Rain Drops

           Nothing can dampen autumn color..

Bear Paw Necklaces

I just finished making 3 bear claw mens' necklaces (Hand carved by an Etsy vendor using deer antler tips) for Christmas gifts.  The one on the far left is done and I will either sell or be inspired to give as a gift to someone.   They were fun and worked up quickly......  hope the recipients like them.

Check out:  www.AntlerNIvory.etsy.com for these and other hand carved beauties......

Pine Cone Decoration

This is the Christmas pine cone decoration I have been working on.  I am about to add some more 
of "something".......  I have snow flakes,  silver big flaked glitter, ....  I am just not sure what but it just doesn't look "done".   This is a "test" piece so now is the time to look for other "things" that will give it the bling I want........the next one could and probably will......be totally different.  See how pretty the down side areas of the pine cones are?  Triangular shaped darkness....they are so gorgeous this year.  In the middle of the piece is a simple bundle of pine needles wired together...
More of a natural nature ....  Wonder if I have any red glitter........  

Spiritual Orgonite Jewelry

I recently began making what is called Orgonite Pendant Jewelry.

They are inspired by the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich.  According to Dr. Reich, orgonite is a healing device made from resin, metal and crystals, which converts negative or stagnant bioelectrical energy into positive energy.

They are a spiritual healing tool.

The resin in orgonite shrinks during the curing process, permanently squeezing the crystal(s) inside which creates a well known piezoelectric effect inside the crystal , meaning it becomes polarized electrically.  This apparently causes it to function more effectively as a positive energy generator.

Anyone wanting to know more about his research, organites, orgones, etc. can do so simply by goggling orgonite.

My pendants are made using ground crystals,  metal,  and resin inside a high quality metal pendant focal.  

Anyone wanting to know more about orgonite, organ,  Dr. Wilhelm Reich's research, the spirituality aspect, etc. can do so by googling orgonite and reading the various articles which are available.  


This years pine cones are plentiful as well as beautifully shaped and the color is gorgeous.  We have about 85 pines on our property and a vacant lot next to us so I have been out "gathering" natures bounty.  We are to have high winds tonight so I am expecting by the weekend I will be able to gather an amount greater than 100 more.

I am going to try selling some large priority boxes of them on my Etsy site (25 per box) and the last photo shows a photo of a holiday piece for on a door, or to hang somewhere that is inspiration for pieces I want to make for Christmas gifts....  Mine are going to be 3 pinecones, ribbon, bells, etc. and I
 just purchased my supplies to begin the creative
process......  IF they turn out I will post photos in a future post....

Maybe the last photo will also inspire others to create their own nature gifts...which I estimate to run about $6.00 apiece,( per each 3 pine cone decoration)  depending on the "add ons" used and the purchase prices.   I purchased my embellishments  where I got 40% off each item purchased....  The single pine cone decoration shown below was selling for $7.99 apiece so if I was going to sell a 3 piece decoration my price would be a minimum of $21.00.  Buying my pinecones ..... the cost is about $1.10 each.

Cascade Mountain Range Sunset

Copyright Diana Putnam 2016

A friend sent me a photo from the Prineville, Oregon area of a sunset taken with a cell phone and texted it on to me........naturally I had to paint it and this long thin hand wrapped portrait grade canvas boards was perfect to catch just what was sent........  I used Liquitex Soft Body Paints and Dynasty Decorative Series brushes......

 I am pleased with the results.....and would have loved to have seen this firsthand.

"Fall of My Dreams" Acrylic Painting

copyright:  2016 Diana Putnam 

I just finished this acrylic painting using a landscape photo for inspiration.  I don't do a line drawing.
I paint free hand which allows me more creativity and I play with colors as I go but do have my favorite palette colors ...   They vary depending on the season I am painting....or hope I am painting.
I never know how the painting with turn out when I start so it is a fun little journey as I travel through the design as it develops....

I love fall, water, fog,  oranges and reds, trees, flowers and skies.....  It is so much fun to do an atmospheric painting and "feel" as well as see;  with depth instead of just a flat design on a canvas.

