Fluid Art

Last night I did some pouring.  This is a repair.  The first one was HORRIBLE so I scraped it off and using the same colors.......with the addition of black I poured again and I am thrilled.  It is done on a square canvas and I am going to have it duplicated on another canvas so I can play with it a bit without ruining this.  It is wet here but dried the same and tonight I will get a finish coat on it.  I don't see any silicone oil so I am pretty sure I am "safe".  Lots of people wait weeks and even a month to finish but I haven't had a result I didn't like.

Mixed Media

This is a small canvas that I applied clay to.

I sculpted the mountain range,  used a small wood roller tree stamp (for sale in my Etsy shop) for the pine tree line and then used silver,  gold and charcoal paint for accents.

The clouds are painted.

Very Nortwest Cascade Mountainy.

Wisdom Crone Spirit Doll

I am not sure who the artist is but she has inspired me to make a large nature doll as part of my recovery process.   She will hang on my front or side porch and help to ward off the evil spirits that sometimes blow in the wind.  It has been a rough year...and I will be glad to see it go and 2019 meander in bringing protection, hope, and an awakened self.  

Today I am going to begin the face sculpture using polymer clay and I Have a basket where I am gathering elements that may or may not be used as I begin the construction the beginning of January. I have no idea where I am going, what it will look like only that it "will be".

I have a small notebook where I can sketch, write in information, things I want to look for, photos,  what I have learned from and during the process, and colors I want to use. etc.

I will continue adding information and pictures on this post as I add things....and begin my process.

Supply Basket elements:
Wire cutters
Glue gun and Glue Sticks
Foundation (Tree Limb)
Swarowski Crystals
Oregon Moss
Twig Beads (Etsy)

I feel that the face is what should be created first and helps you to know how the rest of the doll should be brought to life.  I am going to sculpt mine myself but there are face molds you can purchase ....  human, moon, etc.    I use Etsy as much as I can when I purchase items as I want to support the other creative souls who strive to supplement their income vs big business.  If you want to make this doll truly yours and a reflection of feelings or a specific look you want to achieve...I strongly suggest sculpting the face yourself.  

FACE:   Sculpty Polymer Clay
              Sculpt or use a facial mold
I use white clay .... and then color, shade, highlight, etc.

Pour Painting

I love the natural, woodsy, neutral colors of this one and then I saw HIM and I was delighted.
I am pretty sure I am going to have this matted (they don't carry stock mats as big as this) and then think about a frame .....  I love when things like this happen....

Dip Painting

This turned out super.....It looks like an angel in red top left and a choir of angels to the bottom with light everywhere.  I am going to have to mat and frame this 4 x 6.  Another favorite.

Ferris Wheel Niagara Falls

I took this photo SEVERAL years ago when we went to the NY and Canadian Niagara Falls.  I am pretty sure this was on the Canadian side.  I just found the enlargement I had done and took the time to mat and frame it from stash on hand.  It is one of my my favorite shots.  Photography is one of my hobbies and has been since I got my first Brownie when I was probably 12-13 years old.  I love unique, different, and shadows/highlights.

Christmas Ornaments Fluid Art

I got 30 of these poured, finish sprayed, priced and down to my daughters' store to adorn one of her Christmas trees.  I did 3 pours with the same colors, same sequence of colors, and 3 different looks.  This is Pour #1

Christmas Colors Fluid Art

WHAT A MESS.....  Tonight I did a major "Christmas colors" pour and dips.  Christmas ornaments, small candle jars, a couple of canvas pieces, and my 4 x 6 dips.    It will be fun to go downstairs tomorrow and see the results, finish coat, and put things back together.  I am hoping to do another pour of Christmas ornaments tomorrow.    (I keep my glitter in a salt shaker so that I have more control of placement and amount).

Resin and Rubber Stamps

An Etsy buyer asked if resin would work on the rubber stamps I sell on Etsy.
I didn't know so here is a photo of the results.


The resin portion on the right shows white but it is actually clear.  Once I got it started with my finger nail it pulled right off....  On the rubber stamp to the left you can see exactly where the resin laid and that the stamp is still in good condition in done correctly.

