Cascade Mountain Range Sunset

Copyright Diana Putnam 2016

A friend sent me a photo from the Prineville, Oregon area of a sunset taken with a cell phone and texted it on to me........naturally I had to paint it and this long thin hand wrapped portrait grade canvas boards was perfect to catch just what was sent........  I used Liquitex Soft Body Paints and Dynasty Decorative Series brushes......

 I am pleased with the results.....and would have loved to have seen this firsthand.

"Fall of My Dreams" Acrylic Painting

copyright:  2016 Diana Putnam 

I just finished this acrylic painting using a landscape photo for inspiration.  I don't do a line drawing.
I paint free hand which allows me more creativity and I play with colors as I go but do have my favorite palette colors ...   They vary depending on the season I am painting....or hope I am painting.
I never know how the painting with turn out when I start so it is a fun little journey as I travel through the design as it develops....

I love fall, water, fog,  oranges and reds, trees, flowers and skies.....  It is so much fun to do an atmospheric painting and "feel" as well as see;  with depth instead of just a flat design on a canvas.

SIZE:                8" x 10"

SURFACE:      Custom portrait grade hand wrapped canvas board

PAINTS:          Liquitex Soft Body Professional Grade Acrylic Paints

BRUSHES:     Dynasty Speciality Brushes

SPECIAL EFFECTS:  Glamour Dust Paint "for sparkle"

Polymer Clay Tile Bracelet and Ring

Playing with the rubber stamps I sell on Etsy.........  I wanted the tiles to look like an ancient dig find....  Used white clay, Paynes Grey paint, and then sanded.....  I used my pistol grip Dremel that my sister got me years ago....and is no longer made.  Big Mistake Dremel..... I love mine because it is so comfortable and easy to use.   Found an extra ring blank so not I have a "set" and may think about doing a necklace as I still have tiles with this design left.    It turned out like I wanted......

Wire Bend, Twist and Mold

I have found that I really enjoy wire sculpture and have done a couple.  This one is "in process".  I have chosen a wood tray  and this one will be dimensional but more flat than 3D.... I think.  It seems that as I play things sometimes change during the journey. 

Wire allows me to go within....and there is really no thought process just a doing process.  My hands move, the wire bends and I just allow...  Right now I have used some silver mesh and have fashioned a mesh curtain valance with pleats and tiny billows as if there is a breeze.  It is "ouch-y" to work with.

The material backdrop I don't think will be my final choice.... and I think a trip to Hobby Lobby or JoAnnes to browse the material section might be on my agenda....

My original idea and where I seem to be going with the wire focal piece is a tree with roots ........ and maybe along the way I will discover the connection to me.

Hole in the Wall Mural

One of the projects I am working on is the mural in my studio that has been waiting for me for a good 3 years....  I just didn't know what I was going to do..... but it is now working up quickly and I am enjoying the journey.....  Hopefully I will finish it up this holiday weekend....  My ladder, brushes, and paints await me.  I have to do the highlighting on the pine tree.... and the last photo shows the closeup of the clouds which is what I worked on last to enhance.

I LOVE CLOUDS, and TREES, and ATMOSPHERE........  Note that some of the coral base coat that was on the wall kinda shows through the white adding an unexpected touch of color to my sky that looks really nice..... Neat happening.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.