SIZE:                8" x 10"

SURFACE:      Custom portrait grade hand wrapped canvas board

PAINTS:          Liquitex Soft Body Professional Grade Acrylic Paints

BRUSHES:     Dynasty Speciality Brushes

SPECIAL EFFECTS:  Glamour Dust Paint "for sparkle"

Polymer Clay Tile Bracelet and Ring

Playing with the rubber stamps I sell on Etsy.........  I wanted the tiles to look like an ancient dig find....  Used white clay, Paynes Grey paint, and then sanded.....  I used my pistol grip Dremel that my sister got me years ago....and is no longer made.  Big Mistake Dremel..... I love mine because it is so comfortable and easy to use.   Found an extra ring blank so not I have a "set" and may think about doing a necklace as I still have tiles with this design left.    It turned out like I wanted......

Wire Bend, Twist and Mold

I have found that I really enjoy wire sculpture and have done a couple.  This one is "in process".  I have chosen a wood tray  and this one will be dimensional but more flat than 3D.... I think.  It seems that as I play things sometimes change during the journey. 

Wire allows me to go within....and there is really no thought process just a doing process.  My hands move, the wire bends and I just allow...  Right now I have used some silver mesh and have fashioned a mesh curtain valance with pleats and tiny billows as if there is a breeze.  It is "ouch-y" to work with.

The material backdrop I don't think will be my final choice.... and I think a trip to Hobby Lobby or JoAnnes to browse the material section might be on my agenda....

My original idea and where I seem to be going with the wire focal piece is a tree with roots ........ and maybe along the way I will discover the connection to me.

Hole in the Wall Mural

One of the projects I am working on is the mural in my studio that has been waiting for me for a good 3 years....  I just didn't know what I was going to do..... but it is now working up quickly and I am enjoying the journey.....  Hopefully I will finish it up this holiday weekend....  My ladder, brushes, and paints await me.  I have to do the highlighting on the pine tree.... and the last photo shows the closeup of the clouds which is what I worked on last to enhance.

I LOVE CLOUDS, and TREES, and ATMOSPHERE........  Note that some of the coral base coat that was on the wall kinda shows through the white adding an unexpected touch of color to my sky that looks really nice..... Neat happening.

Spirit Dolls / Polymer Clay

Last night I finished up the 2 Spirit Dolls that I had started.  I used 2 different rubber stamps that I sell on Etsy (Seashell and Forest Floor).   I am anxious to make more so later today I will  go through my stock and see what else would work up into a doll.  Half of the fun is looking for the stamp that speaks to me and then finding embellishments... chosing the color, etc. and laying out in work preparation.  I have a stamp called "Nails" that might work up really neat for a Male Spirit doll....hmmmm.  A steampunk Gear Stamp that might be neat completed,  and A Chinese Writing stamp for some Oriental flair.... we are limited only by our lack of imagination.

Spirit of the Ocean has Sea Urchin shells for arms which I purchased at Florence, Oregon when I took a "me" sabbatical  and the dangles are Tierra Cast Ocean charms from:

                                               www.Dragongsfyre.etsy.com store

The center is a handmade glass lamp work bead that has an eye in what looks like a seashell in browns and greens that I love.  I used the manicurist tool I have written about here on my blog to drill the holes, and a face mold for the faces.

Spirit of the Forext has arms that are real pebbles which I order predrilled.  The leg dangles on this one are Moonstone Czech beads and square silver beads from "stash".

These are so relaxing to create.......  I love them.

Marry Your Muse by Jan Phillips

A friend gave me this book to read and it is UNBELIEVABLY FANTASTIC and a must read for anyone who is creative, thinks they are creative, or wants to be creative.  I began reading it last night and only quit because my eyes would no longer focus....and I went to sleep thinking about what I had read.   it created such a warm, fuzzy feeling of contentment and peace as she identified feelings that were familiar to me as I create "whatevers"....   I have so many areas of art that move me .... bring me joy .... etc.  and an appreciation of what others do.  She is an amazing writer who is able to convey what I know is truly felt from deep inside her creative soul.  

I have an Amazon Echo so I went into my Audible account and it is also available there for purchase.....   My Echo is in my studio and I love being read to as I loose myself in my artistic endeavors........

I GUARANTEE you will NOT be disappointed in this book and will devour it in total pleasure.

Ancient People Fineline Rubber Stamp

This is a brand new rubber stamp that is 6" x 9" called Ancient People fine line that I really like.  (It is also available in a continuos rollable).    I am anxious to give the design a try on a piece of polymer clay jewelry.

