Fluid Art

The fluid art becomes more and more addictive and I like that it is calming to look at, study, turn, etc. I love the way the colors merged on this tall, thin, vase and the open areas that formed.  When I put on the final finish it frosts the glass and really adds to the look.

Then when I am done with the pour....the dipping begins in the run off from the pour.  I have to play with this a bit but so far...I have gotten some pretty ones.  They are matted and my daughter has quite a few of them in her store.

And finally this last piece which has 4 matts and is framed.  I love the imagery of this one and is a gift.

CBD Answers 10-27-2018

The CBD oil and creams that I use; and have used since April of this year; and plan on continuing use  is Hempworx.  If you decide to order please use my affiliate name Misspru (my dog) so that you can place an order, and can continue to order as you need product.  After using if you are interested in the business aspect of the company I will be glad to answer any questions that I can or find the answer(s) for you.  I can also guide your through the personal use of the product.    I tell everyone to begin with 5 drops under the tongue twice a day AM and PM and mid afternoon if the need should arise.   Go on and read about the brand I use and see what you think.  www.hempworx.com.  I also use the Relief which is unbelievable for pain, bites, wounds, etc. and the Revive Cream which I use on my face...it previously removed, without a scar, a medium sized puffy brown spot on my face under my eye with the AMD.  There is also a money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied ...  but based on the severity of the problem it may take 2-3 bottles before you feel relief....sometimes it is so gradual you aren't aware until one day you go "wow, that ______ is gone, relieved, etc.

The macular degenerative disease in my right eye continues to improve but it is slow....and I have to remind myself to be patient and be grateful that it is showing progress.  The goodness or badness also depends on eyestrain,

The Hempworx CBD is organic and 99% pure.  So many of the other brands have fillers...and we don't need fillers....we simply need the CBD to activate the CBD receptors in our body.  It has helped me so much in so many different areas that it almost seems unreal.

HEMP CBD oil is legal in all 50 states and many overseas countries as well.  

CBD oil made with Cannibis from the marijuana plant IS NOT legal in all states because of the HIGH THC content.  THC helps Pain....CBD heals and relieve pain.

If this hadn't helped me as much as it has you wouldn't be seeing any blog posts from me....my testimonials are based on real truths that I have experienced first hand.

If you have questions email me at dianaputnam555@gmail.com and I will be more than glad to help you, answer questions, etc.


Fluid Art #3

One of this weeks completed; and I LOVE the way it turned out.  It is a decanter but looks SO neat
with fairy lights inside.   I goofed on this one but sure glad I did....lol....

Fluid Art #3

Fluid Art #2

 This Fluid art is addicting and I love that I am becoming attached to some of them ...  I have 2 rooms that these could go in and I am not sure where they will land.

I have double matted and they are in black frames.  The fluid art is 4" x 6".

Photo #1.    "Congregation"
Photo #2.     "Processional"

Fluid Art


All of the photos in this post were done using metallic gold, silver and amethyst with white.  I poured the vase first , then dipped the 4 x 6 papers and matted and now I am using the skins from this pour to arrange on a tall thin canvas to design and arrange a new painting.  I use my mixture 4 ways so it justifies the expense involved with this type of art.

This is the dried SKIN from the poured vase and the dipping patinings.    I am going to be using additional peeled skins from this pour to design a fluid skin painting.  I also use the skins to design one of a kind jewelry.


This is the vase.  It was sprayed first with a frosted glass in clear and I love when the paint skips.....
I am going to put fairy lights inside to illuminate.

NOT for the Faint of Heart Hempworx

This post contains a graphic photo of my arm which was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Photos are at the end of my post.

My 15 year old dog woke me up in the wee hours of the AM gagging and I knew she was going to loose her cookies and needed "outside" ASAP.

I grabbed her, jumped out of bed, it was dark, I was still half asleep so I didn't grab my glasses.

Too late I remembered that I had left my vacuum cleaner in the doorway instead of putting it where it belonged.

