CBD Answers 10-27-2018

The CBD oil and creams that I use; and have used since April of this year; and plan on continuing use  is Hempworx.  If you decide to order please use my affiliate name Misspru (my dog) so that you can place an order, and can continue to order as you need product.  After using if you are interested in the business aspect of the company I will be glad to answer any questions that I can or find the answer(s) for you.  I can also guide your through the personal use of the product.    I tell everyone to begin with 5 drops under the tongue twice a day AM and PM and mid afternoon if the need should arise.   Go on and read about the brand I use and see what you think.  www.hempworx.com.  I also use the Relief which is unbelievable for pain, bites, wounds, etc. and the Revive Cream which I use on my face...it previously removed, without a scar, a medium sized puffy brown spot on my face under my eye with the AMD.  There is also a money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied ...  but based on the severity of the problem it may take 2-3 bottles before you feel relief....sometimes it is so gradual you aren't aware until one day you go "wow, that ______ is gone, relieved, etc.

The macular degenerative disease in my right eye continues to improve but it is slow....and I have to remind myself to be patient and be grateful that it is showing progress.  The goodness or badness also depends on eyestrain,

The Hempworx CBD is organic and 99% pure.  So many of the other brands have fillers...and we don't need fillers....we simply need the CBD to activate the CBD receptors in our body.  It has helped me so much in so many different areas that it almost seems unreal.

HEMP CBD oil is legal in all 50 states and many overseas countries as well.  

CBD oil made with Cannibis from the marijuana plant IS NOT legal in all states because of the HIGH THC content.  THC helps Pain....CBD heals and relieve pain.

If this hadn't helped me as much as it has you wouldn't be seeing any blog posts from me....my testimonials are based on real truths that I have experienced first hand.

If you have questions email me at dianaputnam555@gmail.com and I will be more than glad to help you, answer questions, etc.


Fluid Art #3

One of this weeks completed; and I LOVE the way it turned out.  It is a decanter but looks SO neat
with fairy lights inside.   I goofed on this one but sure glad I did....lol....

Fluid Art #3

Fluid Art #2

 This Fluid art is addicting and I love that I am becoming attached to some of them ...  I have 2 rooms that these could go in and I am not sure where they will land.

I have double matted and they are in black frames.  The fluid art is 4" x 6".

Photo #1.    "Congregation"
Photo #2.     "Processional"

Fluid Art


All of the photos in this post were done using metallic gold, silver and amethyst with white.  I poured the vase first , then dipped the 4 x 6 papers and matted and now I am using the skins from this pour to arrange on a tall thin canvas to design and arrange a new painting.  I use my mixture 4 ways so it justifies the expense involved with this type of art.

This is the dried SKIN from the poured vase and the dipping patinings.    I am going to be using additional peeled skins from this pour to design a fluid skin painting.  I also use the skins to design one of a kind jewelry.


This is the vase.  It was sprayed first with a frosted glass in clear and I love when the paint skips.....
I am going to put fairy lights inside to illuminate.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.