Debbie Cotton's New and First book

I hope that Debbie doesn't mind me posting this....but I am so excited as a "consumer".  80 pages of pure delight;  reminiscent of books from some of my favorite yesterday painters that cared about what they did, how they did it and how it would "help" those who purchased the book  information wise.

 This book is just magnificent in quality.... and what is between the front and back cover?  Well let me tell you ...  you WILL NOT be disappointed.   Tips, techniques, step by steps, brush information,  and a variety of different designs.  It is definitely an experience and great learning  for those who are beginning to paint.

Debbie has gone that extra mile to make this first book one you  will remember, cherish and will delight in ; not to mention wondering what her next one will be like.  The book is a treasure, and a keeper.  

So congratulations Debbie.  You HAVE to be proud, you deserve to be proud, and others who purchase this book will be delighted when they receive their copy.

Go to: to order yours and support the efforts of this great artist. 

Revolving Utensil Caddy from Walmart

About 3 years ago when "browsing" at Walmart in the area
where they have plastic household items I found this awesome, heavy rubbermaid type plastic,  revolving,  utensil caddy on a little turntable base.  There are 4 sections around the outside and one in the middle.  You can see how many brushes it holds.  I took a lightweight medical white tape and wrote down:  Flats, Filberts, Rounds, and Bristle Brushes for the four outside section Labels and on the inside circular section I keep Specialty Brushes.

It sets up on one  of my wall shelves and are my old....non
Dynasty Brushes that I can grab when in a pinch.

WORKS GREAT and didn't cost an arm and a leg.  Bed, bath and Beyond, Target, etc.  also may carry it in their kitchen items.  Keep your eyes open as you are doing your
Christmas shopping for this neat little brush caddy for YOU.

Our local WalMart still carries this item so you may have to scour the different house ware  departments to find the item....I would imagine stores are set up differently and some stores might carry and others not.  I saw a big difference between our WalMart here and those on the East Coast.   You might also
check our the revolving tv caddy unit which could also be used for your brushes.....  One just needs to
"look outside the box" when looking for items that will "work" in our little studio sanctuaries.   


When Michelle and I were going through the buttons that we had decided upon she took some of them home to use in some jewelry....  Today when she came for Thanksgiving she brought the finished pieces with her and we took photos.  The necklace was made with the largest steampunk medallion button in brass.  The bracelet was made with the dragon buttons in antique silver.  The large dragon button is used for the clasp and the smaller ones within the bracelet itself.  She had previously made the beads and had named them Dragon..  The "do dad" cluster she made and attached to her cell phone case is the Steampunk wheel in brass.  Awesome pieces ...  the beads are Handmade Lampwork she has made in her home studio using Moretti glass.  
The buttons are for sale on my Etsy site:  


My buttons have arrived and listing has begun.  These buttons are great for items which are knitted, crocheted or sewn not to mention mixed media work and Jewelry items. (The bracelet above is one of the button designs I have purchased and will be listing.  My daughter has used it for a clasp on one of her bracelets using her handmade lamp work beads to show what can be done with buttons in jewelry designs.)

I love old, vintage, Steampunk, and different so these buttons intrigued me and I could not find them anywhere here so decided to purchase them and offer them to others who might be in the same "boat" when it came to finding buttons that were different.  Check out my Etsy
site:  I will be
listing about 5 items per day/night.

Winter Icy Christmas Lampwork Bracelet

When I saw this set of lamp work beads  my daughter made  (Dragynsfyre) and had listed on Etsy   I just loved them....and knew they would make a perfect winter bracelet.  The blue was the perfect color and the 3 larger crystal lamp work in the center are white but they look like cracked ice and are just magnificent.....They also take on a bit of the blue through reflected light from the clear blue spacer beads beside them.  The charms are the new Christmas charms from Tierra Cast and are two sided, lead free and made here in the US of A.  The clasp is also by Tierra Cast and is a pocket watch, unique and so pretty.   The white beads at the beginning and end of the bracelet are etched Czech Glass and between them is a 6mm Moonlight Crystal.   I can hardly wait to wear this bracelet.

Go to: for handmade lampwork beads, charms, clasps, bead caps,
etc. for YOUR creations.

One of my favorite places to visit time and time again, especially with the change of seasons is Drake Park in downtown Bend which runs through the center of town.  It is so picturesque.  This year one of my goals is to go there and just sketch, make notes etc.  The yellow reflection in the water is from the aspens on the other side of the Deschutes......the colors are so vivid it is almost unrealistic.


Steampunk Domino Necklace

I really enjoy the "zoning out" that creating jewelry provides.  I have a love of steampunk and also the
muted color tones the  collage artist has been able to obtain in this particular design sheet.  There are many colors that one can focus on, or chose to focal on just a few.  If you look at this particular design you can see beige, brown, purple, two shades of blue, black, grey and even a little green which creates a piece that can be worn with several different colors to bring out that certain color in the piece.

This particular necklace is mine. and will be a one of a kind as are nearly all of my necklace and bracelet designs.    I have used a skeleton bead, vintage "mood" bead, vintage cap beads in resin, several different type of handmade lamp work that is etched and regular, a rectangular stone bead that has all of the collage colors in it, and 3 different sizes, colors and shapes of delica and toho beads.  The gunmetal clasp and spacer beads are fairly new by Tierra Cast.

The domino is resin and is my preference over the black wood ones....  The come in many different sizes, thicknesses, and shades of the off white.

It takes me a long time to eeney, meeney, miney, mo over designs and when creating the actual necklace portion there are many trial and errors regarding beading components, color and the balance.  I don't like to do both sides of a necklace the same so balance is something that has to be established as you are

An original mixed media piece of art to wear and enjoy.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.