 I am working on a couple of altered art Spirit dolls ---
"Ocean" and "Forest Floor"... using 2 other rubber stamps.   When they are done I will post photos....they are laid out the way I "THINK" that I want them but I just NEVER know how they will finish until they are finished.  Artist play is so fun.

Manicure Electric Tool

This is one of my favorite tools....and found at probably every manicurists table.....  Mine came with a box full of attachments and I can even add some small drill bits to mine that I borrow from my husband......  It is especially useful when I am working with polymer clay and cement.....  Drills my holes for jewelry, buffs for a nice shine, sands edges and imperfections..... and nice fat easy grip tool...  I just used it last night and went "wow, I really like this tool....."  I purchased mine off of Amazon and cool it is pink.....

Perfect Hand Lettering with Deli Paper Courtesy of Kari McKnight Holbrook

I sell deli paper in my easy shoppe and it has been selling like hotcakes and I thought I would share one of the artists' ways of working with this versatile "out of the box" supply.    Right now I only sell one size but it comes in several .....   I am anxious to give this technique a try....  I don't know about you but I have SEVERAL different small quotes that would be awesome on a canvas, with some type of background color to make things really POP........

So enjoy.

What's so great about Deli Paper?

Deli Paper is the hottest non-art art supply going right now.

It stands up to liquid media.  Paint, ink, gel medium, etc.  You can use deli paper as a palette and you can print and write on it too.  Either way, the liquid stays put, it isn't waxed, so the liquid won't bead up.

Deli paper is stiffer than tissue paper, but still pliable.  When you stamp, print, or roll excess paint onto deli paper, it doesn't collapse and stick to itself.  It pretty much stays in a nice, flat sheet that you can use later.

Gel medium turns deli paper transparent.  After you've painted, printed, lettered, etc. on the deli paper and it's dry, you can glue it to a background with gel medium and the papers will "disappear" leaving just the image or design visible.

To me, the very best use of deli paper is for adding lettering or a sketch to a background.  Who among us hasn't carefully added letters,  a name,  a quotes, etc.  to a piece of art only to discover a misspelling or you really wish you'd placed the words a little to the right, or whatever?

You can avoid mistakes like these by using deli paper.  I learned this letter trick from Kari McKnight-Holbrook via her video tutorial, Backgrounds to Bindings, Beautiful Handmade Books and Art Journals.

1.  Draw your sketch or write out your quote onto a sheet of deli paper.
2.  When you have everything just as you want it, cut or tear sound the quote or image and place it on your background.  Move the paper around so you can decide exactly where you want it.
3.  Spread a thin coat of gel medium onto the background and place the deli paper on it, smoothing it out over the medium.

Now you have perfect lettering in the perfect place, brought to you by the miracle of deli paper.

These bottom two photos with the quotes show the technique.  I hand tore around the quote and then used gloss Gel Medium (Matisse, because this is what I had) and adhered it using the above method to a canvas purchased at JoAnnes.  I am going to try the same technique again and try hand painting the background first....  I used a Micron pen on the deli paper and got NO SMEARING, or
BLEEDING.....  I also want to try it on colored card stock.  I am definitely pleased wit the result....especially because writing on canvas directly is BUMPY and this way with deli paper it looks so much more professional....

I don't like it a bit on a painted background but I think I am REALLY going to like the effect inside a
greeting card.......and instead of "tearing" I am going to use decorative scissors (that cut with a design) or one of the Edger punches you can buy......THAT I think will look really nice and with the different colored Micron pens we can choose the ink color.....  My cards are down on my work table and will be so much fun to "play" with.....

New Painting



PHOTO #4.  


I originally painted this landscape design  4" x 4" and my son in law asked for a larger version so this is a  24" x 36" canvas.  If you scroll down to prior posts you will see the original small finished piece.

Because of the canvas size there will be some modifications in this piece.  When painting freehand and mixing colors it is nearly impossible to duplicate....

I have the entire foreground to complete, water enhancements, more trees, some additional highlighting and shading, etc.  I am never quite sure how the finished piece will look and although I begin with an idea of where I am going there are always things that change....which is the fun of a painting journey.

As usual Liquitex Soft Body Paints,  Dynasty brushes;  but the canvas is from JoAnnes which was on sale for 50% off and a real deal...  This is the largest canvas piece I have ever done although I have completed several wall murals in the past.  A white canvas; for some reason is intimidating.

