Stencil Art

I sell stencils in my Etsy shop but really hadn't had a chance to sit down and create with them.  I AM IMPRESSED....they have come a LONG way as has the art world in showing us techniques to use, specialty paints, crossover mediums, etc.  I had some hardboard (Masonite) scraps so I decided it was time to play.  It is a time consuming process but a lot of fun and I think the finished products are worth the extra time and energy required.   I chose to use the stencils and make "raised" relief instead of flat  so there is a a dimension with the pieces....and the intricate design is amazing.  It's nice because minimal paint is required even though there are 3 sometimes 4 separate applications of colors with 6 colors used in the designs which further creates a depth perception.  

Following is the piece I am working on now.  It is ready for a coat of finish gloss and when it is dry I can apply the first 2 coats of color.   Stay tuned to see the finished result.

I think you have to admit that the detail is exceptional.....  This particular stencil is by Stencilgirl and the other line I sell is TCW.

Grandsons Skeleton Painting Process and Finished canvas

My grandson saw one of my first large canvas paintings that was an original and was actually the first one I had ever done in this style.  He asked me if I would/could do one with skeletons for his apartment....sooooo...despite numerous stops and redos I am really content with the way this is progressing  ....  I am using a lot of stencils, parts of stencils, redoing stencils, as well as freehand, altering,  shading, highlighting, etc.  I think this is going to be a real hard one to say goodby to when I am finished and even if I wanted to I doubt that I could ever duplicate.  Right now I am waiting for small, brass skull head beads to "stick".  I am going to be adding 5 of them different places on the canvas.  Not just sure where this will head tonight when I go down.  Sometimes I just sit and look at it ...willing it to do it....  but I am really enjoying this one.   Continue to watch as it you see the skeletons which are already beginning to come forth??  

If you have comments or suggestions please leave them.  I would love that.

Tonight I made a mold of a skeleton ashtray that my husband has (he collects skeletons)...just the face portion and then did a clay impressions of the face area. I am planning/thinking I will use one or more of these in this painting (they are in the oven baking)  and what pieces are left I am going to try and work into a necklace.  Should be fun....need to hunt up some purple and green beads....

Diana's Favorites by DYNASTY (Brush Kit)

This is a specialty brush kit that FM and DYNASTY brushes put together for me about 8 years ago.  For me,  they are "staple" brushes.  I put the kit together using Dynasty Wave, Dynasty Dry Brush along with large and small IPC Flat Blends.  To use these brushes I found a few things enhanced their usage ... a Break In of sorts.  Additional sizes are available in the Dynasty  Collection series and in the IPC line there are other shapes of brushes.   A great online site to purchase your brushes is:  I have worked with them for years and never had a problem.

Next time I think I will introduce you to the Foliage Wave brush and give you some tips on how to break this brush in, prep it before use, clean, and where to hold the brush, etc.  I feel all are requirement to achieve good results.  

If there are any questions please email me at and I will do my best to answer.

Balance Necklace

I really like the uniqueness of this necklace.  It was created on a 4 inch headpin.  The stones are drilled close to the edge, spacer beads were used between the flat stones. The buddha head bead and the labyrinth are made by Tierra Cast and sold on Etsy  The stones are looser than I wanted but I didn't want to glue..  I wanted them to look like steps leading upward after leaving the labryinth or the buddha down to the spiritual maze.   The necklace chain is small diameter synthetic cording which I have knotted in several places.    Over the weekend I am going to try doing another one.

Intuitive Painting

This is the 2nd large canvas I have done using a verdigris background and allowing the painting...rather than planning.   I just began a 3rd painting for my grandson ... he has requested a design using skulls so we will see how that goes.

Hemp CBD Oil

 In Oregon medical and recreational marijuana is legal and we have quite a few dispensaries here in Bend.



Finding a CBD oil that was being made without any added ingredients,,,, and without THC in the dispensary is not easy.

To have a medical MJ card runs a little over $500 a year, but recreational personal use is free.  Something is the matter with this rationale.

Many individuals would like to try the CBD oil but don't do so for several reasons:

1.  Don't want to go into a dispensary
2.  Cannot use CBD products because of the THC and work because the THC level is over what the law says is considered legal.
3.  Cannot afford a medical card

and I am sure there are many other personal reasons.

