Altered Ink #2

This is another altered ink that I did ….. pink of the mat is not showing "true" ….  I used the black pen only and then came back with a side load of white to highlight the petals to make them a bit more prominent and add some dimension…and then use Black Glamour Dust paints for the dots using a toothpick….. and then the Diamond alcohol spray….with just one quick shot of pink alcohol ink.
This was painted on a greeting card but it looked so pretty matted with the pink inside mat and grey outside mat….I really like the effect(s) that I am achieving….as well as the diversity…  I am never quite sure what will happen which in itself interests the element of surprise I receive as I work….


Altered Ink

Becasue I am not sure if a technique name has been "attached" I am just going to refer to this as Altered Inks…which pretty well sums things up.

Val Mann (thank you Val) posted to Facebook a couple of designs she has done and I just had to give it a try as it was intriguing in its' being out of the box and unique.

It was done using The Speedball Elegant Writer Calligraphy pens (for this piece just the black pen)  and I embellished my piece with some GlamourDust Glitter and alcohol ink sprays in Alpine Ice Rose….and Diamond .  They also helped to move some of the paint a little bit…. SUCH FUN.   Relaxing and meditative…    I have titled this cards design "Falling Light" and have signed it…..

This year I want to do my own Christmas cards so it will be fun to try different techniques, brushes, substrates, mediums, etc. and play while accomplishing some neat cards….  As I send them I can choose the verse to write inside the card….or just leave blank….    I purchased a box of the blank heavy weight cards at JoAnnes and they work really well…..semi smooth … not indented like watercolor paper is….  It will be fun to try different types of subtrates to see how they work, or don't work and develop techniques of my own.

I purchased some pliable plastic cutting boards a while ago so I taped the card to one of these boards (I love them for art work) using the blue painters tape to give myself a bit of a mat border before I started to play.

Later tonight I am going to finish off the day by seeing what happens using a heavy black paper….and a couple of the other color pens…but staying totally in the Speedball Elegant Writer line.  The pens come in different nib sizes….and I was lucky to find an Ebay vendor that was selling a set of 18 pens….6 colors in 3 different sized nibs….  YIPPEE….  Right now I am using #2 which works nice  and Dynasty round, and angle brushes as well as the larger dry brushes and the chalk pencils …..  I am really impressed with the final product.

Handmade Journals by ME….on ETSY


I FINALLY got all of the journals I have created to date in my Etsy store for sale….well almost all;  I think there are 4 more to photo and add.

On each item there is a something specialness ….   Many of the journals have incorporated into them other artists work and most of the items I use are Etsy purchases; because I really DO believe in Mom and Pop-ness.  I love handmade….unique, special, different, out of the box, one of a kind, specialty, pieces that say that the user or the buyer took extra time and effort to choose something special for their own or someone elses' personality or in some way connected to lifestyle.  Some of my journals will have vintage pieces worked into them, handpainted feathers, beautiful laser fretwork, pieces of nature, or maybe just a theme….but it will be unique in its' very own way.  And…. who doesn't love things that are special and make us or another feel special…a cut above??

My journals are "created" not done….and some lay for weeks until the final pieces are found and added.  I don't duplicate.  I may use the same materials because I really like the item (i.e.: the fretwook wings and skeleton), but done in a different way.  I take photos of what I have done as reference inspiration for a custom order which helps me move along.

I also have handpainted journals which have blank paper inside and are incorporated into a ringed binder which I really LOVE the idea of as it leads another artist to embellish the inside exactly to their own specifications… add their own touch to the piece to make it totally THEIRS….  A fantastic small sketchbook for the spiritual hearted soul in your life.

Somewhere I read the words Personal Bible and I thought how apropos … and that is what seems to be happening to/with the one I am working on for me….. Most of my words that are coming from deep inside … words that pertain to me, my place in life, (be it age, location, hobby, beliefs, etc.)  And the self therapy that is derived is surprising as it grows, takes shape and becomes…..and I find I enjoy going back and reading what came "out" say a week or so go.