I tripped on cleaner, hit the door, and knew I probably had hurt myself.  (It was later determined I had put my arm out to stop falling and my arm and the little metal latch of the door stop and my arm "met".....)

I got the dog outside and looked at my arm....not a pretty site.  I got the bleeding stopped and proceeded to the bathroom for the large bandaids I keep on hand and wondering what to put on it   I decided to use the Hempworx Relief cream.  I put a real thin layer on the gauze portion with a Q.tip.  On my way back to bed with the dog I grabbed an ice pack from the freezer which I applied to the area in the even there might be swelling that would occur.  I had done all I could do for the earliness of the hour.

When I removed the bandaid the next day I realized I had 2 NASTY, deep gouges, in my arm.
I applied a new bandage frosted with a real thin layer of the Relief cream....but before applying the bandage I used the eyedropper of the 500MG Hempworx CBD oil and applied less than a drop to each area, waited about 15 minutes so that the oil would get down through the pores and then applied the bandage.    I repeated this every evening about an hour before I went to bed and leaving the bandage off for about an hour to air.

I continued my regular regime of 10-15 drops AM and PM which I have been doing since April 2018 as I knew it would ward off any infection and help with the healing process.

What is really amazing (along with the healing) is that I had absolutely NO PAIN EVER....one night I had itching that nothing seemed to help so I took a Benadryl, sprayed my arm lightly with Dermaplast and then my normal Relief and Oil routine.  (I keep a well stocked medicine chest, for emergencies like this.)

Photo #1.       After I removed the bandage in the PM of the day of  injury.
Photo #2.      (All of the white stuff you see is skin....the Relief cream I put on the gauze was VERY THIN.  I just used enough Relief to moisten the gauze...you couldn't even see it).
Photo #3.      One week after injury photo.
Photo #4.      Photo I took today which is day #8.  I left the bandage off all day today and it looked better and better as the day wore on.  Shortly I am going to put just a little of the oil on (No Relief) and bandage lightly so the air can still get to the area.

Needless to say I AM AMAZED..............

If you are interested in learning more about CBD oil and the products I use send me a comment and I will respond or you can email me at:

Did you know we all have CBD receptors in our body which are activated by taking CBD oil?
Not all CBD oils are the same.
CBD is legal in all states within the US?
The CBD oil I use is made from the hemp plant and NOT the marijuana plant.  Many CBD oils are made from the marijuana plant and the CBD content is really low.

Pour Run Off jewelry focal

This porcelain artist palette necklace focal was made using Pour "run off".  I only had 2 of this surface in my stash so this one is mine and I will will wait for another neat  design to happen and I will do another for sale.  I contacted the company where I had originally purchased these and they are no longer in stock....figures.....
  SO much fun.  I used clear beads and silver to finish the necklace.

A pour "run off" picture.  So many options and techniques to use with "pouring".

Pour Painting

Paint pouring has become an infatuation with me....when I go to the studio in the evening it "calls" to me...I swear.

Techniques that I have learned through the years as well as mediums come into play with all types of painting even something as "out of control" in so many ways as pour painting is to an artist.  I have become "more playful".  If a pour doesn't turn out well I still have options and sometimes these options of play just add to the uniqueness of "me" and not that of another.  I like to find out what I need and the basic technique and then kinda quit.  It is such a freeform that copyright doesn't come in to play....duplication is pretty improbable.    It is fun learning how to HAVE control in achieving a look ...

This is my glass vase that I have had for a long time and it had a big crack in it. Rather than throw it away I decided to do a pour.  The vase was frosted.  Because the base is so big and down to so small I just wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. (Vases are poured from bottom to top).    I LOVE IT and I wonder if I could ever achieve a similar "openwork" if I found a similar big base small top vase in the future.  This is one of my most favorite pieces and I am glad that it is defective and I can't sell it.

This is how it looks at night with some lights inside.  SO PRETTY....


I love the awe of satisfaction.
Slim, glass

River scene in Oregon

I think this is going to be inspiration for a painting.  It is so serene and yet the sound is almost deafening....maybe it helps to clear the mind...and quiet the soul.

