I really enjoy painting books and was into working with this surface so I painted the book I am reading
"Women Who Run With the Wolves"….  On the page edges I have painted a couple of roses also…..

And by the way an AWESOME book and I am only on Chapter II but was so impressed I felt it needed my own thank you to the words inside….  It is so jam packed with knowledge it is a slow read but you find you want to remember it all.

I wrote the word LOBO because these were the wolves that WERE prominent in PA where I was born,  raised and spent about 25 years of my life….  They were a grey wolf and there was a preserve for them in either Kane or Ludlow Pa.   Funny how triggers work….where they take you…


Of all the photos I have ever taken I think this one is the most magnificent….and I am just in awe of this magnificent Maui capture.  I was petrified going up the windy 2 lane highway, and then when we went ABOVE the clouds my panic doubled, and next my toes ached from grasping the pavement with them.  It was WELL worth every minute of distress when you see THIS….  I had it enlarged and just finished matting it….NOW to find a frame…..  GOODWILL here I come.   This was taken the beginning of this year...


I have NO idea why I felt so compelled to paint this pig.  My Aunt and her husband raised pigs back in PA, and I had a friend who had one of the small pet pigs, but why now, and in jigsaw format?  It was inspired by the cover of a book I purchased at the Thrift Store on different pigs….and how many of them are extinct….  So meet Jasper the pig…..I like him….He looks happy.


There are a lot of tools and gadgets out there for "doing something" and when I came upon this idea
(or at least it is a NEW idea to me) I wondered if it was going to be something I would really use….and for me it is a BIG YES.  I have a REALLY NICE pistol grip dremel (not even made any more naturally) and it was such a HASSLE to fight with changing the type of tool from one to another it was just something I didn't want to take the time to spend TRYING to change it with always NO LUCK.

Once a year I treat myself to a pedicure in the summer and I don't have my nails done so I was watching this manicurist use this and I questioned where she got it….etc.  I went on to AMAZON and there was this one……AND in pink…how much fun is that….and sanders to use as well as the other metal tools…..AND all of my dremel tools fit on this machine.  YAHOO I say….  I use it when I work with clay which is what my current creative outlet is based so I use this to drill holes, buff or polish when done,  and sand down rough edges.  I LOVE that the tool can be held like a pencil….it is really
light weight, in a second I can switch tools and I am REALLY happy with the amount of tourque it puts out on the maximum setting.  There is not just high and low with a click but the exact speed you want for what you are working on.

This one was under $50 complete with tools, manicure kit, sequins, etc.  Well worth every penny I spent.  It is compact as you can see……and how neat that it is pink????

But any who……I just wanted to share a super duper tool for all creative artists who can use a little electric drill like this.

Tomorrow I will be back at it.  One of the things I am making out of clay is a spirit doll….I have had the inspiration to do one for ions it seems…and now just feels like the right time in my life.  The very first one will be mine and based maybe on just what is inside me…and I can use the solitude, along with some soulful music to get the ole ball rolling and see what happens….

On Etsy I sell rubber stamps for clay so this is actually the first I have REALLY worked with them to
 do an actual project and I am so thrilled with the results.  I also tried different brands of clay to see which I like the best and so far it is Fimo.  I like the little bit of flexibility that this clay has after firing…more of a rubbery feel which I like.…  Every artist has their favorite "somethings" and is part of creating your own style…..  Sometimes it takes a waste of money but somehow in the long run I think that it works out….

I will post my Soul doll which I am goins to call Salina….and she is a beautiful shade of pale turquoise blue and she is going to be a wall hanging or an inside in front of an open window….windchime.  We shall see.  Seems nothing ends up the way I think in the beginning they will…..

BUT ANWAY….great artist tool…..

Sky Blue Pink

During the hot weather we were having a couple of weeks ago I got this shot….and no matter where I looked there was a magnificent sight ……   I was in the car as a passenger with no place to "really" pull off to the side of the road so I have had to be content with what I got…..  Photos just don't do a lot of nature justice….this is one of those times…


I have been purchasing fretwork items and FINALLY got around to playing with some of the pieces I had.  Since my latest "artistic journey" has been journals…here are 3 that I just finished using fretwork by Unique Laser Designs.

All of the journals I do are one of a kind and I love altered art, out of the box, and fun.

At the last show I did journals sold well….especially to the teenagers which was great to see.  I have about 15 done so it is time to "move on".

The Color Yellow

Just for my own information and curiosity I decided to look into the color yellow since it seems to be a favorite color….that I am drawn to.  Some interesting facts came up that I can really relate to.

Yellow means:  Sunshine, hope, freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, rememberance, intellect, honor, loyalty and Joy.  On the flip side it can stand for Deceit and/or cowardice.

Other words associated to yellow are cheerfullness, increased mental activity, activates memory, encourages communication, enhances vision, builds confidence and stimulates the nervous system.

If yellow is overused it can have a disturbing effect as people seem to become more critical and demanding.

Yellow gemstones aid in clarity for decision making, boosts concentration and increases energy.    They offer relief from burnout, panic, nervousness and exhaustion.  Twoof the most popular gemstones in yellow are amber and citrine.

In different cultures different meanings and in some cultures yellow signifies peace.
Japan        Courage
India         Color of Merchants
Egypt        Death

Resenoates with the left or logic side of the brain.  Creates mental agility and perception.  Inspires original thoughts and inquisitivness.  More practical thinking vs the dreamer.

Yellow is the color of Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow is non emotional.  Related to ego and sense of self worth.

It is the most highly visible of all colors.

Jews wore yellow arm bands in Nazi concentration camps.
Comic book character in the GREEN LANTERN was afraid of the color yellow.

So now you know yellow….

Check out the predominant color(s) in your life in the present moment and see if there is a connection to events in your life,  your mental state, etc.


For WHATEVER reason I have recently been drawn to the color YELLOW…..  I took several photos of this flower and think one one them will have to be enlarged, matted and framed for the YELLOW wall that replaces what was once RED….  and I am also wondering about the painting of a pig I just finshed.  WHY a PIG?   They do say that we have cycles of change, and that colors make a difference in our lives but a PIG?  A PUZZLED PIG that was inspired by the cover of THE OLD PIG book by Martin Wiscombe that drew my attention when I was browsing used books….


I AM GETTING THERE…..but the piles that are left are the hardest it seems.  As you can see I am running out of room….but I normally work on several things during the course of a week…and once one is done another starts so it will NEVER be totally neat and organized…. but it is a whole heck of a lot better than it was.  Even my dog didn't know where to step.  So I am pleased with the results that no one sees but me…..LOL….

CREATIVE is NOT tidy….at least not in my creative space.

Humming Bird

I have spent quite a few days getting my studio cleaned, picked up and organized and figure I have another 2 days this week to take care of about 4 floor piles!!!!

Last night was the first it began to look like I could work in it again so I decided I wanted to do a faux stained glass piece….and the photo is my humming bird which is on a pane of glass in a door window. Isn't he pretty???  I have a friend who loves humming birds and dragonflies so I thought she might like one for a window when she moves.

The hardest and longest part is to get the finished piece out of its mold….I used a pointed qtip on this one as there were so many tiny little edges…

I love these as they "just stick" with no adhesive what so ever and peel right back off if you want to move them…

Need to get my books out as I have a couple of vintage windows that this technique will work perfect on…..



Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.