I used the Evirontex 2 part resin that I purchased at JoAnnes.  It is spendy so when I need it I make sure that I at least have a 40% off coupon to use.  On my site I sell Cool Slip which is a release in a spray bottle.

Wing Stencils / Canvas

Another project I am working on.  I always seem to have at least 4-5 things "in process".   I used a silver molding paste which is giving a bit of dimension to the piece.  I like that they are different...so will sell separately but my next  will be a pair of the one I like the best when I finish and I want to do pink for a girls room.....every child needs wings to fly.  I am in the process of adding some shading and the hologram glitter which I think makes the piece.  I will post when finished.  The wing stencil is available for sale in my Etsy store as well as silver, gold and platinum paste.....I have several differed wing stencils and the smallest ones are just adorable.....It is fun to be retired and able to play.
The canvas pieces are stretched canvas boards and the size was a special order.  I "think" I am going to add silver chain as the hanging element

Fluid Dip Art

There are times when I pour or dip and am just not sure how well I like the pieces I do but once I start trying on mats, and add a frame I love the results.  The finished piece is for my grandson for Christmas.  I picked the frame up yesterday at my favorite thrift store....I love when it is just there for me to buy ......  Got the rest matted and they will go to the SunRiver store.  The green in the frame is glass and is part of the actual frame which is silver....and I had a silver mat.  It turned out perfect.

POURED Bottle Vase

Colors are OK on this but not my favorite...but hopefully it will appeal to someone.  Really like the bottle.  Perfect for flowers, some fairy lights, etc.

Poured Christmas Ornaments

A set of 3.  Green, beige, gold and silver.  Will put a finish coat on the tonight.   Also did several 4 x 6
on processed paper that I will mat.   These look like flasks.  I always like unique and different.  Have 3 more to do and if they sell in the store I will get some more.

Polymer Clay Necklace

Just finished these two necklaces using some new acrylic pattern rolling pins that I purchased from overseas.    

The bottom ones' chain is done using fishing lure products.  I love different and this necklace speaks unique.

Winter Mountain

This is the largest canvas (other than a wall) that I have painted on.  I don't know why they intimidate me.  Roni LaBrae was one of my favorite artists and so I am using one of her designs for color, placement angles etc.  for my daughters' new store) along with winter snow photos I have taken to get some "effects".   You can't see the blue areas in the sky real well but they are there....I have to add snow patches on the mountain and then to the front a winter river... hopefully when I am done it will look like a river scene from the Bend/Deshutes River area.  As always I am enjoying the process...

Matisse Flow Paints

Dynasty Brushes
Faux Squirrel
Eye of the Tiger
IPC Brushes
Dry Brushes
Foliage Wave Dynasty Speciality Series
For years I have worked with different brands of brushes and the Dynasty Brushes are BY FAR my favorites and basically about all I use to get the "effects" I am wanting to achieve.


Another one I just love....especially in the pink mat.   I am planning on doing calendars for friends this Christmas using my dips.. I love looking at them and turning every which way.  Sometimes ya' see things and sometimes ya' don't.  It is mesmerizing to me.  This one has been finished in a way I like that gives the picture a hazy look that is different.

An addicting, fun, relaxing art technique.

FLUID ART Orange Black and Silver

There are some I can't sell or let go of.  They will go to friends ... or I will mat, frame and hang.  
 4" x 6".
Fluid Art acrylic  "dips"

Polymer Clay Necklace and Bracelet Set

I love this necklace but I can't keep every piece I do....so to the store it shall go.
I have used wood beads and handmade lamp work beads by an artist here or overseas
that is a SRA (Self representing artist).  They are not the Chinese glass lamp work.  The
beads match perfectly.

Christmas Card 2018

This is going to be my Christmas card for this year and then I will probably mat and frame.  Some abstract art I like and some I don't.  Some of the pieces I pour just "aren't" so I lay them aside to use in some other form of art, the others I mat, and if they are really neat like this one I may mat and frame.

