Beyond Paper Dolls by Lynne Parella

A friend showed me the book Beyond Paper Dolls by Lynne Parella and I saw the following design that I knew immediately I was going to do as a Christmas gift for my granddaughter.   Today I went to JoAnnes and began purchasing some basic scrapbooking paper, ribbons, etc. to use.  I am now looking for something I can put everything in so that I can add to as I find items that "might" work.

I remember saying I don't like paper...... and here I am.  NEVER say NEVER cause it will come back to "bite you".

Following is the coat design and the items I have purchased and gathered as possibilities.  My background color is going to be the red/orange solid color and the cork for some texture.

Buddha Necklace

This is one of my favorite necklace pieces.  Polymer clay focal, handmade ceramic and lamp work beads,  cording and silver chain.

Buddha Paintings

I chose several Buddah photos from the internet listed as free images to try some techniques or just to "do them"....  

A friend told me I needed to put a quotation in the larger buddha so have chosen a couple and will get it incorporated somehow .... somewhere.

Tonight I will start the 3 rd one... which will be totally different from these 2.  I have learned / remembered a lot as I painted them and this next one will be a real challenge....but it IS about the journey.....and twice the fun if things "work out".......


I sell a 2 part molding compound in my Etsy shop and last week I decided I needed to try the product out on an idea that was forming.......

The blue is the mold I made.  The white is the polymer clay piece it produced...and exactly what I had in mind.

Now for the next step..............

But the compound is great.  Easy mixing.  Non toxic.  and BEST OF about 4-5 minutes in your mold is ready to use.....  I can think of SO many things I want to mold..


Handpainted Wood Cell Phone Stand

In the newest Edition of Painting World magazine there are 3 feather designs by Kelly Hoering.  This is one of them I have used as inspiration and painted a small little cell phone stand.  (I had to reduce the pattern to fit the surface.)    For some reason I am into feathers so I have 3 more stands to paint....and then work on some other feathery things that I will be listing in my Etsy shop....  "Spring Feather Fling" one of a kind items.  You may see similar but it is very doubtful you will see same.  This was painted using Liquitex professional grade paints and Dynasty's dry brushes in their Decorator Series. finish coated for durability and just a delightful, little, useful piece.    Thanks Kelly, this was fun.  Now to decide what color the next feather stand will be.  Teal and white on black..hmmmmm.

New Jewelry 2/2017

Deer Antlers, Tribal Beads, Handmade Lampwork and Handmade Organite Focal.  Waxed Cord  Called "Boho Natives"

Beach Stones, Swarowski Spacers, Chain necklace
called "Balance"

Handmade bracelet for a customer.  Swaroski crystals, and Pink Czech Pink Beads along with 5 Handmade Lampwork Beads.
Called  "Hollywood"
This is another Balance done with Handmade ceramic beads and the focal piece is made from center drilled sea glass from Russia.

This bracelet matches and will go with the first necklace above as a set. Trade beads from Ethiopia once again on a waxed cording.

Winter 3 Fingered Jack in Bend Oregon

This is a painting I am doing from a photo of 3 Fingered Jack ... part of the Cascade Mountain Range in Bend, OR.

This is stage #1.

Have the very back of the mountain to do and then the bare trees and evergreens to the very front.  So far I have used just 2 colors of paint and will introduce some green for the pines and some brown for the tree trunks and limbs so don't anticipate using more than 4-5 colors.  I am using Matisse and Liquitex paints for this one.   Brushes are from the Dynasty Decorator Series line with smaller Foliage Wave brush, and the Debbie Mitchell Stippler brush as well as other dry brushes in the Dynasty Decorator Series in different sizes.   I question whether I could have painted this far if I didn't have the brushes mentioned....this has been a fun self challenge.

Will post as I progress forward.  


I really enjoy painting shoes, boots, etc.  Thought I would jazz these up a bit....and am looking forward to no snow so I can wear them.........

