Beach Scene Chair

Today I took the chair that I had spray painted brown 5 years ago that sets at the vanity in our master bath and decided it was time to FINALLY paint the seat with a design.... Talk about long overdue....

Waterfall Painting

For the past couple of days I have been working on a long slender waterfall design using a photo I had for color reference, rocks, foliage, and the actual waterfall. It was a play, pitter and putter design which is a no-no but since it was my first large waterfall I allowed myself to take my time and work in areas.... The hardest part was putting in the "block in" colors of brown, green and blues. Once I had these "right" the rest was really quite easy.

The next one will work up faster as I learned a lot working on this one...made my mistakes and know what I want to do differently and the same.

I used Liquitex acrylics, Brenda Harris mediums, hardboard for my surface, and the frame was purchased at WalMart....

Eyeglass Necklace Chain

When I had my eyes checked recently I asked the Dr. to write me an RX for bifocals just for computer/art work as there had been no drastic change in my eyes; yet I was encountering problems seeing close up. What a difference. However, it posed another problem of "off again, on again" between the two pairs, always hunting for the pair not in use, etc. SO....artistically what could I do?

EYEGLASS NECKLACES........of course; and my first two designs are above.
As I make necklace chains for myself featuring different colors I have decided that I will also make an extra to put up on my Etsy site for sale. If I am having a problem there must be others who are too, and others who aren't content with the straps that are sold and not a big fashionable...and quite "matronly" and librarian.
My eyeglass chains will be adorned with high quality beads, handmade lampwork, Tierra Cast spacers, bead caps, and specialty beads which are silver lined pewter and made in the USA.
Custom colors are available upon request.

Klunky Bangle Bracelet

A while back I purchased a "lot" of these wood bangle bracelets and decided with spring right around the corner I needed to get some of them painted and up on my Etsy site for sale.

I love black and white. It is classy, and sophisticated and perfect for what ever the I decided a white rose would look "spiffy" in the center with white sheer ribbons on either side along with leaves.......

Hmmmm....I wonder if I can paint one to look as if it is rusty?

NEW BRUSHES: Beau Blanc by Dynasty

These new brushes are made from the finest interlocked white chungking bristle. The brushes have precision balanced long matte black wood handles that are seamless with metal ferrules which are triple crimped for lasting performance.
The brushes are for use with acrylic and oil paints.

Series 70R Round
Series 70F Flat
Series 70FIL Filbert
Series 70B Bright
Sizes 2 - 12

You can order yours at:

Brushes are kinda like the 3 Bears Nursery Rhyme. Some are too soft, some too hard and when you find one that is "just right" it is an ahhhhhhhh moment.

My brushes are on their way and I am anxious to give them a try.

Color Mixing Recipes

When I first began working with Liquitex, Matisse and Grumbacher tube Artist Grade Acrylics I ordered this book ( and I can't tell you how many times I refer to this book for help in mixing a particular shade of color. All of the pages are coated so if you get some color on one of the pages it just wipes, or peels off. Most of the acrylic tube colors have the same names as "oil" so the recipes are easy to master... and a great learning tool for a beginner...less frustration that is for sure.

Mixing colors helps to not have to purchase hundreds of bottles of paint as you are able to p
urchase/use about 15-20 colors and mix to get the shades you want/need.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.