Hemp CBD Oil

 In Oregon medical and recreational marijuana is legal and we have quite a few dispensaries here in Bend.



Finding a CBD oil that was being made without any added ingredients,,,, and without THC in the dispensary is not easy.

To have a medical MJ card runs a little over $500 a year, but recreational personal use is free.  Something is the matter with this rationale.

Many individuals would like to try the CBD oil but don't do so for several reasons:

1.  Don't want to go into a dispensary
2.  Cannot use CBD products because of the THC and work because the THC level is over what the law says is considered legal.
3.  Cannot afford a medical card

and I am sure there are many other personal reasons.

I just recently purchased 750mg Hemp CBD oil for both my husband and myself and also for our 13 year old fur baby who has problems with her hips I have ordered the "treats".  I have a friend whose Vet recommended and provided her a RX for CBD oil for her poodle who was (notice I say was) plagued with monthly seizures.  Since using the CBD oil he has not had a seizure in nearly 2 years.

When I was introduced to this company where the THC is below the legal limit and I don't have to worry about a "high", made with Hemp vs Cannabis, legal in 50 states, and I don't have to pay $500 plus per year for a medical card....and don't have to go into a dispensary and can make a little extra money on the side I decided it was worth a try.

I have read testimonials from a couple of people I know personally .....  I have not been using the product long enough to give a testimonial but after seeing my husband detox from opioids for pain
I am pretty much THROUGH with Big Pharm, the addiction of, and side effects of chemically made

I went to a seminar here in Oregon which was presented by one of our physicians who is an endorser of the medical use of marijuana and CBD to treat a multitude of diseases, ailments, etc. and is doing studies regarding the positive / negative effects and the thing that hit me the strongest is :  EVERY ONE OF US HAS CBD RECEPTORS IN OUR BRAIN TO ACCEPT AND USE CBD OILS to benefit us with its' usage.  A physician recommending the use of something most doctors won't even mention to us as an alternative.  No side effects, no addiction, and possibly relief of symptoms.

IF you are interested go to www.hempworx. com/misspru and check out the information and see if it might be something you might want to give a try as an alternative to Big Pharm.


Someone asked me if I felt that the CBD would be good for anxiety...the Dr. had recommended she take some for this diagnosis.

Everyone is different.  It has made a remarkable difference in my life .... and I would recommend trying....   For about 4-5 years life has been rough so the CBD was my last resort anxiety wise... and every day I feel better.  I have had a couple of set backs, but for the most part I have been getting through my days pretty grateful.    How long before you see or feel a difference?  Once again it varies.  I have plantar fasciitis and when it flares I increase how much I take and within 20 minutes I can feel it working because my foot hurts and itches at the same time.  Healing.   There are CB receptors throughout our body and sometimes doesn't "work" where we want it to" ....  You HAVE to be in tune with your body to get the best results....it isn't simply taking a pill..... and I would suggest using the oil vs a pill....put it under your tongue and it gets into the blood stream so much faster.  If you want any additional information email me at:  dianaputnam555@gmail.com and I will give you what opinions I am confident in giving based on it in my life.


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