The first thing that I saw when I finished the pour dip was The Three Wise Men....  There are times that I reserve back ones that I like....they say art finds its home..

Fluid Art

The fluid art becomes more and more addictive and I like that it is calming to look at, study, turn, etc. I love the way the colors merged on this tall, thin, vase and the open areas that formed.  When I put on the final finish it frosts the glass and really adds to the look.

Then when I am done with the pour....the dipping begins in the run off from the pour.  I have to play with this a bit but so far...I have gotten some pretty ones.  They are matted and my daughter has quite a few of them in her store.

And finally this last piece which has 4 matts and is framed.  I love the imagery of this one and is a gift.

CBD Answers 10-27-2018

The CBD oil and creams that I use; and have used since April of this year; and plan on continuing use  is Hempworx.  If you decide to order please use my affiliate name Misspru (my dog) so that you can place an order, and can continue to order as you need product.  After using if you are interested in the business aspect of the company I will be glad to answer any questions that I can or find the answer(s) for you.  I can also guide your through the personal use of the product.    I tell everyone to begin with 5 drops under the tongue twice a day AM and PM and mid afternoon if the need should arise.   Go on and read about the brand I use and see what you think.  www.hempworx.com.  I also use the Relief which is unbelievable for pain, bites, wounds, etc. and the Revive Cream which I use on my face...it previously removed, without a scar, a medium sized puffy brown spot on my face under my eye with the AMD.  There is also a money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied ...  but based on the severity of the problem it may take 2-3 bottles before you feel relief....sometimes it is so gradual you aren't aware until one day you go "wow, that ______ is gone, relieved, etc.

The macular degenerative disease in my right eye continues to improve but it is slow....and I have to remind myself to be patient and be grateful that it is showing progress.  The goodness or badness also depends on eyestrain,

The Hempworx CBD is organic and 99% pure.  So many of the other brands have fillers...and we don't need fillers....we simply need the CBD to activate the CBD receptors in our body.  It has helped me so much in so many different areas that it almost seems unreal.

HEMP CBD oil is legal in all 50 states and many overseas countries as well.  

CBD oil made with Cannibis from the marijuana plant IS NOT legal in all states because of the HIGH THC content.  THC helps Pain....CBD heals and relieve pain.

If this hadn't helped me as much as it has you wouldn't be seeing any blog posts from me....my testimonials are based on real truths that I have experienced first hand.

If you have questions email me at dianaputnam555@gmail.com and I will be more than glad to help you, answer questions, etc.


Fluid Art #3

One of this weeks completed; and I LOVE the way it turned out.  It is a decanter but looks SO neat
with fairy lights inside.   I goofed on this one but sure glad I did....lol....

Fluid Art #3

Fluid Art #2

 This Fluid art is addicting and I love that I am becoming attached to some of them ...  I have 2 rooms that these could go in and I am not sure where they will land.

I have double matted and they are in black frames.  The fluid art is 4" x 6".

Photo #1.    "Congregation"
Photo #2.     "Processional"

Fluid Art


All of the photos in this post were done using metallic gold, silver and amethyst with white.  I poured the vase first , then dipped the 4 x 6 papers and matted and now I am using the skins from this pour to arrange on a tall thin canvas to design and arrange a new painting.  I use my mixture 4 ways so it justifies the expense involved with this type of art.

This is the dried SKIN from the poured vase and the dipping patinings.    I am going to be using additional peeled skins from this pour to design a fluid skin painting.  I also use the skins to design one of a kind jewelry.


This is the vase.  It was sprayed first with a frosted glass in clear and I love when the paint skips.....
I am going to put fairy lights inside to illuminate.

NOT for the Faint of Heart Hempworx

This post contains a graphic photo of my arm which was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Photos are at the end of my post.

My 15 year old dog woke me up in the wee hours of the AM gagging and I knew she was going to loose her cookies and needed "outside" ASAP.

I grabbed her, jumped out of bed, it was dark, I was still half asleep so I didn't grab my glasses.

