Altered Ink

Becasue I am not sure if a technique name has been "attached" I am just going to refer to this as Altered Inks…which pretty well sums things up.

Val Mann (thank you Val) posted to Facebook a couple of designs she has done and I just had to give it a try as it was intriguing in its' being out of the box and unique.

It was done using The Speedball Elegant Writer Calligraphy pens (for this piece just the black pen)  and I embellished my piece with some GlamourDust Glitter and alcohol ink sprays in Alpine Ice Rose….and Diamond .  They also helped to move some of the paint a little bit…. SUCH FUN.   Relaxing and meditative…    I have titled this cards design "Falling Light" and have signed it…..

This year I want to do my own Christmas cards so it will be fun to try different techniques, brushes, substrates, mediums, etc. and play while accomplishing some neat cards….  As I send them I can choose the verse to write inside the card….or just leave blank….    I purchased a box of the blank heavy weight cards at JoAnnes and they work really well…..semi smooth … not indented like watercolor paper is….  It will be fun to try different types of subtrates to see how they work, or don't work and develop techniques of my own.

I purchased some pliable plastic cutting boards a while ago so I taped the card to one of these boards (I love them for art work) using the blue painters tape to give myself a bit of a mat border before I started to play.

Later tonight I am going to finish off the day by seeing what happens using a heavy black paper….and a couple of the other color pens…but staying totally in the Speedball Elegant Writer line.  The pens come in different nib sizes….and I was lucky to find an Ebay vendor that was selling a set of 18 pens….6 colors in 3 different sized nibs….  YIPPEE….  Right now I am using #2 which works nice  and Dynasty round, and angle brushes as well as the larger dry brushes and the chalk pencils …..  I am really impressed with the final product.

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