Pour Paining / Curved Glass

This is a black, green and white pour painting I did on a piece of curved glass.  I love the way these turn out and am glad I still have some more in my stash.....I remember buying these in California 15 years ago.  I knew I would use them eventually.

Fall Leaves

I LOVE the colors of fall....it is so beautiful here in OR.   Reminds me so much of my hometown state of PA especially in the fall.  We don't have the hills and valleys like PA but as the Bend grew so did the trees and bushes and they wisely planted those that change color in the fall to gorgeous shades of oranges, and reds, yellows and brown.

 My daughter and son in law have a store and in the front area she has 2 pine trees (as there are so many here in the more rural areas) and decorates them with the season or holiday.  I am hoping she will like these once I get the backs done, the holes driller and the string to hang.

September first is right around the corner and I have absolutely NO idea where summer went.  Seems we were just waiting for it a week ago and it is on its way out...hoping for a long fall and a short winter.

These are wooden circles that I pour painted....well actually, dipped in run off from a curved glass piece that I poured first.

HAPPY FALL TO ALL and to All a good night....

Hempworx brand CBD oil Testimonial

On April 26th of 2018 my husband and I began taking 100% organic CBD oil.
 and I have since become an affiliate with this company.  www.hempworx.com (misspru is my dogs name and if I had had any inclination that I would be supporting this company I would have chosen a different name). misspru is now my "affiliate name" and what is used when an account is created and you are asked your affiliates name.

Not all CBD oils are created equal and there is so much confusion regarding products, standards, THC content,  fillers (additives),  strengths,  how much and how to take, etc.

750mg  and  500mg
THC  .03% and THC free
RELIEF Pain Cream
RENEW skin/face cream
Natural and Peppermint Flavored
Hemp farms in Kentucky
FDA Approved
Lab Tested
No additives or Fillers
You can be simply a customer or choose to become an affiliate to earn $$
Manufactured in Las Vegas, NV
Legal in all 50 States regulated by Farm Bill on Hemp products

I am 70+, married for 42 years with a daughter and step son and 3 grandchildren. I am fed up with prescribed medications which either don't take care of the problem or create side effects for additional problems and physicians who have become big business vs caring for their patients...and endorse the pharmaceutical products for the company "perks" they receive.  There is a book out written by a physician called Drug Dealer M.D. and should be read for an eye opening experience.

Problem #1.
In January of 2017 I was diagnosed with AMD macular degeneration in my right eye.  I experience distortion both near and far as well as a blind area.   It came on quickly.....overnight and when I fell down 4 steps because I didn't see them I knew there was something that needed immediate attention.
I am an artist so you can imagine what a diagnosis like this does emotionally.  I underwent 18 months of shots in my eye....  (38 total) a numbing shot and the medication which was a cancer medication proven to stop the progression of the disease.  Each office visit was over $6,000.00 and paid by my insurance company (Medicare and United Health) with no money out of my pocket.  The first 3-4 months I saw some improvement in my eyesight but after that there was just changing eyesight distortion I had to readjust to.   The last 2-3 months I took the shots I spent 2 days in bed, my eye bleeding,  sharp stabbing pains, etc.   In May when I had my shots I informed the physician that I was going to stop treatment......which I have done.  I have a lot of scarring in this eye from so many shots as was shown to me by my Optometric Dr. I see for eye exams to get new glasses.   EVERY month now I see progress in my eyesight in this eye, the blindness has become more of a ghostly shadow than an actual blind area.  My perifial vision is also improving and I am able to distinguish objects at close range but distance, although improving is still not good but better than it was.  I take about 15 drops of 500 mg CBD twice a day and I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that my eyesight in that eye is improving.  I told my optometrist that I was taking CBD and she said to me "you do know that AMD is an inflammation disease don't you?" AND that there is a good chance that it will help the disease.
I told her that I felt it had and she advised me to DO NOT STOP taking the CBD.  I will go back to her in 6 months and she is going to retake the X-ray so we can physically "See" the change for comparison purposes.  AMAZING.

