Meeeeeetttttt "MIss Ella Mentary"

Deisgned and Created by Candace K.

How excited do you think I was when I was gifted with Miss Ella Mentary an alter art assemblage 
doll box which was created for me by a fellow artist who educates me weekly….

The head portion is an acrylic box which is on a swivel and each side relates to a different element of our life as we see it here on earth.    Inside Candace had a "proclamation" of sorts typed onto bold paper.

The wings I think represent my earth angels as they guide me along through life and dig me out of ditches I sometimes veer off into.

One leg is a palette knife and the other is a brush….

Inside are trinkets, bling and glamour and even a small match box which is decorate, marked "ideas" and inside she has even provided me some challenge words for creation….which is sometimes the only thing an artist needs to take off and fly to a creation that seems to come out of no where…… except maybe the unconcious mind.

Right now she is "sitting" on a vintage stove in my kitchen because she looks neat there…. but she will get moved all over within the house through time, rearranged and enjoyed… I do all of the  special treasures of creativity and / or spiritual creations.

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