I have numbered the photos in the order of the painting progression.

I am hoping to have the piece finished by the beginning of next week.


I really enjoy painting geraniums....  I did this design a couple of years ago and it is one of my favorites because of its simplicity....  I enjoy painting with a black background,,,,,and I was really surprised at the mat I chose for this piece....  I had bright red, light orange, green and this one.....  

Once again Portrait grade hand wrapped canvas board 4" x 6 "  Liquitex paints, and my good ole' faithful Dynasty Brushes....  in "tiny" sizes.

Geranium Photo Inspiration

I see so many different colors in this geranium bloom.......I think that this is why I love dirty brush painting..... it allows the variations to "happen" in a more natural, subtle way when one is reaching for realism impressionistic which is the style I find more comfortable....  The use of a dry brush also helps...vs a flat or an angle or even a filbert ... although I could see a different effect using a filbert rake that would also be pretty..... same thing dirty brush or multiple color loads...  FUN.

New Painting ..... Gnome

This was sooooo much fun to paint.....

Line drawing from a vintage painting book by Don Weed.  I saw several I want to paint.
Because there aren't any "real" painting instructions I got to pick my own palette of colors so that was a fun challenge..... I like to "ad lib" when I am painting....adding something here or there, not using an element, matting, background colors, etc.   etc.  and is basically the do it yourself  technique  that motivated Don Weed to do the book the way he did....interesting concept that I totally agree with.......

Liquitex Paints
Dynasty brushes (Dry brushes)
Handmade/hand stretched portrait grade canvas 8" x 10"...

Birthday Jewelry

Jewelry bracelet and earring set I just finished for a birthday gift.
The blue and white lamp work in the bracelet was made by my daughter and the Yorkie charms are from her Etsy store:   (www.dragynsfyre.etsy.com)
The dog bones are also handmade lamp work but I am not sure just who the lamp work artist was for these pieces....but they sure are cute.....  Work great with the dog charms for the earrings.

I enjoy the relaxation that comes from jewelry designing......


I had an acquaintance who always thought she had to "go somewhere" or "do something" in order to be motivated, inspired,  feel good, etc.   etc.  etc.      Beautiful, serene surroundings help but if you don't have what you need "inside" the only thing that "might" happen are flowery words that have no depth...they are just illusionary words....and it shows.

My inspiration comes from within and many times is something that just happens..... and I don't even HAVE to leave home.   The skeleton fisherman was a gift Michelle gave her Dad......the rusty fish stake I picked up at an art show here in Bend somewhere down through the years, and the chair with no seat is probably something my husband picked up because he liked the way it looked....and put together it becomes kinda "neat".  I think I am going to take a few more photos that are better of the skeleton and this just might be one of my next paintings.....

Just got an order of Liquitex soft body paints in colors I didn't have and ones I used a lot and was "out of"...  I ordered a Copper Metallic that will be perfect for the rusty tin items,,, and a Silver Metallic that will work great for the tin tub.....

So go within.......

New Painting

I learned quite a few different things...things I guess maybe I always knew because I did them...but these times I paid more attention to "detail".   Emotionally as well as visually as I painted this, and the prior painting......

In my newest painting it didn't come CLOSE to being what I had envisioned when I began.  It was to be a larger (8 x 10") of the one I finished which is shown directly below this post..... and I just sat and painted....didn't plan, didn't think ahead, just painted and it just seemed to materialize.  

With this painting I used ; I think,  5 colors .... my good ole' standby Dynasty Foliage and Dry Brushes in their Designer series, the Soft Body Liquitex paints in artist grade... (comes in a small jar (my preference) or a tube.  The paints are more of a velvety look ....  not matte or satin and far from glossy finish.  The look with Liquitex is the look that I personally prefer...plus I know the QUALITY is there in the paints.  The canvas I use is artist portrait grade hand wrapped boards and the Liquitex on these canvas pieces is perfect coverage the first time.  

With landscapes; although there is a wide range of shades;;;; and there are highlights it is not the labor intensive shading and highlighting from decorative painting days..... BUT.... the same wonderful technique guidelines are used so we still touch base with our roots in painting...or in anything creative we might do...