Problem #2.
Approximately 5 years ago I developed swelling, heat, excruciating pain, redness etc. in my left foot.  I went to an orthopedic Dr. who told me I had plantar faciitis (fancy term for foot pain) possible Morton's syndrome,  and told me it may require surgery further down the road.   He recommended shots directly into the nerve he felt was affected/effected that would kill the nerve and eliminate the pain and a boot for me to wear.   I had a series of 4-5 shots in the area....threw the boot away as it caused hip problems because it made the leg longer than the other one.  The shots did NOTHING.....so after some computer reading I realized that one of the problems with that foot was neuropathy symptoms which I firmly believe was caused by the statin high cholesterol medication which in my opinion is nothing more that a poison...in what the side effects are.   (swelling, heat, pain, aching. heel, arch and toe pain, the feeling that something had been rammed under my big toenail, blistering, clumsiness, 24 hours per day 7 days per week,  which varied in severity.  Every night I slept with an ice pack, took over the counter pain relievers which simply helped for short periods of time and caused stomach discomfort.  About 2 weeks into taking the CBD....one by one my symptoms disappeared and it seemed as if they disappeared the opposite of the way they came into being.  Now I have just a buzzing feeling in my foot which is uncomfortable and I am confident caused by the shots I was given.  Once in a while for about a minute I have a couple of stabbing pains in the area which last only a second or two, slight swelling with the heat we are encountering (109 today) but I have NO PAIN.... and am finally able to walk flat footed instead of on the side of my foot.  (A massage therapist I went to told me that there was inflammation in the area that was creating the pain........ )

Problem #3.
Having such wonderful results from the oil (which I still take daily and will continue to take) I decided to try the face cream.....  I had a medium sized brown spot on my face that was puffy and although it didn't bother me health wise it did "woman wise".   I have not yet finished my first jar of cream and the brown spot is gone.  It kept getting smaller and smaller and the last remnant just dropped off leaving no scarring.   Another product I will continue to use on a regular basis as it has diminished some of the wrinkles and my skin looks healthier and is soft and supple.

Problem #4.
About a month ago I developed gout in my left big toe which I had experienced a couple of times in the past year.   I added about 8 drops of CBD to my daily regime and put on a smidgin of the pain cream to the area and within 15 minutes the pain disappeared and never returned.  The hotness and swelling continued for about 2 days so I doctored with ice packs, elevation and an over the counter pain medication at night for the aching....no pain....just an ache as the inflammation was being taken care of..... and was back up on my feet again on the 3rd day and I have had any additional problems.

I have become a firm believe of Hempworx CBD products.   I use the oil on scrapes and bruises I get ....andit has become something I use like any one else does a band aid.

I started taking the CBD with 5 drops 2 times per day AM and PM and increased until I began to notice changes somewhere in my body which told me I had reached the amount that was right for me.  You have to strive for body awareness....sometimes the clue that it is working within the body is through detox.  Changes in bowel, changes in your own personal body odor, etc. as the inflammation begins to eliminate from the body.   (My hair was a platinum white color (lol)  and I am getting areas where hair color is returning.  People who have thinning hair are seeing new hair growth in different areas)...  Body awareness is a very important aspect of this product to get maximum benefits.  You are becoming the Dr. of YOUR body, a body you have lived with 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can know it better than any physician that you see for 5-10 minutes in an office call.

I have read testimonial after testimonial from people who have parents with Alzeimer, parents of an autistic child, different body areas of pain,  sleep problems, and the list goes on...

I have turned from a skeptic to a firm believe that this product is miracle....amazing and I am so thankful my sister introduced me to these products.

Not all CBD's are the same and I don't stand behind any brand but the Hempworx because it WORKS....  If you are interested check it out.

If you have questions please send me an email at:   www.dianaputnam555@gmail.com

Handmade Necklace

I just finished designing this necklace. (and finished a matching bracelet with smaller wood squares for a wedding in a couple of weeks.  My dress is Orange, red, beige and brown and the necklace is the new longer length.

