Rooster's Delight

Today I helped my hubby down back pick up pine cones as he raked pine needles and piled to get ready to burn when our "no burn" ban is lifted in our rural little wooded community.
To my delight; to make the day worthwhile "artistically" for me, I got some neat photos. Dan, our neighbor in back of us recently got some baby chicks and they are getting "grown". He has several different species and colors but this little guy is just learning how to crow and provided me a lot of laughter. His neck stretches out like a giraffe and he sounds like an adolescent boy whose voice is changing when he crows....and he was doing a lot of practicing today...
This little guy is just going to HAVE to get painted.
There is also an all white chicken with black neck feathers that is gorgeous who will be portrait #2. I need to get some more good photos of him before I do him.
Click on the pictures to enlarge but beware as they do get quite large.....LOL........

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.