Stencil Art

I sell stencils in my Etsy shop but really hadn't had a chance to sit down and create with them.  I AM IMPRESSED....they have come a LONG way as has the art world in showing us techniques to use, specialty paints, crossover mediums, etc.  I had some hardboard (Masonite) scraps so I decided it was time to play.  It is a time consuming process but a lot of fun and I think the finished products are worth the extra time and energy required.   I chose to use the stencils and make "raised" relief instead of flat  so there is a a dimension with the pieces....and the intricate design is amazing.  It's nice because minimal paint is required even though there are 3 sometimes 4 separate applications of colors with 6 colors used in the designs which further creates a depth perception.  

Following is the piece I am working on now.  It is ready for a coat of finish gloss and when it is dry I can apply the first 2 coats of color.   Stay tuned to see the finished result.

I think you have to admit that the detail is exceptional.....  This particular stencil is by Stencilgirl and the other line I sell is TCW.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.