I just recently purchased 750mg Hemp CBD oil for both my husband and myself and also for our 13 year old fur baby who has problems with her hips I have ordered the "treats".  I have a friend whose Vet recommended and provided her a RX for CBD oil for her poodle who was (notice I say was) plagued with monthly seizures.  Since using the CBD oil he has not had a seizure in nearly 2 years.

When I was introduced to this company where the THC is below the legal limit and I don't have to worry about a "high", made with Hemp vs Cannabis, legal in 50 states, and I don't have to pay $500 plus per year for a medical card....and don't have to go into a dispensary and can make a little extra money on the side I decided it was worth a try.

I have read testimonials from a couple of people I know personally .....  I have not been using the product long enough to give a testimonial but after seeing my husband detox from opioids for pain
I am pretty much THROUGH with Big Pharm, the addiction of, and side effects of chemically made

I went to a seminar here in Oregon which was presented by one of our physicians who is an endorser of the medical use of marijuana and CBD to treat a multitude of diseases, ailments, etc. and is doing studies regarding the positive / negative effects and the thing that hit me the strongest is :  EVERY ONE OF US HAS CBD RECEPTORS IN OUR BRAIN TO ACCEPT AND USE CBD OILS to benefit us with its' usage.  A physician recommending the use of something most doctors won't even mention to us as an alternative.  No side effects, no addiction, and possibly relief of symptoms.

IF you are interested go to www.hempworx. com/misspru and check out the information and see if it might be something you might want to give a try as an alternative to Big Pharm.

Someone asked me if I felt that the CBD would be good for anxiety...the Dr. had recommended she take some for this diagnosis.

Everyone is different.  It has made a remarkable difference in my life .... and I would recommend trying....   For about 4-5 years life has been rough so the CBD was my last resort anxiety wise... and every day I feel better.  I have had a couple of set backs, but for the most part I have been getting through my days pretty grateful.    How long before you see or feel a difference?  Once again it varies.  I have plantar fasciitis and when it flares I increase how much I take and within 20 minutes I can feel it working because my foot hurts and itches at the same time.  Healing.   There are CB receptors throughout our body and sometimes doesn't "work" where we want it to" ....  You HAVE to be in tune with your body to get the best isn't simply taking a pill..... and I would suggest using the oil vs a pill....put it under your tongue and it gets into the blood stream so much faster.  If you want any additional information email me at: and I will give you what opinions I am confident in giving based on it in my life.

Patina and Vertigris

I am taking an online class called Patina and Vertigris and so far it has been an "experience".  Stepping out of my comfort zone.....  The bottom picture is where i started and hated so much brassy gold so I tamed it down and then things just began happening.  I am also working on a larger canvas than I normally do so that in itself has created a bit of fear.....  I am enjoying the process and I have no idea where I will end up......  Tonight I added a layer of modeling paste on the left hand side and bottom of the top canvas and applied a Hieroglyphic stamp to see how it would imprint.  Something else that is new for me.  Tomorrow when it is dry I am going to paint it and then add a patina to it.  I think I am going to do bronze and the teal color and then go over the top with some black......  I have a 2nd canvas that is waiting for me done in silver, teal and black and it will need some enhancing also ..........

3/2018 Handmade by Me Convertible Necklaces

I am getting ready to  list these 2 necklaces on Etsy.  They are convertible because there are claps on the beaded portion that can be adapted to a chain or to a knotted cord type chain.  Get several different looks.

The gemstone to the left is a Chinese Painted Jasper and the one on the right is an Agate Druzy.  There is an open area on the downside top that is beautiful white crystal. (Druzy)

I have used Lava beads, Czech beads, Swarowski  crystals,  and handmade lamp work beads.

Jewelry making is so relaxing and enjoyable.


This has to be one of my favorite pours as far as colors go......they are vibrant.  Used a black painted canvas, swiped a bit here and there with black, and am glad I mixed too much paint so that I got more than one painting.   Red, yellow, orange and believe it or not a sage green, with a squirt or two of white.   The top biggest one kinda looks like a lobster or crab claw......with a small fish underneath.

Freezing Fog 2018


Freezing Fog 2018

Freezing Fog 2018


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.