel and each side relates to a different element of our life as we see it here on earth.    Inside Candace had a "proclamation" of sorts typed onto bold paper.

The wings I think represent my earth angels as they guide me along through life and dig me out of ditches I sometimes veer off into.

One leg is a palette knife and the other is a brush….

Inside are trinkets, bling and glamour and even a small match box which is decorate, marked "ideas" and inside she has even provided me some challenge words for creation….which is sometimes the only thing an artist needs to take off and fly to a creation that seems to come out of no where…… except maybe the unconcious mind.

Right now she is "sitting" on a vintage stove in my kitchen because she looks neat there…. but she will get moved all over within the house through time, rearranged and enjoyed… I do all of the  special treasures of creativity and / or spiritual creations.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.