Womans Hunting Necklace

Women hunt too so I designed and made this necklace and bracelet set in honor of them.  Handmade lamp work beads, antique and czech beads, and a real antler tip.  OOAK.

Finished Pour Painting

The top two are flared vases setting with the light showing through to get a better feeling of what these pieces look like when choosing location to place.  The last photo is a long piece of curved glass that was also poured.  I am in love with all 3 pieces and I am looking forward to doing some more either tonight or tomorrow evening.

Stencil Art

I sell stencils in my Etsy shop www.artisticrendersings.etsy.com but really hadn't had a chance to sit down and create with them.  I AM IMPRESSED....they have come a LONG way as has the art world in showing us techniques to use, specialty paints, crossover mediums, etc.  I had some hardboard (Masonite) scraps so I decided it was time to play.  It is a time consuming process but a lot of fun and I think the finished products are worth the extra time and energy required.   I chose to use the stencils and make "raised" relief instead of flat  so there is a a dimension with the pieces....and the intricate design is amazing.  It's nice because minimal paint is required even though there are 3 sometimes 4 separate applications of colors with 6 colors used in the designs which further creates a depth perception.  

Following is the piece I am working on now.  It is ready for a coat of finish gloss and when it is dry I can apply the first 2 coats of color.   Stay tuned to see the finished result.

I think you have to admit that the detail is exceptional.....  This particular stencil is by Stencilgirl and the other line I sell is TCW.

Grandsons Skeleton Painting Process and Finished canvas

My grandson saw one of my first large canvas paintings that was an original and was actually the first one I had ever done in this style.  He asked me if I would/could do one with skeletons for his apartment....sooooo...despite numerous stops and redos I am really content with the way this is progressing  ....  I am using a lot of stencils, parts of stencils, redoing stencils, as well as freehand, altering,  shading, highlighting, etc.  I think this is going to be a real hard one to say goodby to when I am finished and even if I wanted to I doubt that I could ever duplicate.  Right now I am waiting for small, brass skull head beads to "stick".  I am going to be adding 5 of them different places on the canvas.  Not just sure where this will head tonight when I go down.  Sometimes I just sit and look at it ...willing it to do it....  but I am really enjoying this one.   Continue to watch as it develops....do you see the skeletons which are already beginning to come forth??  

If you have comments or suggestions please leave them.  I would love that.

Tonight I made a mold of a skeleton ashtray that my husband has (he collects skeletons)...just the face portion and then did a clay impressions of the face area. I am planning/thinking I will use one or more of these in this painting (they are in the oven baking)  and what pieces are left I am going to try and work into a necklace.  Should be fun....need to hunt up some purple and green beads....

Diana's Favorites by DYNASTY (Brush Kit)

This is a specialty brush kit that FM and DYNASTY brushes put together for me about 8 years ago.  For me,  they are "staple" brushes.  I put the kit together using Dynasty Wave, Dynasty Dry Brush along with large and small IPC Flat Blends.  To use these brushes I found a few things enhanced their usage ... a Break In of sorts.  Additional sizes are available in the Dynasty  Collection series and in the IPC line there are other shapes of brushes.   A great online site to purchase your brushes is:  www.thebrushguys.com  I have worked with them for years and never had a problem.

Next time I think I will introduce you to the Foliage Wave brush and give you some tips on how to break this brush in, prep it before use, clean, and where to hold the brush, etc.  I feel all are requirement to achieve good results.  

If there are any questions please email me at dianaputnam555@gmail.com and I will do my best to answer.

Balance Necklace

I really like the uniqueness of this necklace.  It was created on a 4 inch headpin.  The stones are drilled close to the edge, spacer beads were used between the flat stones. The buddha head bead and the labyrinth are made by Tierra Cast and sold on Etsy  www.dragynsfyre.etsy.com.  The stones are looser than I wanted but I didn't want to glue..  I wanted them to look like steps leading upward after leaving the labryinth or the buddha down to the spiritual maze.   The necklace chain is small diameter synthetic cording which I have knotted in several places.    Over the weekend I am going to try doing another one.

