MAUI Sisters

There is NO place on earth like a Maui Luau, good food, kindred spirits, an Island drink, music, and laughs on a lovely Hawaiian night.   Cheers everyone.

Twilight Zone

I really enjoy doing the CitraArt and am anxious for spring so that I can do some more.  You just never know what will "develop" which provides anticipation…which is an emotion that makes my heart beat a little faster.  There could be a lot of TITLES for this piece but somehow Twilight Zone kinda fits

Spiritual Bracelet

 This is a lightweight chain double wrap bracelet that is so comfortable to wear.  Cool vs clunky and hot,  cumbersome and aggravating….  It will be one of my favorites so now to make another similar to sell….

Spider Web

For some reason the spider webs seemed to be everywhere when we went to Eyo Needle in Maui.  This is one of the best ones…..


Spiritual Jewelry / Labyrinth

Third time's a charm?  Once again all of my photos have just disappeared……  If there are any posts anyone wants to "see" again please let me know and I will do a new post….

The above is a scarf /sweater pin done with some spiritual charms. The Tree and the labyrinth charms are by Tierracast and available at  The others are neat ones that
I have accumulated for this jewelry series.

When I was in Maui (January) I got to walk a big labyrinth at the Sacred Garden which was really special and quite amazing….  I would give anything to be able to put one in our back yard….


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.