#3 Handmade Day of the Dead Cuff Bracelet

Copyright 4-13    Diana Putnam

Still leaning towards the #3 for a little while this new bracelet is one that might be a little steampunkery,
Gothic, Modern, Superstitious, a small piece of assemblage, who knows....but I like it.  

The material I have used for this bracelet is some cording I purchased at our Military Surplus Store and although it is nylon and lightweight, it is a sturdier feel than yarn or thread....  

The Skeleton and Coffin are from the Day of the Dead collection of charms and the angel is also from the same company (Tierra Cast) which can be purchased  from Dragynsfyre on Etsy.   If you look at photo #1 and #2 you will see that these charms are 2 sided and the design will be either the same as in the skeleton or different as is on the coffin.  The back of the angel on the front of the bracelet has wings on its' backside.  

The #3 and the knot clasp are actually buttons.  

There may be a bracelet I do with the same elements.....but it will be different so all will be one of a kind.  I don't care for factory line things.

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