My brushes.....  I LOVE the Dynasty designer series as well as a few of the IPC brushes for foliage,,, and once again I am finding I use the dry brushes as a regular brush because I like the look I get....but I have my favorites in the Eye of the Tiger brushes, and their liner brushes....  For me it all just works together and for me that is half the battle....using what wors and what gives me the results, I am looking for.  I have to please myself before I can expect to please others....  

When I used to teach I let my students use whatever brushes they wanted after they began to paint more on their own...as well as the sizes they used....  Each one had a different little quirk to their painting style......the only time I would make suggestions was if they were "stuck" then I would let them try my brush if it was different or a different size, etc. from what I had that I used until they found what worked and gave them the look they were wanting.  I learned so much from those students.....  

When I was finishing up the painting in the prior post I realized the difficulty some would have as they painted an 8 x 10 canvas using a 4 x 6 photo........  They only thing that picture provides that is concrete is inspiration.....   or having a good eye and be able to transfer a small tree to a larger tree, add the foliage and get all of the other size features correct in miniature.....Some times it is important to me to be exact enough to have someone know where the landscape originated from and sometimes it is totally different from the photo........ artist choice(s).... and it is fun to take the journey when you don't know what you will encounter along the way or exactly where you will end up.... 

This painting has in it everything I love about scenery and a LOT of technique work.    TREES (especially dead trees, birch, pine trees,)  FOG or MIST, BUSHES, The MOON, 
WATER, SHADOWS and HIGHLIGHTS, REFLECTIONS, IMPRESSIONISTIC BORDERINGS ON REALISM,  CLOUDS, DEPTH, MYSTERY, IMAGINATIVE, and hopefully lures the viewer into the feeling within the painting itself....  

I am pretty sure this painting is DONE.......it Feels done...  I made a lot of corrections along the way to the finish line...  Whoops, no it isn't.  The last thing I will do is to flyspeck the entire piece,,, more heavily in the water with DecoArt Americana Glamour Dust Paints in ICE CRYSTAL.... one of my very favorite speciality paints.  Just a little so that you always have to take a second look to see if you really DID see that little bit of sparkle.....

I "thought" this was "done"....  lol....   Last night I pulled some really old painting books from Bonnie Seaman, Milton Lenoir,  Joyce Beebe, Gene Waggoner....some of my favorite old classic artists and in one of them was a similar water scene with a canoe moored to the bank...so....  I  drew a canoe the size I needed, and placed it on my painting to see first "if" I liked it..... and I do so later today, tonight or tomorrow a canoe is going in the design.....   Since the painting is pretty monotone....it will add just a burst of color that may (or may not) make a big difference in the finished piece.....????

I personally think that the mat is just as important as the painting....and even the choice in a frame.  
When I sell this it will be matted but I will leave the framing to the buyer.....   The colors in the bottom one are pretty close to what the painting really looks right....but then again it was taken at night under artificial light....   


Sometimes it is fun to go outside the box......in what you can do....to try something you haven't ever done just to see if you can, if you like it and if it is something you want to do again....based on what you may have learned.....  I am not sure whether I like just the graphite drawing....OR do I like it with color?  Personally,,,,I  think just the graphite has the higher vote.......but yet I want more so I have to ponder options....  Will I sit and draw another?  Who knows.....  I do think that I want to do a white on black paper....  I love black for a background....everything pops so I am thinking maybe a winter scene......  No promises to myself....just whenever....    This was drawn on a white watercolor card....so someone will get this ....

Off to canvas and acrylics............ and I THINK it is going to be a winter scene but I am often SURPRISED the way the path takes me.... it could end up being a summer scene....

Necklaces New


Photo #1.         Sea Shell from Florence, Oregon
Photo #2.         Polymer Clay focal (using one of the rubber stamps I sell on Etsy)
Photo #3.         Jasper Gemstone

Landscape Painting (Done)

A few posts down I took a photo of this "in progress"  ...  I think that it is done but it will set on an easel for a week or so where I can see it several times a day....and after a week or so I can say DONE or make changes...till I fell it is done....part of the journey....  When I finished I flyspecked Ice Crystal Americana Glamour Dust paints on the water areas of the painting...just a dos a touch more realism... These paints are my favorite embellishment and I find I use them on just about every painting I do anymore....

Now, I am done......went in and highlighted the pine tree as it was too dark.... too much all one color.........