Repurposed Vintage Necklace

The first photo shows the necklace I purchased at our local Humane Society Thrift Store for $5.00.  I bought it for color, vintage square beads, and the size.  The 2nd to bottom photos show my designs using the beads ....  I should be able to get quite a few neat pieces from this one small purchase.  The original necklace is strung with thread so that tells me "vintage" and the square pieces are most likely celluloid....

I am calling the necklace:  Balance.  

Doll Mixed Media Assemblage Spiritual Art Dolls

I am working on some Mixed media assemblage spiritual art dolls ....  This is the new one for 2017.  I try to do a little bit on it every day....even if it is looking for inspiration pieces to use....or photos for ideas....  It is not a planned piece....  Will also be working on shared pieces that will go between myself and a friend which will be challenging in different ways.....

The main thing for me is to create color, texture, form, balance, dimension, etc.

Following is the first step finished.

Tree bark from Pennsylvania
Fretwork pieces
A gemstone face
Small bark and moss pieces from here in Oregon

One of the most important things my husband has taught me is to have a good strong foundation so when I glue I clamp...... it is a slower process but well worth the extra effort in finished product.  No one wants to pick up something and have it just "fall apart".  I am using gel glue and some super glue I am trying out that I get from one of my wholesale suppliers that is working really well....but more costly that other super glues found in the craft stores....

Hopefully along the way she will get a name.......

PROGRESSING Date 2/20/17

The butterfly is going....don't like that at all.
Added more treebark, petals from a pinecone, metal material;  like the screening I remember, cut into strips for the "waterfall", and a pebble.   Can tell she is NOT finished.  Not sure what will be next.  She is "resting".

Winter Wonderland January 2017

We have had terrible winter storms here in Bend, Oregon since Christmas.  We kept thinking "this is it" every day but it never was and it got to the point of real concern.  We had to have our house / garage roof shoveled, many stores were closed in town, roads were thick layers of ice, and in the ground snow we had 3 layers of  snow and ice....the ice layers about 2 1/2" with a couple of feet of snow between like a bit marshmallow sandwich....  It "IS" beautiful so my camera has been busy and here are a few of the ones which are my favorite.   Notice the landscape image of upside down trees in the water drop at the end of the icicle.... the snow falling from the trees as it warmed up a bit today, and the snow by our house nearly roof high from having the roof snow removed.

Stamped Precious Metal Clay Jewelry by Laurie Matthews


The artist is Laurie Matthews and she is a seller on ETSY.   Check out her little jewelry shop at

And you can find the stamps she used at

Laurie used:  Ginkgo Biloba, Fairy Tale, Mega Jungle Love, Persian Rug, After the Rain and Tribal Zentangle stamps for the pieces shown.  

BEAUTIFUL pieces.  My favorite is the Fairy Tale one. 


The high desert of Bend Oregon.

Our "storm" has provided me a LOT of inside time and I have loved it.  Something to blame and enjoyment to be had.

I have been busy painting,  Reading m Visual Journaling in preparation of some self exploroation with images,  thinking about some mixed media pieces, working with the rubber stamps I sell and polymer clay, designing some new jewelry using antlers, gemstones, handmade lamp work, etc. and another new  book on Looming /  Weaving and checking over the mid sized loom I purchased for myself given to myself from Santa.  Gathering weaving materials from my "stash" and looking forward and loving the anticipation of "STARTING" some new and totally different pathways.
I love doing things I love.

I am SOOOOO glad that 2016 is nearly over.  It has emotionally, physically,  and spiritually, been a nightmare and hopefully I am waking up and on my way to understanding and having some balance in my day to day life.  My Mom always told me that life was "your hell" and with what this year has been like I really have to agree with her.

So I "anticipate" 2017 and KNOW that it is most definitely going to be a "better year" than last.  New starts, new journeys, new endings, learning experiences, etc.

So for those who check in periodically.......Happy Holidays.  A healthy, prosperous, New Year and blessings each and every day.