My journals will find their right home…..and is why I have taken the time to explain the technique, time, and creativity that goes in to what I put forth to sell…it is all special to me.

Seed Orbs

After a recent extensive Spiritual retreat,  experiencing Mt. Shasta,  and the meeting of new like people….I find myself questioning things that are brought forth as mysteries of life.

A friend brought me a bouquet of these yellow sunflower species and being a photography nut I wanted to get some close ups……..I love the beauty of nature and find beauty others would question.

But….. Seed orbs.  Tiny seed orbs in several of the flowers I photographed….  and will they manifest? Do they manifest?

Convertible Necklace #2

I really like this necklace piece….and the spiritual lotus flower add on……..and the pastels of the colors as they JUST BEGIN to bloom forth into full fall colors….. The beads and leaves are handmade lamp work…..the small beads have been etched but the leaves are sparkly glass ….


My daughter and son in law are starting a sign business which looks as if the "outcomes" will not just be spectacular but give buyer the feeling of a Candy Store in making choices…..  Chris made these for us to put in our yard art area and I will take and post other photos once it is in its new home….and hopefully in a space that is well protected and safe from theft……  I love these along with knowing I will have other options to "change out the signposts……   His site is BendHouseofTrees on Etsy where you can view a small sampling of what he has…..  The business is new but has really "taken off"……

These signs are perfect for fall but I can see winter ones of  STOP,  DEER CROSSING and  OLD Fart Crossing….what do ya' think Chris???

Convertible Necklace



If someone asked me what my most favorite season was and why……I think I would have to go with fall.  There is a smell and feel about fall that sets it apart….  The crunch of leaves, smoke, a slight chill to the air that calls for coziness….change…and COLOR…..  I love the color of fall.

This is a photo of the old truck that sits and embellishes the Japanese red maple that is in crowning glory this year…and I can't stop taking pictures….  There is so much to something of beauty…the angles, shadows, intensity of light, the values of the color, an occassional surprise, the way the light showcases an area……and the best part…I have a photo with an orb…which pleases me to no end….I feel protected …. as if I have my own guardian angel….

So here are a couple of my favorites…...


This is one of my most favorite photos….taken at Mt. Shasta.  These little balances were seen all over the area but this was the neatest………  I am working on small scales ones ut the right stones are hard to find……….lol….

BALANCE your life.

Mt. Shasta

There are really no words to describe this……. about 10.00 AM on the way from Mt. Shasta, Stewart Mineral Springs headed to McCloud Falls….I am so greatful to have been on the mountain side of the van with the windowseat
Ventricular Clouds over Mt. Shasta

Light Orbs

This past week I have had the totally awesome experiences of "what is" spiritually in the known of unknowns……….the magics that many of us are in the dark about in the world of light.

I had the ultimate priviledge of meeting and talking to Dharma Cohen who is the author of the book "Calling all Orbs".   Dharma lives in the Mt. Shasta area of California which is a very spiritual and diverse area of eye opening retreat experiences.  

I was immerged into some eye opening experiences so I can only share with those of who you dare to believe…….a couple of untouched photos I took when at the base areas of Mt. Shasta.  I have photos taken at Panther Meadow and also McCloud falls that show how amazing these light orbs are as they make themselves known to us in the mysterious magic of the unexplored…..  For those of you who would like to know more about Orbs please search out Dharmas' book and let her take you on her journeys of experiences thorough photos and knowledge.  My eyes did NOT see the orbs until I downloaded my photos from my camera upon coming home to the computer and the shivers of delight and total disbelief of this lifes' mysteries continue…..that "I" had unknowingly captured.

And following are the photos I took….The photos are "un-touched" …..    Click on the photos to enlarge and see what my camera saw and captured in larger proportions and ENJOY….


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.