Too late I remembered that I had left my vacuum cleaner in the doorway instead of putting it where it belonged.

I tripped on cleaner, hit the door, and knew I probably had hurt myself.  (It was later determined I had put my arm out to stop falling and my arm and the little metal latch of the door stop and my arm "met".....)

I got the dog outside and looked at my arm....not a pretty site.  I got the bleeding stopped and proceeded to the bathroom for the large bandaids I keep on hand and wondering what to put on it   I decided to use the Hempworx Relief cream.  I put a real thin layer on the gauze portion with a Q.tip.  On my way back to bed with the dog I grabbed an ice pack from the freezer which I applied to the area in the even there might be swelling that would occur.  I had done all I could do for the earliness of the hour.

When I removed the bandaid the next day I realized I had 2 NASTY, deep gouges, in my arm.
I applied a new bandage frosted with a real thin layer of the Relief cream....but before applying the bandage I used the eyedropper of the 500MG Hempworx CBD oil and applied less than a drop to each area, waited about 15 minutes so that the oil would get down through the pores and then applied the bandage.    I repeated this every evening about an hour before I went to bed and leaving the bandage off for about an hour to air.

I continued my regular regime of 10-15 drops AM and PM which I have been doing since April 2018 as I knew it would ward off any infection and help with the healing process.

What is really amazing (along with the healing) is that I had absolutely NO PAIN EVER....one night I had itching that nothing seemed to help so I took a Benadryl, sprayed my arm lightly with Dermaplast and then my normal Relief and Oil routine.  (I keep a well stocked medicine chest, for emergencies like this.)

Photo #1.       After I removed the bandage in the PM of the day of  injury.
Photo #2.      (All of the white stuff you see is skin....the Relief cream I put on the gauze was VERY THIN.  I just used enough Relief to moisten the gauze...you couldn't even see it).
Photo #3.      One week after injury photo.
Photo #4.      Photo I took today which is day #8.  I left the bandage off all day today and it looked better and better as the day wore on.  Shortly I am going to put just a little of the oil on (No Relief) and bandage lightly so the air can still get to the area.

Needless to say I AM AMAZED..............

If you are interested in learning more about CBD oil and the products I use send me a comment and I will respond or you can email me at:

Did you know we all have CBD receptors in our body which are activated by taking CBD oil?
Not all CBD oils are the same.
CBD is legal in all states within the US?
The CBD oil I use is made from the hemp plant and NOT the marijuana plant.  Many CBD oils are made from the marijuana plant and the CBD content is really low.

Pour Run Off jewelry focal

This porcelain artist palette necklace focal was made using Pour "run off".  I only had 2 of this surface in my stash so this one is mine and I will will wait for another neat  design to happen and I will do another for sale.  I contacted the company where I had originally purchased these and they are no longer in stock....figures.....
  SO much fun.  I used clear beads and silver to finish the necklace.

A pour "run off" picture.  So many options and techniques to use with "pouring".

Pour Painting

Paint pouring has become an infatuation with me....when I go to the studio in the evening it "calls" to me...I swear.

Techniques that I have learned through the years as well as mediums come into play with all types of painting even something as "out of control" in so many ways as pour painting is to an artist.  I have become "more playful".  If a pour doesn't turn out well I still have options and sometimes these options of play just add to the uniqueness of "me" and not that of another.  I like to find out what I need and the basic technique and then kinda quit.  It is such a freeform that copyright doesn't come in to play....duplication is pretty improbable.    It is fun learning how to HAVE control in achieving a look ...

This is my glass vase that I have had for a long time and it had a big crack in it. Rather than throw it away I decided to do a pour.  The vase was frosted.  Because the base is so big and down to so small I just wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. (Vases are poured from bottom to top).    I LOVE IT and I wonder if I could ever achieve a similar "openwork" if I found a similar big base small top vase in the future.  This is one of my most favorite pieces and I am glad that it is defective and I can't sell it.

This is how it looks at night with some lights inside.  SO PRETTY....


I love the awe of satisfaction.
Slim, glass


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.