The highlight of the weekend was doing some glass fusing with my daughter
using the kiln that has been collecting dust.... we are both "novices" at this
particular art form methodology and are playing to see what is what, what works, what doesn't work, etc.  We are not trying for a particular design, or making items "to sell".  

Michelle did have 2 pieces that turned out really neat and if you click on the small photo of the 2 pieces you will see the items better.  She used some copper screening for one but the neatest one is the one on the right that looks like the Push Pulls I used to do in grade school using the Palmer method of penmanship ions ago.  Each of the loops has a bubble in it, a bubble on the piece that looks like a leaf and a bubble at the lower part of the loops....these "loops" are a line of copper off of some copper netting which I had....  The bubbles are formed because the air is "trapped"....  We were told in the class that we took to try and avoid bubbles...but I think they really added character to this piece.  I am sure that Michelle will be adding a bail to this and wearing it.

We used glass shards and frit (crushed glass).  The two pieces that turned out so well for Michelle are done with a green base bottom with clearn glass laid on top of the "elements" we used.... and "slumped".... 

Altered Box......Add On

I decided that my altered box was WAY too plain looking so I added 3 birch roses that I had and it was just the added touch the box needed.  I feel much better about it now.  SO>>>>>it shall be on its way cross country to its new home. 


My lamp parts came yesterday so tomorrow, or some day this week, I will need to get to the hardware to get some brass rods for the "stems"....  I am not sure if I want to mount them on the wall, put them in "something" that will serve as a vase, or ,  or,  or what....  LOL...  Then I have to decide if the stems will take glue, soder or welding to "hold"....  Ain't nothin' EASY?  But I am excited and anxious to begin playing and working on them.....   stay tuned for the finished pieces. 


Yesterday when I was outside "checking things out" I noticed that my weeping PussyWillow tree was beginning to bud out and form some pussywillows for me to enjoy before leafing out for summer....So Spring IS
on its way according to plant life....

Clay Tile Bracelet

This bracelet has been "in process" for quite awhile and yesterday I finally had the incentive to finish it up...and I can already  tell it will be one of my favorite pieces.  I saw a bracelet similar to this in a jewelry magazine and wanted to try making myself one.  I think I have enough tiles to make one more ....  They were stamped with several different rubber stamps, baked, and then I used powders to color and then matte medium to finish ....  I am really pleased with the first time results.  (Click on photos to enlarge)

Clay Stamped Charms for AFTCM Exchange

I have been working on several different charms out of clay and stamping for an exchange on the yahoo group Art for the Creative Mind.....I am really enjoying myself.

These are just two sets I have completed (the leaf ones still need to have jump rings added, and I used real leaves to do the stamping).  Also is a larger stamping that I am going to make a necklace from.  This particular one singed a bit when baking and so I used it to try the color, buff, and add some glitter to see if I liked it and I don't so this one will go in the trash and I will do the other one I did (same design) for the necklace.

The charms are about 1" x 1 1/4" which are the largest "pair" I have done. 

Windsor and Newton Brush Cleaner/Resorer

I just used a product I don't think I will ever be "without" from now on.

Windsor and Newton Brush Cleaner and Restorer.  It seems as if a brush or two that I lay down I never pick up again and/or a dirty brush rolls under my painting lazy susan that I use.  DRIED PAINT....and a lot of work to get it back to normal.

This "stuff" is still takes a little time but it has really brought a couple of my bad brushes back to useable, so I am delighted.

It is not-toxic, water soluble, non flammable, non-abrasive and low vapor and comes in several sizes.  I just purchased the 4 oz size and I found it at JoAnnes which was a real shocker as they carry so little in artists' supplies.

So give this product a will love it.

YIPPE....They're Here

Artfire and Etsy links have been corrected and tested (below).
I am sooooooooooo excited.  My long anticipated brush kit is HERE.......and they are ready for mailing.  YIPEE.  There are 4 wonderful landscape brushes in the kit (By FM Dynasty);  along with a technique guide which will help you achieve success in the proper prepping, loading, holding and cleaning of these brushes.  There may be "other ways" but this guide is how I do it.  The brushes will arrive to you in the heavy plastic sleeve that is shown in the photos above.

You will receive a 1/2 Dynasty Foliage Wave, #12 Dry Brush and the NEW
Dynasty IPC2 Large and Small Flat Blends which I use for stippling.  The Foliage Wave looks as if someone "pinked" it with Pinking Sissors,  and The IPC brushes are "fat, full" brushes with wonderful ergonomic handles   They were originally
designed for Ink, Pastel and Chalk but oh my, they are great for bushes, evergreens, foliage, teddy bears, etc. 

These brushes come in other sizes.  The ones I have chosen seem to be the sizes  and types that I reach for most often, and are mid size brushes. 

The cost of these brushes are $25.00 which includes shipping, delivery confirmation for me and the technique guide. 

You can go to or  to order yours.  OR at the beginning of my blog over to the left is a PayPal button that says PAY NOW to click and pay directly from my blog.  Three easy choices. 

Susan Paley with Ganz "Diana"

Part of the fun in garage and estate sales, thrift stores etc.  is finding something (Like this vase) that appeals to you, that you know nothing about and then doing research.  I first liked the piece, then when I turned it over and saw that it was "Diana" it went home with me for  two $1 bills. 

Susan Paley did a lot of vases short and tall and this series is known as the lady vases as each has a name.  This vase is now home in my little niche of the world where I create, work and enjoy the freedom of art....along side this teapot vase (I think)  that I purchased several months ago, just because.... in the window looking out to the land of deer, squirrels, birds and an open field.  


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.