Info On Liquitex Acrylic Paints

Liquitex was originally called Liquid Texture/Liquitex and was the first acrylic paint made....1955 by Henry Levison.

It is an acrylic polymer resin emulsified with water.

Retains crisp brush strokes and knife marks to thin watercolor and everything in between.

Increased open time.

High pigmentation.

Goes from thick to thin and adheres to everything. Canvas, wood, plastic, paper, etc..

On the Liquitex site you will find downloadable information in "The Acrylic Book" or as a computer based information center.

With over 50 years "on the market" I would consider it a reliable product with a
good track record base.

There are many mediums available and the product itself comes in Liquitex Basic
for beginners, Full Body and Soft Body paints.

Liquitex Full and Soft bodied paints are available on line and I am able to purchase at Michaels.

Liquitex Artist Grade Tube Acrylics (Full Body)

I have tried several brands of paint and I seem to really be settling in with the Liquitex Artist Grade, Full Body tube acrylics after using the Americana Decoart Acrylics for a number of years.

The Liquitex is a fuller bodied paint that enables you to get a good deal of texture comparable to oils and yet they are creamy and smooth and give a nice, smooth, ridgeless painting as well so it is like having the best of 2 worlds which is great. I love painting scenery and landscapes so these paints allow me to create some marvelous texture and yet with a still life, portrait, etc. I get a flawless finish.

The colors are vibrant so you use less to get the coverage desired, the finish is between a semigloss and a matte so it is just perfect...

I painted the same design, using the same colors in each brand and found the finished project to be quite different in each brand and confirmed; to myself, that with the Liquitex I have found what I have been looking for. I have a recipe book that I use to help me when I am "stuck" which helps me in mixing colors and I have found the Liquitex to run "true" with the book and has helped me to learn so much about "colors" with ease of learning through "doing". It is great to have such a reference tool at ones' disposal.

Will I continue to use Americana, and Matisse? You bet, but my first choice will continue to be the Liquitex, especially when I paint to sell.

There has been so much "talk" about the Traditions paints by Americana as well as the High Density Folk Art paints. I bought a few colors in each of these
two lines and worked with them in a couple of different designs and techniques and although they were "nice" they definately lacked what I was looking for in a paint.

I feel as if I have taken a step up and hopefully the change will be reflected in my finished pieces.

I am working on a couple of new designs and have a new excitement just as I did when I was first learning to paint. The experimentation is awesome, and the mediums I so love work great with the Liquitex also and I am obtaining the effects I am after easier, quicker, and with much less frustration.

FM Dynasty Collapsible Brush (Series 206-

In the February 2010 issue of PaintWorks magazine (which I just recieved) there is a "Great Gift Ideas" section in which FM Dynasty Brush Co. has announced its' collapsible brush. The top section pops off and it slides into the hollow barrel of the bottom of the brush for compact carrying and for protection of the brush hairs.... ANOTHER wonderful FM Product.

This new item can be orderd by going to:

Winter is here.........

This AM we awoke to a beautiful overnight snowstorm.....and it is just gorgeous outside. I was zooming my camera in and out (which is normal for me) and this piece of snow and ice looked like a frozen fu man chu ghost. But I could be the only one who "sees" it.
Ahhhhhhhhh, this begins the official start of winter for us and many more gorgeous days of snow, fog, ice. etc. LOVE IT...........

Christmas Boutique

I did my first Oregon Christmas boutique this weekend. This photo shows 2 of the 11 rows that ran lengthwise of the Fairgrounds ' , 3 Sisters' Center in Redmond, CA. It was a LOT of fun and such a group of great vendors.
The candle jar I am showing was from the vendor next to me. He is a craftsman, his wife is an artist and these are their joint venture. Above the chimney of the "cabin" is another open area which lights up when a candle jar is inside. They had several designs, in several colors and were out of Sisters, OR.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.