Glad THAT is over with !!!!

Two weeks ago today I underwent one of my worst nightmares in deciding to agree to a back fusion L4-L5 with bone graft.  I have a plate and four screws as well as them grinding the bone they removed in spine to give me some space room.  This material was used as the grafting material....amazing.

With support from framily and friends and the word COURAGE on the day after the surgery I was up walking even though I had problems from anesthesia, was overdosed with pain medication the first night,  the threat of having to have a blood transfusion,  rolling veins, extreme pain and 13 staples...

My doctor was quite impressed with my first check up today and my progress.  Staples are out,  I am walking with a cane,  and although I am to really restrict bending, twisting and lifting I was told to just listen to what my body says to me....  I am walking a bit slower, and more carefully using a cane as a precautionary measure....but otherwise I am great.

After the frist 3 days in the hospital I was able to reduce my pain medication to simply OTC Tylenol and no more than 3 muscle relaxants aver a 10 day period so yippe.   I am proud of me....

So, now that I have been "released from care" with no real restrictions I can continue to push myself just a little bit more and work in some art every day as well as continuing to post here on my blog, as well as handling my Etsy Shoppe and adding some new and different items for fellow artists.    THANKS AGAIN MEGHAN and MICHELLE for running ArtisticRenderings during this 2 week period, and Meghan for helping to nurse her Neema back to health....

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