First Waterfall

I am finding that I love the sizes of the many different barrel staves that can be purchased. I like the curve of the wood and the ability to achieve different looks vertically and horizonally.

This is the first waterfall design I have painted and it is one by Donna Bell out of a vintage design book that I just added to my collection and just one of the many designs I will be painting on these delightful staves.

This one is on its way to my sisters store in PA.....

Chair Art

I saw someone do a piece of art on a barrel stave for a chair in a recent painting magazine and decided to try my hand at doing some for the art boutique in November.

The rose one is my design and the barn one; which sold before even getting to the boutique, is by another artist.

I like that they are something unique and different.

Rooster's Delight

Today I helped my hubby down back pick up pine cones as he raked pine needles and piled to get ready to burn when our "no burn" ban is lifted in our rural little wooded community.
To my delight; to make the day worthwhile "artistically" for me, I got some neat photos. Dan, our neighbor in back of us recently got some baby chicks and they are getting "grown". He has several different species and colors but this little guy is just learning how to crow and provided me a lot of laughter. His neck stretches out like a giraffe and he sounds like an adolescent boy whose voice is changing when he crows....and he was doing a lot of practicing today...
This little guy is just going to HAVE to get painted.
There is also an all white chicken with black neck feathers that is gorgeous who will be portrait #2. I need to get some more good photos of him before I do him.
Click on the pictures to enlarge but beware as they do get quite large.....LOL........

Santa Claus Dominoe Necklace Kit Available

I just received my Dec 2009 issue of Painting magazine today 10/03 so I have uploaded the beading / instruction kit onto my Etsy site for easy, quick purchase. The kit will include the 3 jewelry dominoes needed for painting the Santa as well as all of the beading components. ie: delicas, red snow millifori's, magnet clasp, etc.

If you choose not to use Etsy you can send payment directly to me at:
Diana Putnam
59988 Navajo Road
Bend, OR 97702
The kit is US/Canada $21.40 (includes postage)
OVERSEAS $22.40 (includes postage)
Postage for each additional kit is: $ .75 US CA and Overseas
Thank you for supporting my art.

**Additional dominoes are also available for purchase separately as well as other handpainted jewelry kits.**


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.