Geraniums are one of my favorite flowers.  I have a small pot of them on my patio which I am proud of as normally I can never keep a plant alive more than a couple of days...this has been doing good.  Today I noticed it had a pretty single flower on the budded stem so I wanted to take a photo which didn't happen until tonight.  Here are two photos one is without flash and one with.  Both are pretty.


A few days ago I was really excited about a new design I was working on, surface etc...  I finished and on Friday I emailed the intro and photos to PaintWorks.  Today I received notification from Linda Heller to mail this piece along with another that was accepted for publication already for her final I shall remain excited.....  SUCH FUN....

Woodless Colored Pencils

Set of 24  I have been using Koh-I-Noor Woodless Colored Pencils for the pieces I do and I love them.  I picked up my box at the Thrift Store for $1 about two years
ago and have been adding colors through Dick Blick on line.

        I love the way these pencils "work" and how I can achieve a depth of color
easily with them.

       These pencils have a laquer coating, and 5 times more lead than a regular
pencil.  They come in boxes of 12 and 24 but you can also purchase just the colors that you want/need.  AND...they can be sharpened in any regular pencil
        If you are looking for colored pencils check these out.....




It has been awhile since I have done some real serious painting...  Today in the mail I received a surface I had ordered and when I opened the box and saw the actual "Size" of it I quickly unpacked the box, changed my shirt, copied off  a photo from those in my album, got my brush basin filled with water, found my tracing paper, chose my paint colors and 2 hours later my surface is basecoated, my colors are logged, as well as the brushes I used...which means I am ready to begin the FUN part which is making the painting come "alive".   I can hardly wait.  It is soooo exciting when I know FOR SURE where I am going and when it takes form, and begins to really take shape...well it is  an exhilerating feeling.  A lot of emotion goes into my pieces and I hope it shows when I am done; making an extra special piece.  This piece is will be dedicated to my husband. 

Before I begin the next step I need to take a few photos....because a student or painter would never believe this is what the basecoating step should look like.  If this is an accepted design for publication or a pattern packet this step needs to be a part of the "package".... 



This has to be one of my favorite designs and I have just listed the pattern packet on
Etsy for sale. 

The Tea Box organizer would make such a neat gift for that tea drinker on your list...or
for yourself.  The box is made of bamboo and the quality of the box amazed me.  The inside divider removes easily for cleaning and pops back in just as easily.

You will receive 2 photos, source supply list, complete instructions and a line drawing.

Acrylic paints are used and the design works up quickly. 

Altered Art Spoon Hanging

This is my second in a series of altered art spoons....I have been stocking up on vintage spoons and each one that I do will be OOAK (One of a Kind). 

My first altered spoon was a pin and this one is a small teaspoon wall hanging made with "found elements"...  the key acting as the "hanger". 

I will be listing the spoons and the altered art shoes on Etsy .  If they do not sell after about 2 weeks they will be sent to the consignment gift store on the East coast which carries my items. 


Just finished this for an exchange.  Theme "Floppy Hat".  That was all the information we were provided so it was outside the box, put on my thinking cap, and once again the route I took was far from what I had first "intended".... FUN....  These exchanges are as much a surprise to me as the recipient....I never quite know when I start where I am going to end up..... 

I crocheted the hat making up my "pattern" as I went along using a nylon thread called Omega that I just love.  I crocheted openwork so that I could weave a ribbon through to make a bow and cascading streamers. (wired ribbon). 

The stand is a patina-ed brass candle stick that I found at the thrift store which was just the perfect size and height to be proportioned with the hat.  I glued a wood shape into the candle cup portion, painted it flesh tone, added some hair (painted) and then glued on a button for a finish at the area where a brooch might be pinned. 

The hat brim is really "floppy" as you can see by the pictures....

Monday it will be on its way to my partner.....hope she will enjoy it in her home.

HUGE dandelion

I LOVE dandelions.  Outside of my painting room door there was a new plant growing and I wondered what it would produce.  (Anticipation).  Today when I walked outside there was a HUGE dandelion about the size of a inside I flew to get my camera to take photos...of course.   Just 5 minutes ago I walked back outside to take some more as I knew the light had changed.........and it was GONE.....blew away.  I have
several more buds so I am hoping that I get a few more before we leave for a few days for a get away.  So enjoy these photos....There are a couple I would like to blow up larger.  I am always saying this and never "do it" but this time I am going to. 


I recently purchased /rec'd a wood focal piece for a necklace and decided to do an altered art piece.  My first step was to cover the wood with pattern tissue which is an element I just love working with.  I put on a few elements that I found to be "me" and then as I was tossing and turning trying to get comfortable, cool, and fall asleep last night I decided I was going to make this necklace with "pieces" which somehow relate to what inspires me....  I am anxious to see how the necklace develops..  I don't have a pattern but have come up with items to use that will be significant to me.

I want the necklace to contain colored pieces so that I can wear it without having to think about co.ordinating or matching and will fit with my bluejean, tee shirt lifestyle.   I want it to be very unique and eclectic and maybe inspire others to think about their life, their art and make one for themselves. it won't shout anything, like a red blouse but quiet in nature....yet symbolic and hopefully striking.

An interesting journey .... so stay tuned for the finished descriptive piece.


The winner of my 4 piece landscape Dynasty brush kit is Ellen Brons who resides in Holland.  Congrats and thank you so much for visiting my site....and for being the 10,0000 visitor.

10,000 POST

I am Sitting at 9, 9999 visitors to my site.  The next person to read this and the first to send me an email ( will receive one of my Landscape brush kits free by providing your name and address. 

Thank you everyone for making this site a success....


A Citrisolv Day

This is my 3rd magazine and each time I do one I learn something new.  Today it
was temperature, breeze, in regard to drying too fast.  These are a couple of my

favorites.  I think in a couple of weeks I want to do a big "something" using an image so need to think about it....  I will use either masonite or canvas as my structure.


I was outside with my camera today and the sun was just perfect for these two shots I got.

My peony bush has 3 buds this year but it looks as if the flowers are going to be huge.  My husband had just watered so there are some droplets here and there.  Peonies were
one of my Mothers' favorites and she had 3 bushes in our back yard so mine bring back happy memories..... 

The other photo is spring green growth on an evergreen that we have and are nurturing after "deer"  it is coming along well and is so pretty in the sunlight.

Steampunk ATC's

Ok,,,now I don't know if these fall into grunge, steampunk, altered art, or a little of each but here they are ....  LOL....  (They are supposed to be steampunk)

The papers I used is one that I did with the Citrasol....I ran out of ink on my printer and didn't want to use an original so had to play with what I had.  I love

how the face is on the one and the other looked kinda like the ocean so I went with that but they were all the same "page/paper'.  The colors are kinda purple, tan, etc.  Very soft.

I used real thin wood that I had that is cut ATC size so that it was all a bit sturdier.

As always with these swaps I get totally immersed in what I am doing. 

SO....after the 4th of July these will be on their way to my each.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.