Lampwork Bead Bracelet Helpers and Magnifying Glasses

These pieces require larger hole beads to fit onto the "blank rod surface".  I love both of the items and use them on a regular basis.  The bracelet helper is a real gem.....but so is the magnifying glass when you can't see that REAL small print that is so stupid for us older people.   Time to scour my stash for more beads......which are handmade by various artists from US and overseas.

Antler Tip Design Jewelry

I love things that are different so when I saw these antler tips for sale...I knew that I wanted to design jewelry using them and it has been so much fun......except for the smell of drilling into bone....  The necklace focals in the bottom picture are made using larger handmade lamp work focal beads (glass) by various artists and now I have to design the rest .....  I am really enjoying these winter days.


Harry Potter Fan
How about the GILMORE GIRLS?
Dr Who?
Rustic Items?
Beer conisuer?
Supernatural fan?


Wooden / Wood

Artisan Designed by Michelle
Handmade by Chris



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Rubber stamps and buttons...........

NEW Rubber Stamps

I just rec'd notification that there are 40 new rubber stamps being released.  Here are my favorite 2 from the top 11 stamps I have just listed in my Etsy site.  These stamps are 2 x 4 and are WONDERFUL......  laser cut, clean, clear, and perform better than even you can imagine.  Check out my site at to see the first batch.   More to come.

Natures Bounty

I was walking in the vacant field beside our house picking up "natures leftovers" and pinecones when I came across several different patches of these little mushrooms.  It is so convenient having a phone with a camera for occasions like this......  Happy Fall.......

PutnamRenderings on Etsy

I have FINALLY decided I HAD to open another Etsy shop where I will be selling my handmade, hand painted, mixed media, and who knows what else Items.....  The boutique I had planned to participate in has been cancelled so I have "STOCK"...  All of my items are one of a kind....I don't do duplicates.  An item may be similar to another but it will not be identical when it comes to jewelry or hand painted items.  I have "started" to list and I will continue to list and add until I get everything on.

If you have time,,,,please go check my shoppe out......

Rain Drops

           Nothing can dampen autumn color..

Bear Paw Necklaces

I just finished making 3 bear claw mens' necklaces (Hand carved by an Etsy vendor using deer antler tips) for Christmas gifts.  The one on the far left is done and I will either sell or be inspired to give as a gift to someone.   They were fun and worked up quickly......  hope the recipients like them.

Check out: for these and other hand carved beauties......

Pine Cone Decoration

This is the Christmas pine cone decoration I have been working on.  I am about to add some more 
of "something".......  I have snow flakes,  silver big flaked glitter, ....  I am just not sure what but it just doesn't look "done".   This is a "test" piece so now is the time to look for other "things" that will give it the bling I want........the next one could and probably totally different.  See how pretty the down side areas of the pine cones are?  Triangular shaped darkness....they are so gorgeous this year.  In the middle of the piece is a simple bundle of pine needles wired together...
More of a natural nature ....  Wonder if I have any red glitter........  

Spiritual Orgonite Jewelry

I recently began making what is called Orgonite Pendant Jewelry.

They are inspired by the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich.  According to Dr. Reich, orgonite is a healing device made from resin, metal and crystals, which converts negative or stagnant bioelectrical energy into positive energy.

They are a spiritual healing tool.

The resin in orgonite shrinks during the curing process, permanently squeezing the crystal(s) inside which creates a well known piezoelectric effect inside the crystal , meaning it becomes polarized electrically.  This apparently causes it to function more effectively as a positive energy generator.

Anyone wanting to know more about his research, organites, orgones, etc. can do so simply by goggling orgonite.

My pendants are made using ground crystals,  metal,  and resin inside a high quality metal pendant focal.  

Anyone wanting to know more about orgonite, organ,  Dr. Wilhelm Reich's research, the spirituality aspect, etc. can do so by googling orgonite and reading the various articles which are available.  


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.