Eyeglass Necklace Chain

When I had my eyes checked recently I asked the Dr. to write me an RX for bifocals just for computer/art work as there had been no drastic change in my eyes; yet I was encountering problems seeing close up. What a difference. However, it posed another problem of "off again, on again" between the two pairs, always hunting for the pair not in use, etc. SO....artistically what could I do?

EYEGLASS NECKLACES........of course; and my first two designs are above.
As I make necklace chains for myself featuring different colors I have decided that I will also make an extra to put up on my Etsy site for sale. If I am having a problem there must be others who are too, and others who aren't content with the straps that are sold and not a big fashionable...and quite "matronly" and librarian.
My eyeglass chains will be adorned with high quality beads, handmade lampwork, Tierra Cast spacers, bead caps, and specialty beads which are silver lined pewter and made in the USA.
Custom colors are available upon request.

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