The Soul Spirit of CITRA ART

I love doing Citra Art....  I love the mystery of it.  Watching what happens happen...as you watch your Negative come to life and become something totally different from what it was, and yet the same...  Sometimes I get "things" that just aren't anything.....at least to me;  but then there are others; like this one that somehow speaks to me....  As a youngster I loved those puzzles where you had to find hidden items in a picture,,,,I still find myself drawn when I see one....so I guess that is one reason why I like this art form ....

I don't give to it....it gives to me....  I am just the tool that applies what is needed to make the magic happen..... but still so much fun....  I haven't done any for a year or so ....  think it is something I need to add to my agenda of   TO DO SOON  and see what develops......

They are kinda like the INK BLOTS of the 60's.... It is fun to think and study and use my brain in the brainless days of "push a button" we now experience .....to form my OWN personal conclusion...based solely on me....my perception...

1. MATURITY (Thought for the week)


I am going to ponder this for a week of meditative thoughts....it will be interesting to see what comes from it.  They weren't just words I was reading but words that kinda jumped out and grabbed me as something that deserved some "time" in life ....  lessons to be learned, wisdom to gain, peace for my soul,,,,who knows what it will bring into my life this week....??

Walking away and not looking back is hard.....I have had to realize that everyone that comes into anothers'  life brings joy or teaches us a lesson....sometimes we get lucky and we get both in positive ness....but when it brings a little tug at the heart we have to continually remind ourselves that everything happens for a reason and we can fight it or we can accept....  acceptance doesn't always come easy....and it is something you may  have to continually reaffirm in your own heart mind with no resentment, anger, or dwelling in the emotion......  Growth....  Lessons learned...  Illusion vs Reality .....  and even at 70 MATURITY....


I have never been much to use stencils....probably because I have never played with them, or thought about them in a creative way....  BUT....  I purchased some new stencils from my wholesaler and before I put them in my Etsy site I wanted to see how one was to "work with".  Sometimes things look nice ....  but they aren't.  WELL THESE ARE....and I love the way it worked on this piece of dark turquoise blue card stock and the Americana Glamour Dust Paint in Ice Crystal.....I LOVE these paints and I use them more than I do paint....lol....  I am already wondering just how awesome this stencil would be on GLASS.......  using Etching medium, or one of the other Gallery Glass paints as the stencil material....  I have some curved beveled glass so I am going to have to give it a try and see what happens....and will report back with a photo or photos when done...IF it looks good......but I think it will.... An artists visionary ........

But back to the stencils....NICE....I am pleased with this one anyway so know the others will follow suit as an artists eye begins to see the exact use for a tool....I LOVE tools...

Check out my Etsy site....there are 3-4 of these stencils as I test out the water(s) so to speak before I commit to other design stock.

ARTIST:  Kasia Krzyminska  also known as Ckeoczna or Czeko is from Warsaw, Poland and is a 22 year old pharmacist during the day and an artistic soul when she is home....  Check out her blog at:

Landscape Painting Acrylic (In Progress)


On Facebook Annette Dozier has a painting group......she is one of my FAVORITE landscape artists....and I admire her work so much....  On the site group someone posted a photo of a landscape and I decided that I wanted to paint it just to see how mine would vary from the actual photo and using it more for inspiration than "copy".....  I freehand paint when I am doing a landscape and I love it because no 2 will be alike....there will be a variance in design, colors used, and maybe in actual content..and I love that it takes the "pressure" off of the artist.....we don't HAVE to copy.... we can change whatever we want, for whatever reason we want....and we will learn so much along the way as we journey through the piece.....  I have 2 more trees to add to this....one will be a dead tree and the others have foliage.....  I also need to work on the tree shadows in the water but I want to wait now until I have the trees totally done....  I love the way the clouds turned out ....  and that the water looks wet like water should.......
 So far I have used:
Hookers Green
2 Blues
Titanium White
Turners Yellow
in Liquitex soft body paints which more and more are the paints I grab the most ,....., especially when I do landscapes....  My brushes were the DYNASTY IPC and Designer Series brushes and my canvas is a handmade  5 x 5  portrait grade canvas board...

I wanted so badly to finish this tonight because things were flowing well but I decided to stop and finish the rest next "session"

When I am done with the painting portion I will use the Americana Glamour Dust Ice Crystal paint to fly speck the water area...just that little bit of bling that will create even more realism....


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.