The highlight of the weekend was doing some glass fusing with my daughter
using the kiln that has been collecting dust.... we are both "novices" at this
particular art form methodology and are playing to see what is what, what works, what doesn't work, etc.  We are not trying for a particular design, or making items "to sell".  

Michelle did have 2 pieces that turned out really neat and if you click on the small photo of the 2 pieces you will see the items better.  She used some copper screening for one but the neatest one is the one on the right that looks like the Push Pulls I used to do in grade school using the Palmer method of penmanship ions ago.  Each of the loops has a bubble in it, a bubble on the piece that looks like a leaf and a bubble at the lower part of the loops....these "loops" are a line of copper off of some copper netting which I had....  The bubbles are formed because the air is "trapped"....  We were told in the class that we took to try and avoid bubbles...but I think they really added character to this piece.  I am sure that Michelle will be adding a bail to this and wearing it.

We used glass shards and frit (crushed glass).  The two pieces that turned out so well for Michelle are done with a green base bottom with clearn glass laid on top of the "elements" we used.... and "slumped".... 

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