Im-Perfect Beauty??

This is a quote by:   Marc Jacobs   I agree wholeheartedly with what he has to say.


This is an old wood burning porcelain cooking stove ....  My husband bought it at a garage sale and I love it just as it is....with the shotgun dings and everything.  I need to look around for handles or knobs to put on it........  I do have one that is a ladybug made by a glass artist in WA so will have to see if I can find it and see if it fits.....then look for other artists who make them and have each one different.
Works for me.... and becomes a bit artistic at the same time.....assemblage??


This swallow is one of my most favorite birds....and by far the most vibrant colorwise....  They scatter quickly when someone comes close so I take my photos as close as I can but far enough away that I don't bother them.  Both male and female were together this AM and so I got to observe quietly for quite a while in between taking pictures and slowly trying to get closer.  They are SO white and SO blue....and I love the feather tuffs at the top of their legs...  
They will be here for the summer and I most generally have about 50 of this specie.... My blue bandits.....

Copper Waterfall

Copyright 4-13   Diana Putnam

Once again I have had the elements for this necklace for a couple of years....and after making my Waterfall necklace and liking the vertical aspect of the necklace vs circular I decided to make another.

This design is done with copper metal discs, copper chain, some small handmade lampwork beads, a skeleton, and some Swarovski crystals for that little bit of bling....  

I have more discs so I have plans for about 3 more and maybe a bracelet....before I "run out"...  Below is a matching ring.
Simple but wtih statement.


Copyright 4-13  Diana Putnam 
I have had the beach stones and glass for quite awhile waiting for a design idea.... I started the necklaee last night and finished it up tonight.

I have designed the piece and used top of the line materials to complete the necklace.

The beach glass is in shades of aqua blue and the pebbly stones are a light driftwood color.  I have used Tierra Cast spacers, beads and clasp as well as a handmade lampwork bead (which you cannot see) from Dragynsfyre on Etsy.    I love the floral tube beads that you see, and the dragonfly wings with the Swarovski crystal body.  S. crystals of different sizes were used throughout the necklace, a couple of silver plated pewter butterflys, Toho beads in a matt driftwood to match the stones and Delica beads in a pretty aqua from DragynGirl on Etsy.

This will be going up for sale on my Etsy site and I can hardly wait to do another similar/but different; maybe one done with brown stones?

#3 Handmade Day of the Dead Cuff Bracelet

Copyright 4-13    Diana Putnam

Still leaning towards the #3 for a little while this new bracelet is one that might be a little steampunkery,
Gothic, Modern, Superstitious, a small piece of assemblage, who knows....but I like it.  

The material I have used for this bracelet is some cording I purchased at our Military Surplus Store and although it is nylon and lightweight, it is a sturdier feel than yarn or thread....  

The Skeleton and Coffin are from the Day of the Dead collection of charms and the angel is also from the same company (Tierra Cast) which can be purchased  from Dragynsfyre on Etsy.   If you look at photo #1 and #2 you will see that these charms are 2 sided and the design will be either the same as in the skeleton or different as is on the coffin.  The back of the angel on the front of the bracelet has wings on its' backside.  

The #3 and the knot clasp are actually buttons.  

There may be a bracelet I do with the same elements.....but it will be different so all will be one of a kind.  I don't care for factory line things.


For some reason the number "3"  is bouncing around in my life and I have a friend, who would tell me; "pay attention" for whatever reason....might be a good one.  Her life of late has been revolving around the word "bear" and I know she is researching...

SO....the bracelets that I have been making are #3 ??? and I want each one to be an original and different in some way.  I have 2-3 listed on Etsy and will be adding them as I finish.  I could do several a week, or maybe none for a month.... I do the art that appeals to me when it appeals to me.  That is when I feel I do my best work.    

On a visit to a military surplus store (these are wonderful places to find "things" for art) to pick up some brass zipper heads I found this gorgeous brown twine that is thin and will definately hold its shape being nylon.  This twine has been worked up with crochet stitches for a Steampunkery Gothic Day of the Dead cuff type bracelet, with silver jewelry items.   It is ready for me to begin putting it together keeping in mind that the focus will somehow relate to the 3.  Right now I have nine jewelry items and 3 x 3 = 9.   It is inspirational to take something like this; just for the heck of it, and run with it to see where it might,,,,,or might not go.

It is nearly 3 AM //// honest, all kidding aside; which seems to be my normal bedding time of late.


Copyright 4-13    Diana Putnam
My mother used to make salt dough for me when I was younger..... I loved Play Dough....and the smell of each was unique.    This was my introduction to "sculpture" with clay.

I love sculpting and playing with polymer clay.  It is something that is easy and creative to do while relaxing and watching tv in the evenings.  I like to keep busy...and feel it helps the dexterity of my hands and fingers.

I really enjoy sculpting the roses and when you use
the metallic clay the roses almost look real to the touch with a velvet textured look.

Since I have not done a lot of clay work I normally pick up what is on sale but prefer the firmer clays as my hands generate a lot of heat and I find with some clays I have to continually put it in the refrigeratior to stiffen up.  I also  have to put it in right before baking so that I can do a last quick shaping, lifting and lowering petals and elements
so that they hold their shape a little longer when in the toaster oven.

For some reason I am intrigued to try some clay in a mixed media piece so I have been thinking of a theme that would work....  

My mother used to make salt dough for me when I was a little girl and then there was play dough.  I loved the SMELL of Play Dough.

Guess I need to pull out a brick of clay and set it by my "night chair" to tempt me into working with it.
It might be fun to make some "elements" for a bracelet....or maybe a pin?  A paperclip book mark?
Endless ways to use this artistic medium.

:Copyright 4-13    Diana Putnam


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.