Intuitive Painting

This is the 2nd large canvas I have done using a verdigris background and allowing the painting...rather than planning.   I just began a 3rd painting for my grandson ... he has requested a design using skulls so we will see how that goes.

Hemp CBD Oil

 In Oregon medical and recreational marijuana is legal and we have quite a few dispensaries here in Bend.



Finding a CBD oil that was being made without any added ingredients,,,, and without THC in the dispensary is not easy.

To have a medical MJ card runs a little over $500 a year, but recreational personal use is free.  Something is the matter with this rationale.

Many individuals would like to try the CBD oil but don't do so for several reasons:

1.  Don't want to go into a dispensary
2.  Cannot use CBD products because of the THC and work because the THC level is over what the law says is considered legal.
3.  Cannot afford a medical card

and I am sure there are many other personal reasons.

I just recently purchased 750mg Hemp CBD oil for both my husband and myself and also for our 13 year old fur baby who has problems with her hips I have ordered the "treats".  I have a friend whose Vet recommended and provided her a RX for CBD oil for her poodle who was (notice I say was) plagued with monthly seizures.  Since using the CBD oil he has not had a seizure in nearly 2 years.

When I was introduced to this company where the THC is below the legal limit and I don't have to worry about a "high", made with Hemp vs Cannabis, legal in 50 states, and I don't have to pay $500 plus per year for a medical card....and don't have to go into a dispensary and can make a little extra money on the side I decided it was worth a try.

I have read testimonials from a couple of people I know personally .....  I have not been using the product long enough to give a testimonial but after seeing my husband detox from opioids for pain
I am pretty much THROUGH with Big Pharm, the addiction of, and side effects of chemically made

I went to a seminar here in Oregon which was presented by one of our physicians who is an endorser of the medical use of marijuana and CBD to treat a multitude of diseases, ailments, etc. and is doing studies regarding the positive / negative effects and the thing that hit me the strongest is :  EVERY ONE OF US HAS CBD RECEPTORS IN OUR BRAIN TO ACCEPT AND USE CBD OILS to benefit us with its' usage.  A physician recommending the use of something most doctors won't even mention to us as an alternative.  No side effects, no addiction, and possibly relief of symptoms.

IF you are interested go to www.hempworx. com/misspru and check out the information and see if it might be something you might want to give a try as an alternative to Big Pharm.


Someone asked me if I felt that the CBD would be good for anxiety...the Dr. had recommended she take some for this diagnosis.

Everyone is different.  It has made a remarkable difference in my life .... and I would recommend trying....   For about 4-5 years life has been rough so the CBD was my last resort anxiety wise... and every day I feel better.  I have had a couple of set backs, but for the most part I have been getting through my days pretty grateful.    How long before you see or feel a difference?  Once again it varies.  I have plantar fasciitis and when it flares I increase how much I take and within 20 minutes I can feel it working because my foot hurts and itches at the same time.  Healing.   There are CB receptors throughout our body and sometimes doesn't "work" where we want it to" ....  You HAVE to be in tune with your body to get the best results....it isn't simply taking a pill..... and I would suggest using the oil vs a pill....put it under your tongue and it gets into the blood stream so much faster.  If you want any additional information email me at:  dianaputnam555@gmail.com and I will give you what opinions I am confident in giving based on it in my life.

Patina and Vertigris

I am taking an online class called Patina and Vertigris and so far it has been an "experience".  Stepping out of my comfort zone.....  The bottom picture is where i started and hated so much brassy gold so I tamed it down and then things just began happening.  I am also working on a larger canvas than I normally do so that in itself has created a bit of fear.....  I am enjoying the process and I have no idea where I will end up......  Tonight I added a layer of modeling paste on the left hand side and bottom of the top canvas and applied a Hieroglyphic stamp to see how it would imprint.  Something else that is new for me.  Tomorrow when it is dry I am going to paint it and then add a patina to it.  I think I am going to do bronze and the teal color and then go over the top with some black......  I have a 2nd canvas that is waiting for me done in silver, teal and black and it will need some enhancing also ..........


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.