Steampunk Domino Necklace

I really enjoy the "zoning out" that creating jewelry provides.  I have a love of steampunk and also the
muted color tones the  collage artist has been able to obtain in this particular design sheet.  There are many colors that one can focus on, or chose to focal on just a few.  If you look at this particular design you can see beige, brown, purple, two shades of blue, black, grey and even a little green which creates a piece that can be worn with several different colors to bring out that certain color in the piece.

This particular necklace is mine. and will be a one of a kind as are nearly all of my necklace and bracelet designs.    I have used a skeleton bead, vintage "mood" bead, vintage cap beads in resin, several different type of handmade lamp work that is etched and regular, a rectangular stone bead that has all of the collage colors in it, and 3 different sizes, colors and shapes of delica and toho beads.  The gunmetal clasp and spacer beads are fairly new by Tierra Cast.

The domino is resin and is my preference over the black wood ones....  The come in many different sizes, thicknesses, and shades of the off white.

It takes me a long time to eeney, meeney, miney, mo over designs and when creating the actual necklace portion there are many trial and errors regarding beading components, color and the balance.  I don't like to do both sides of a necklace the same so balance is something that has to be established as you are

An original mixed media piece of art to wear and enjoy.

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